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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 568 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 568 Start

At this moment, someone outside shouted: “The teacher is here, hurry up and two young boys to help carry it.”

Jacob finally breathed a sigh of relief, and said to Charlie: “Hurry up and help.”

Charlie nodded.

Panming also said to Jones Jian, “You too, we are all old guys. We are not as good as your young ones, so we can’t lift them anymore.”

“OK.” Jones Jian nodded, and walked out the door with Charlie.

When he went downstairs, Jones Jian’s nose was upright, and he didn’t bother to look at Charlie.

Charlie didn’t bother to talk to him either, anyway, this grandson and his Aurous Hill Daz Technology Company were destined to be stunned today.

However, Charlie still want to find a suitable time to give him a fatal blow.

As the saying goes, extreme happiness produces sadness, and Jones Jian is not so happy yet.

When they got downstairs, they saw an 80-year-Old Master with all white hair sitting in a wheelchair and looking up at the old school building.

Next to him, there was a middle-aged man who saw Charlie came down and said with a smile: “It’s really hard work for you. I’ve grown older, and I’ve grown older, so I really can’t lift it. The teaching building of University is too old. There is not even an elevator installed. After I retired, he always wanted to come back to school to have a look, but my legs were inconvenient and couldn’t go anywhere.”

The Old Master smiled and said, “Even if you look at me and don’t let me move, otherwise I can climb over.”

The middle-aged man laughed and said, “Taught for a lifetime, haven’t you been in school enough?”

The Old Master shook his head, and said in a righteous manner: “Teaching and educating people is a lifetime matter.”

The middle-aged man smiled helplessly and said, “Okay, fulfill your wish today, and then teach your old students.”

Charlie listened in awe. The attitude of these older generation of educators to education can almost be called faith.

A trace of disdain flashed across Jones Jian’s face, but he didn’t say anything, just said: “Let’s go up quickly, everyone is waiting.”

After finishing speaking, he looked at Charlie and said: “Hey, come and help me!”

Charlie didn’t bother to look at him, and said lightly: “I’ll do it alone, lest I don’t cooperate with a clumsy person like you, and then fall or touch the Old Master.”

“Can you do it alone?” Jones Jian had an expression of disbelief.

Charlie ignored him, walked to the back of the wheelchair, shook his hands, directly lifted the entire wheelchair, and walked upstairs steadily.

Charlie’s physical fitness is different from ordinary people. After making the rejuvenating pills a few days ago, he himself ate two pills, and his physical fitness has been greatly improved, let alone a man carrying an Old Master and a wheelchair. , Even if it is several times the weight, it is nothing to him.

Jones Jian’s eyes were a little surprised, but he didn’t need to lift him, it just saved a little effort, so he followed behind and said with a smile: “Oh, you have so much strength, you can go to the construction site to carry bricks and concrete! I have a friend who works on a construction site. Would you like me to introduce?”

Charlie looked at him, smiled and asked, “Do you want to go to the construction site to carry bricks and cement?”

Jones Jian contemptuously said: “I’m talking about you!”

Charlie smiled slightly and said happily: “Okay, you made the arrangements for yourself clearly! Then go to the construction site to carry cement for 20 years, what do you think?”