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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 584 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 584 Start

When Elaine saw her throw 20,000 out, she couldn’t help but immediately pushed the card and shouted: “Haha, I’m d*mn! I have 20,000!”

“Oh!” Lian deliberately said annoyedly: “Why are my hands so unwilling, why did I play this card!”

Elaine hurriedly said: “Hey, Sister Lian, we have already said yes. If this card falls, you will die. You can’t go back!”

Lian said, “Don’t worry, Sister Elaine, I’m not that kind of person. You fired this gun. You will definitely not be short of money.”

Horiyah also helped her and said, “Yes, Elaine, for Sister Lian, playing mahjong for a thousand is all small money! It’s mainly for fun.”

At this time, Lian had already handed over 24,000 to Elaine and said, “You are a twenty-four fan, right? A total of twenty-four thousand. You count.”

Elaine was so excited that she took the money and counted it, then excitedly put it aside and continued to play mahjong with them.

Subsequently, Elaine’s card luck was surprisingly good.

Basically any hand of cards is surprisingly good.

Coupled with Horiyah’s help, Elaine almost always wins.

After three rounds of cards, Elaine lost a total of two rounds. The other rounds kept winning, and three rounds of Mahjong had won more than 300,000!

She used to play mahjong, and she won at most 10,000. How could she have seen so much money, and when she counted the money, she found that she had won more than 300,000, and her excited eyes were red!

At this time, when the cards were shuffled again, Horiyah couldn’t help coughing slightly when the fire was almost over.

Lian, who was sitting at the poker table, changed her face a little, and knew immediately that it was time to close the net.

Feed the pigs, it’s time to kill the pigs!

Immediately afterwards, Lian yawned and said, “Oh, it’s so boring to play a thousand mahjong, I’m almost falling asleep, or let’s play a little bigger, it will refresh me!”

Horiyah smiled and said, “I can do it!”

After speaking, she looked at Elaine and asked with a smile, “Elaine, what do you think?”

Elaine didn’t know that she had fallen into a trap at this time. She felt that she had made more than 300,000 so easily. If she played a little bigger, she would make more than three million in a while!

She, who was in the mood, had no idea what to do if she lost.

So she was very excited and said: “Okay, then let’s play bigger!”

Lian nodded, stretched her waist, and said lightly: “Then you can pay 10,000! It’s boring to be too small.”

After that, she added: “It doesn’t matter if you guys are too big. I happen to have a neighbor who likes to play smaller mahjong. I can ask her to do it for me and I will go upstairs and sleep for a while.”

“Ten thousand?” Elaine was stunned. Is this a bit too big?

It might be too scary to lose five or six hundred thousand with one hand.

At this time, Horiyah always winked at her, and said with a smile: “Ten thousand is okay, Elaine, you are so lucky, if you want to really play ten thousand, you won’t say making five million today!”

As soon as she heard about five million, Elaine’s sanity disappeared.

If she doesn’t agree, Lian will probably ask her neighbor to come and help her fight, so how can she find a bully and make herself a few million?

So she nodded excitedly and said: “Okay! Then pay 10,000!”

“Ok!” Lian smiled slightly and said: “Come on, let’s start! The money is too big, let’s use mobile banking to transfer money, it is convenient.”

The other three also agreed and said: “Okay, I’ll pay 10,000!”