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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 569 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 569 Start

Seeing that Charlie answered the wrong question, Jones Jian took a sip and said, “Is it interesting to pretend to be crazy and be stupid? It’s exaggerating to ask you to carry cement!”

Charlie nodded and smiled: “Okay, I see, I will arrange it for you.”

Seeing that he was always talking in the mist, Jones Jian said disdainfully: “Neurotic!”

After speaking, he spoke again: “As someone who came here, I would advise you a few words, you are still young, and now you go out and find something serious to do, you may still succeed.”

“Is it humble to carry cement? Not at all. Did you know that there is a singer named Adu? He was carrying cement at the construction site. Didn’t people also carry fire?”

“And now him and YouTube are so popular, you can register for an account, and it’s okay to post some cement-carrying videos on it, maybe it will be popular!”

Charlie smiled and said, “I have a YouTube account, do you want to follow me?”

Jones Jian asked contemptuously: “Oh, is your family chef still playing YouTube? What is your WeChat number? What’s your name? Is it Aurous Hill’s largest rag?”

Charlie smiled and said: “My mobile number is 786019911, my name is King Son-in-Law, and my avatar is a red dragon, do you want to follow and like it?”

“King son-in-law?” Jones Jian looked at Charlie contemptuously, and said, “Just you? Give the f*cking son-in-law? I said, can you have a face? If you are son-in-law, then I am not a son-in-law or any other thing. The royal son-in-law, the overlord son-in-law?”

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “You, you are a muddy son.”

“Son-in-law? What do you mean?” Jones Jian frowned.

Charlie laughed: “The son-in-law who carries cement, don’t you understand this?”

“Grass!” Jones Jian couldn’t help spitting out: “You kid really doesn’t know how to praise!”

Charlie ignored him, carrying the old teacher of the Old Master, walked a few steps quickly and came directly to the door of the classroom.

The Old Master patted Charlie’s hand and said: “Young man, who can laugh at humiliation, not humble or overbearing, is a promising person at first glance.”

After all, the Old Master turned his wheelchair and entered the classroom.

Jones Jian whispered: “You’re so dim-eyed, you don’t know where you can tell that he is good.”

Charlie ignored him, anyway, he was not far from the fate he arranged for him.

At this time, with the arrival of the old teacher, there was already cheers in the classroom, and everyone kept greeting the Old Master.

The relationship between teachers and students in that era is not exaggerated to say that they are like father and son.

The Old Master looked at these middle-aged people who were over half a hundred years old and had a little gray hair. He couldn’t help being very pleased and nodded repeatedly.

He has taught all his life, and it can be said that there are peaches and plums all over the world. Seeing these students, he feels no regrets in his life.

“Let the teacher give us another lesson.” Someone moved emotionally.

Everyone expressed the same request.

The Old Master nodded, his eye circles a little red, sitting behind the podium, his fingers touched the already rough podium, and slowly said, “Hello, class.”

“Hello teacher,” everyone shouted in unison.

The Old Master nodded and said, “I am old and can’t stand up, and I can’t shout. The quality of lectures may not be as good as before, so I must say sorry to everyone first.”