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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5689 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5689 Start

When Jimmy’s condition became more and more stable,

Charlie and Maria had already driven to Poole in southern Yunnan.

This city has a history of more than a thousand years.

It is not only a post station on the ancient tea-horse road,

But also an important producing area of Pu-erh tea.

When Maria left Dali, she brought the ashes of her parents out of Dali,

And they were finally buried in Poole.

She hasn’t come back here for more than three hundred years,

And she can’t remember what this city looked like before.

According to her, she only brought out her parents’ ashes from Dali back then.

When making a burial here, she also secretly chose a geomantic location to bury the two coffins.

She did not buy coffins for her parents, let alone build Graves and tombstones.

It was basically impossible to find two columbariums buried more than 300 years ago here.

Fortunately, she remembered that the place where her parents were quietly buried was a tea mountain called Erlang Mountain.

Moreover, she still remembered that she buried her parents’ ashes under the largest and thickest Pu’er tea tree in Erlang Mountain.

However, on the current map, there is no information on Mount Erlang within the Pool area.

Charlie drove the car into the urban area of the city.

And together with Maria found several old scholars in Poole.

After some investigation, they learned that there was indeed a mountain named Erlang Mountain in the suburbs of Poole,

But this mountain was in the past. In the past few decades, many names have been changed.

It was revised once during the Republic of China, and once after liberation.

In the 1960s, when the movement rose, it was changed once in order to erect a slogan on the mountain.

At the end of the 1970s, when the movement ended, it was changed again.

The last name change was more than 20 years ago when it was renamed Zhicheng Mountain.

It is said that this mountain, and its surrounding area of more than 20 miles, is a very famous tea-producing area in Poole.

Since the Qing Dynasty, the tea industry here has gradually formed a scale,

It has become one of the best districts for tea production in Poole.

The reason why this mountain was renamed Zhicheng Mountain is also because more than 20 years ago,

The entire tea production area was bought by a company in southern Yunnan at a high price.

It changed its name to Zhicheng Mountain, and gradually built it into its largest and top tea garden base.

Now the tea of Zhicheng Group has gained a relatively large reputation at home and abroad,

And its product line is mainly medium and high-end Pu’er tea cakes.

Among them, the Zhizhen series produced by Zhicheng Mountain is the flagship product of Zhicheng Group.

The normal price of a piece of tea cake starts at least 10,000 yuan.

Knowing the current situation of Erlang Mountain,

Charlie found the location of Zhicheng Mountain in the navigation.

Because it has been developed by Zhicheng Group for more than 20 years,

The traffic conditions are also very good.

It takes 40 minutes to drive from the city to reach the foot of Zhicheng Mountain.

Maria hasn’t been back to China in these years.

She has always been worried that Erlang Mountain will be destructively developed and mined.

She was worried all the way. When Zhicheng Mountain really appeared in front of her eyes,

Her hanging heart was instantly relieved.

Because the mountains here have not changed from the ones three hundred years ago.

Although Erlang Mountain has changed its name because it has always been used as a tea-producing area,

It has not undergone drastic transformation and development over the years.

The biggest trace of development is that Zhicheng Group built a concrete road from the national highway directly to the foot of the mountain.

They also built a tea processing factory in the plain area at the foot of the mountain.

When the car was still more than ten kilometers away from Erlang Mountain,

The lush green hill could already be seen in the sight of the car.

Maria, who was at the side, couldn’t hold back her excitement.

Seeing her nervously rubbing her hands, Charlie couldn’t help but ask,

“Are you sure your parents are buried on this mountain?”

“Yes.” Maria said, “Although the name of the mountain has changed,”

“Its appearance remains the same. It must be here.”

She said, “I just don’t know if the Pu’er tea tree is still there,”

“If the tree is gone, it may be difficult to find it.”

Charlie said: “It’s okay, I will accompany you to search until you find it.”

Maria nodded gratefully, and said to Charlie: “If that Pu’er tea tree is still alive,”

“It should have a lifespan of a thousand years.”

“It is definitely the largest tea tree here. The most luxuriant one.”

She couldn’t help but sigh with emotion:

“However, it is still far behind the mother of Pucha with a lifespan of ten thousand years by the edge of Tianchi Lake.”

Charlie said with a smile: “One thousand years and ten thousand years,”

“I don’t know how many generations there are.”

As the distance gets closer, the details of Erlang Mountain can be seen more and more clearly.

Maria pointed to a particularly dense tea tree near the top of the mountain, and said excitedly to Charlie:

“If I’m not wrong, I had buried my parents’ ashes under that tree!”

Charlie looked up, Sure enough, on the side of the peak line close to the top of the mountain,

There is a huge tree standing in it.

The whole mountain is basically a tea tree with a uniform size and a height of about one meter.

It can be distinguished even from a distance.

Thinking of Maria’s story about the mother of pucha,

Charlie was not surprised. Although this tea tree is definitely not as good as the mother of pucha,

It should have a long history and is quite spiritual.

When the car was approaching the foot of the mountain, Charlie found himself in a difficult situation.

Relying on the tea factory at the foot of the mountain,

Zhicheng Group surrounded several mountains including Erlang Mountain with iron fences.

Above the iron fence, there are even surveillance probes and circles of barbed iron nets.