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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 575 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 575 Start

When Panming heard this, he immediately became furious.

He looked at Charlie contemptuously, and said, “You are so funny. It is too late for my son-in-law to be filial to me. How could he hit me?”

After finishing talking, he pointed at Jones Jian again, and said proudly: “Tell you, my son-in-law, how many times stronger than your Rubbish! Do you know how filial my son-in-law is to me? Month just gave me pocket money, it is full 100,000! It’s not that I look down on you, can you make 100,000 a year?”

Jones Jian also sneered: “Charlie, you are really self-defeating. Orvel will be here soon. If you don’t go away, believe it or not I will let Orvel tear your mouth?”

“Are you going to make Mr. Orvel tear my mouth?!” Charlie looked at Jones Jian with a look of disbelief.

Jones Jian sneered and mocked: “Why? Don’t you believe it? Do you know what I am related to Mr. Orvel?”

Charlie shook his head and asked curiously: “Then, what is your relationship with Mr. Orvel?”

“I’m a good brother of the master Orvel!” After Jones Jian finished speaking, he asked sharply: “You can call Mr. Orvel too? Want to be called Mr. Orvel!”

Charlie smiled and said: “When Mr. Orvel comes, you can ask him yourself, he calls him Mr. Orvel a brother, will he dare to agree?”

Jones Jian looked at Charlie in surprise, and then sneered: “You dare to be disrespectful to the master Orvel! You are done! When the Mr. Orvel comes, I will let him tear your mouth!”

While talking, Jones Jian saw Orvel stepping in at a glance.

The two younger brothers followed Orvel, walking with wind and strong momentum.

Jones Jian hurriedly waved to Mr. Orvel, and said excitedly: “Great Mr. Orvel I am here!”

After speaking, he sneered and said to Charlie: “Charlie, the master Orvel is here, you are dead!”

Because Charlie was facing the gate, Orvel didn’t see him when he walked over, and Charlie did not look back.

When the Orvel came to the front, Jones Jian hurriedly said, “master Orvel, there is a stupid bird here who is disrespectful to you. He directly calls you Orvel!”

Orvel frowned and was about to behave in a prestige. Turning his head, he suddenly saw Charlie looking at him grimly. He was frightened and asked with a trembling voice, “Wade…Mr. Wade, Why are you here…”

Everyone on the scene was frightened when he said this.

what’s the situation?

The fiercely famous Orvel is actually so respectful as Mr. Wade?

Charlie is so young, what kind of master can he be?

At this moment, Charlie looked at Mr. Orvel coldly, and asked sharply, “Mr. Orvel, is this your good brother? So majestic. Not only does he keep talking with me, he also says that you will tear me up. Tear my mouth!”

Orvel was shaking all over!

Who is Mr. Wade? Mr. Wade is more important than his own father! How could he get Mr. Wade’s magical medicine if it weren’t for Mr. Wade’s appreciation?

Moreover, he licked Issac to death, and Issac ignored him. Now that he hugged Mr. Wade’s thigh, Issac also began to deliberately support him. This is simply the rhythm to make himself take off!

Therefore, Mr. Wade is simply his second parent.

This Jones Jian is just his own dog! He even dared to bite his reborn parents. What the h*ll is this not looking for death?

So he turned his head, glared at Jones Jian, and asked in an extremely cold tone: “You dare to offend Mr. Wade?”

Jones Jian was shocked.