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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5674 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5674 Start

Maria suddenly took out her mobile phone at this time,

And said to Charlie: “Honey, before the sun’s light is so strong,”

“Let’s take a picture with the sun and take some selfies.”

He guessed that she was wanting to take a picture of Victoria,

He nodded understandingly, then took out his mobile phone and turned on the camera function of the front camera.

After opening the camera, the two turned around tacitly,

With their backs facing the rising sun and Victoria, and took a group photo.

After taking the photo, Charlie quickly clicked on the photo to enlarge it.

Thanks to the high resolution of the front camera,

Victoria’s appearance was clearly captured in the photo.

Afterwards, while adjusting his posture, Charlie took a group photo with Maria,

And kept capturing photos related to Victoria through the photos taken by the front camera.

But it’s a pity that Victoria entered the woods very quickly,

And the front camera didn’t have a telephoto function.

It’s a bit of a dream to take pictures of her in this situation.

So, he put his phone in his pocket and continued to pretend to enjoy the sunrise with Maria.

But from the corner of his eye, he was still staring at Victoria carefully.

After searching for a while in the woods, Victoria chose a relatively empty place,

And then took out a hammer and a cylinder made of wooden handle from her bag.

Immediately afterwards, she threw the yellow paper on the ground,

Pressed the cylinder against the yellow paper, and then hit the head of the cylinder heavily with a hammer.

In this way, circular outlines were left on the rough yellow paper with a square space in the middle.

This is the “making fire” that ordinary people have rarely come into contact with.

Although the yellow paper is rough in workmanship, it is highly flammable.

It is still the best choice for many people in rural areas to sweep graves and pay homage to relatives.

And the cylinder of the wooden handle is the mold for this purpose.

At this moment, Victoria deftly separated out a stack of yellow paper,

Spread it flat on the ground, supported it with a mold, started from the upper left corner,

And hammered the tail of the cylinder violently, leaving a circle on the stack of yellow paper.

The shape of the outer circle and the square circle in the middle.

This, in fact, represents the copper coins used in ancient China.

Copper coins were the main currency of the ancients.

Therefore, the copper coins produced in this way were burned for the dead,

Which was the real paper money in the hearts of the ancients.

Burning such paper money to the deceased can ensure that he has no worries about food and clothing on the other side.

This way of burning paper money is basically hard to see nowadays.

In the current funeral industry, no one is still producing such cheap and simple products.

Even the most basic paper money is printed with the head of the Jade Emperor,

Writing Banknotes printed on the face of the bank.

But for Victoria, she still has the habit of using yellow paper to burn money to pay homage to the souls of the dead,

So this time she came to southern Yunnan, she specially brought yellow paper and the mold that has been used for hundreds of years.

At this time, she had completely ignored the young people she met just now.

From her point of view, those people were not in the same world as her,

So she didn’t need to pay attention to them, let alone care about them.

The mental journey was almost exactly the same as Maria’s prediction, Maria bet right!

So, after she concentrated on putting all the yellow paper on dense copper coins,

She got up to pick up a convenient branch, and then, she used that branch to clear a flat area on the ground.

Then, she took out the lighter, ignited one of the yellow papers,

And then threw the ignited yellow paper back to the center of the flat ground,

And then began to fill it with paper one by one.

Looking at the burning flames and the ashes rolled up by the heat wave,

Victoria’s eyes were filled with tears, and she whispered in a voice that only she could hear:

“Warren, I am here to see you…”