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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 583 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 583 Start

Everyone has their own ghosts, and can’t wait to start this killing pan.

So Lian clapped her hands, greeted another woman, and said with a smile: “Come on, this is Nivia, who is also my old friend, but she is not very good at the game. Let’s just start with the four of us! “

Elaine also said excitedly: “Okay, get started! To be honest, my hands are itchy!”

Lian smiled slightly and suggested, “Today is the first time I play mahjong with Elaine sister. Let’s not play too much. Let’s start with a thousand and cap it 64 times.”


Elaine was shocked in her heart and blurted out: “A thousand times, 64 times the cap, if this is a capped by Lian, a hand can be more than 60,000, do they usually play such a big one?”

Lian smiled and waved her hand and said, “Sister Elaine, is this still a big one? To be honest, this is the smallest one I have played. The other day when I was fighting with others, it was 3,000 or 5,000. Up, maybe even ten thousand.”

Then, she pointed to Horiyah, who was sitting next to Elaine, and said: “The last time Horiyah played 5000 games with me, I lost more than 1 million in a short time, and Horiyah won 30 by herself. More than ten thousand, right?”

Horiyah hurriedly said: “Oh, Sister Lian, you are still too rich. I can’t remember how much money I lost. Last time I lost more than two million. I won more than 50. Min won!”

The woman named Nivia smiled and said, “Oh, I won a little more than a hundred that day. For Sister Lian, isn’t this drizzle?”

Lian smiled and said: “To be honest, this little money is really nothing. My husband made a few hundred million easily when he was young. It is nothing for me to lose thirty to fifty million in cards.”

When Elaine heard these words, her heart was so excited.

This Lian is simply a super fool!

What’s more, She have Horiyah to cooperate with her, and she will definitely win a big win at that time!

Therefore, Elaine immediately dispelled the doubts and worries she had just now, and said with a smile: “If sister Lian is okay, then let’s get one thousand.”

Lian nodded and smiled, and said, “Then I will start playing dice!”

“Okay!” Elaine rubbed her hands, already feeling a little excited.

After Lian played the dice, she immediately began to take the lead.

Soon, the four people have set the first card straight.

Elaine dealt with the card and was very excited!

It’s really luck that can’t stop it!

In this hand, She really want to have anything. There are only three sides on one side and 20,000 in one hand. These two cards are placed on one card, and she can draw immediately!

So Elaine was very excited, and began to look forward to drawing a card she lacked.

After being unable to touch the cards for a few laps, she thought of her agreement with Horiyah, so she sent her a code, asking for three.

Horiyah also immediately understood her intentions, and hurriedly gave her a three-shot.


“Oh, I’ll eat!” Elaine was very happy, took the three in front of her, and played a card with a smile: “Eight tubes!”

After speaking, Elaine triumphantly said: “I have a draw!”

Lian asked in surprise, “No, sister, did you draw so soon?”

Elaine smiled and said, “Yes, the cards are pretty smooth!”

Lian nodded and said, “Then I hope I won’t fire a gun.”

After finishing speaking, she stretched out her hand and threw out a twenty thousand, and said, “Twenty thousand!”