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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 579 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 579 Start

Jones Jian has completely accepted his fate.

Compared to digging ginseng in the snow of Changbai Mountain for a lifetime, being able to carry cement at the construction site in Aurous Hill is already extremely easy.

At least, he can still live in the city, go home, and have a basic amateur life.

When he arrives at Changbai Mountain, it will completely be over for a lifetime.

Seeing that he had accepted his fate, Orvel snorted and said, “You are already lucky, otherwise, I will take you directly to my kennel to feed the dogs today!”

Jones Jian hurriedly nodded and said with gratitude: “Thank you Mr. Charlie for raising your hand… Thank you Mr. Orvel…”

Mr. Orvel directly opposed the people under him and said: “Go, take him to the construction site in Jintan County, let him eat and live with the workers on the construction site, and take two days off each month!”

“Yes, Mr. Orvel!” Mr. Orvel’s two men immediately dragged Jones Jian out.

Orvel pointed at Panming, who was dying on the ground, and asked Charlie, “Mr. Wade, what about this old immortal?”

Charlie said lightly: “The police will come and arrest him soon.”

As soon as the voice fell, a team of police rushed in and asked loudly, “Who is Panming?!”

Jacob hurriedly pointed to Panming who was lying on the ground, and said, “Comrade police, he is.”

The police came to the front, compared the photos with them, and blurted out: “It’s him, take him away!”

The man next to him asked, “Captain, this person has been injured and unconscious, what should we do?”

“Send to the hospital first.” The team leader said: “After the first aid, he will be detained!”

Zhouqi, one of his old classmates, hurriedly asked: “Comrade police, what crime did Panming commit?”

The police rightfully said: “Panming is suspected of occupational occupation and illegal profits totaling more than 50 million!”

The crowd was in an uproar.

No one thought that Panming, as the leader of a petrochemical company, would have already received very high salaries, and he even used the convenience of his position to earn money for himself!

Panming, who was unconscious, was taken away by the police, and the old classmates sighed with emotion.

However, everyone looked at Charlie’s eyes with unprecedented awe.

After all, Charlie put Panming and Jones Jian so miserable, his ability has exceeded everyone’s understanding.

Jacob also felt that his face was too dignified. So many classmates came to compliment him, and he felt very refreshed.

However, some people sighed and said, “Oh, Jones Jian is gone. I’m afraid we won’t have the finale in this second game. Why don’t you just leave it?”

A bunch of people are a little lost.

Everyone wanted to come to see the glorious clubhouse, but they didn’t expect it, they just entered the lobby of the glorious clubhouse, and didn’t know what was inside.

At this time, Charlie said to Orvel: “Mr. Orvel, how many floors can your card reach?”

“Ten floors.” Orvel said hurriedly.

Charlie said: “You help me open a ten-story big box, let the old men have fun.”

Orvel asked in surprise: “Mr. Wade, don’t you have a supreme…”

Charlie waved his hand, motioning for him to silence.