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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 588 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 588 Start

This deck of cards is Tianting again, winning the two.

More importantly, if you can get a north wind, it will be three in the south, east and north. This is a big four!

The big four can win the biggest number!

If you can touch a north wind, you can return two million!

Thinking of this, she shouted directly with excitement, and then began to feel the north wind.

She felt that whether it was, it might not be of much use to others, and ordinary people would definitely type it out after taking it, so even if she couldn’t touch it, she could at least wait for others to fire it.

However, how did she know that this hand was already done.

The North Wind and Hongzhong that she needs are all in the hands of Nivia, that is to say, like the previous hand of the day, her hand is a dead end that can never be won!

Elaine waited hard for North Wind and Hongzhong. She waited for several rounds and didn’t wait until after Lian drew a card, she knocked it down and said with a smile: “Oh, I’m drawing it myself again! This time it’s in front of the gate. A total of forty-eight times, clear, all, and right!”

Nivia saw that she was touching six of them, and hurriedly said, “Oh, sister Lian, you are the last six. I have three in my hand! You are over the Moon!”

“Oh, it’s really the Moon!”

Lian happily clapped her hands and said, “Then add eight times, fifty-six times for a family, or five hundred and sixty thousand.”

Elaine felt dizzy!

Only two hundred thousand are left in her own bank card, and this one loses another five hundred and sixty thousand, how can she afford it!

Elaine couldn’t help pulling Horiyah over, and asked in a low voice: “Sister-in-law, tell you the truth, I don’t have much money, can you lend me a little?”

Horiyah cursed secretly in her heart that deserved it, but said in a pretentious manner: “Sister, I don’t have this, you don’t know the situation of the Willson family…”

Elaine hurriedly asked: “No, you and your eldest brother went to see the villa last time. Anyway, an old villa costs more than 10 million? Can you borrow hundreds of thousands?”

Horiyah sighed and said: “The money was all taken away by the dead Lady Willson to fill the hole in the Willson Group!”

Elaine said anxiously: “Then what should I do, I don’t have enough money to give! If I can’t continue to fight, what can I do to turn over!”

At this time, Lian said: “Sister Elaine, you don’t have any money, are you? If you don’t play, please settle this account quickly.”

Elaine couldn’t do it anxiously, and said with a smile: “How come I don’t have money, but I didn’t bring so much. Can I owe this account first? When the eight laps are finished, we will make the knot together.”

She felt that she had to find a way to win the money back today. If she doesn’t fight now, the more than two million will be lost forever!

She thought that Lian was so rich, and often lost millions at a time, she should not care about the money, she was very talkative, and she should be able to agree to her request.

Unexpectedly, Lian’s face suddenly became cold, and she said sharply, “Sister Elaine, you can’t do this! Playing mahjong is the result of every win or loss. How can there be any reason to owe it? It was given to you right away. Why do you want to go back on the bill now that you lose?”

Lian said again, “Besides, if you don’t take out the money, you still have to play mahjong with us. Isn’t that the empty glove white wolf? If you win, it’s okay to say, if you lose, what will we do?”

Elaine’s face flushed, and could not speak.

Lian looked at her and said with some contempt: “I heard Horiyah say that your card is good, so I am willing to play with you. If you are unwilling to pay to continue playing, please put these five One hundred and sixty thousand knots, this is the end of today, no more play!”