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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 570 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 570 Start

Everyone hurriedly said with red eyes: “Teacher, don’t you say that…”

The Old Master smiled slightly and said: “I have been here all my life, and I have witnessed your growth and the development of the country. I will not say anything else. I will give you words, peace and happiness. I have taught for a lifetime. , I am still poor and have no longevity, but I have ideals in my heart. I will live happily and contentedly in this life without regrets!”

Everyone applauded, especially Jacob. After hearing the teacher’s words, he felt that the teacher was simply a beacon for guiding the way.

Although he didn’t have much money, he tossed about antiques every day and realized his hobbies and pursuits, so he was also very happy.

Of course, there is still a source of pain in his life, and that source of pain is Elaine.

The Old Master was too old and lacked energy. He gave everyone an ancient Chinese lesson on stage. After that, he seemed a little panting, and everyone quickly helped him down.

Everyone is satisfied to hear the old teacher’s lecture again, so I am extremely grateful to the Old Master.

Panming said at this time: “Since everyone’s wish to attend the class is over, and it’s rare to have a meeting today, then I will ask my son-in-law to arrange a place for everyone so that everyone can go together and relax.”

After speaking, he turned to look at Jones Jian and asked: “By the way, Jones Jian, do you have any suitable places to recommend? Want the best place!”

Jones Jian nodded and said: “Recently, we opened a brilliant club in Aurous Hill. It is the property of the Song family, the largest family in Aurous Hill. It is currently the most luxurious leisure and entertainment venue in Aurous Hill. I happen to be a member there. We will go there soon. Let’s have fun there, and I’m all inclusive for everyone’s consumption today!”

Hearing that Jones Jian is a member of Brilliant Club, everyone was amazed!

This brilliant clubhouse is really extraordinary!

Everyone knows that this is the top and most upscale place in Aurous Hill. Those who can mix here are all great people.

In other words, if you can’t mix with the upper class of Aurous Hill, you will never be eligible to be a member of the Brilliant Club.

The membership of this Brilliant Club is also an important reference for measuring a person’s status.

Jones Jian was able to become a member of the Brilliant Club at a young age. This is indeed extraordinary!

Moreover, although everyone has heard of the Brilliant Club, apart from Jones Jian, none of these middle-aged and elderly people is a member of the Brilliant Club.

Let alone members of the Brilliant Club, none of these middle-aged and elderly people even have the opportunity to enter the Brilliant Club. No one has ever experienced what the top leisure club in Aurous Hill is like.

Now, thanks to Jones Jian’s blessing, everyone has the opportunity to go to the brilliant club to see. Wouldn’t it be too awesome to go in and take pictures and post to a circle of friends?

As a result, everyone was flattering Jones Jian again.

Jones Jian is naturally proud that the members of the Brilliant Club are the weapon he has used to force external appearances during the recent period, and he has tried repeatedly!

Whenever he declare that he is a member of the Brilliant Club, he can always get the respect and flattery of the surroundings, which makes him extremely useful.

However, his membership of this Brilliant Club is not actually his qualification, but he begged Orvel several times, and Orvel came forward to help him handle it.

Had it not been for the use of him when laundering gambling money, Orvel would not help him.

After all, in the eyes of Orvel, this kind of person is no different from Harley Zhou, who was a p2p deception at the beginning, and is just a dog who does things for him.

Always let the dog collect money everywhere, and give the dog two bones appropriately.

In this way, the dog will work harder!