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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5671 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5671 Start

Soon, the group of people lit a bonfire and set an oven at the moment when the sun had completely set.

Since everyone had prepared the ingredients,

Charlie specially bought some more, so this dinner was extraordinarily rich.

In addition, Charlie also bought a lot of good wine, the atmosphere was enhanced,

And basically, everyone decided to drink to their heart’s content this evening.

Therefore, he specially mixed a little spiritual energy into the wine.

These auras cannot make them strengthen their bodies or cure diseases,

But they can guarantee that no matter how much they drink this night, they will not yawn.

Moreover, once this meager spiritual energy is absorbed by their bodies,

It will never leave any traces, even if Victoria came, it is impossible for her to notice it.

Southern Yunnan is located on a plateau, so the temperature difference between day and night is relatively large.

In addition, the Mountain itself has increased its altitude by several hundred meters,

So after nightfall, the temperature suddenly drops to a bit chilly.

So everyone sat around the bonfire, warmed by the temperature of the fire and spirits.

Ruslen held the guitar, and some young people who liked to sing sang a few popular songs with him.

Maria also liked this feeling very much, she blended in very easily, and she was very relaxed.

While toasting with everyone, a young man said, “Oh, tonight’s wine is really amazing.”

“It’s not too good to drink. I usually drink so much that it’s too early to break up.”

“Today, the more I drink, the more energetic I am!”

“Me too!” Another person said with a smile,

“Although I’m a little dizzy, I don’t feel like I’m going to be drunk at all.”

“It’s so comfortable!”

The person said, looking at Charlie and asking,

“Linye, you bought this Wine, although it tastes the same as the wine I usually drink,”

“It seems to be different, is this vintage wine?”

Charlie said with a smile: “It feels different, it’s because the atmosphere is here,”

“Drinking this thing, the hotter the atmosphere, the higher the drinking capacity.”

Ruslen agreed: “Linye is right. Whether you get drunk after drinking depends on three indicators.”

“One is a person’s alcohol tolerance, the other is his alcohol intake and consumption.”

“If your maximum drinking capacity at the dinner table is a catty of white wine,”

“Then when you are drinking alone, you will definitely not be able to reach this drinking capacity.”

“This is because drinking at the dinner table while chatting the physical strength and body fluids are high, the consumption of alcohol is also greater,”

“And the spirit is highly aroused, all of which are conducive to the volatilization of alcohol.”

The man thought for a moment, then smiled and said:

“It makes sense! I am really happy today. When I am happy, I think about having another drink!”

Charlie said at this time: “It’s a rare thing that everyone is very happy,”

“Let’s just be high until dawn tonight, and after watching the sunrise,”

“Let’s have a good sleep.”

Everyone agreed almost immediately.

Staying up late, for young people, is simply a piece of cake.

Holding the mobile phone on the bed, or facing the screen in front of the computer,

It will be the whole night without knowing it,

Not to mention that everyone is very excited and in good condition tonight,

Staying up until dawn, watching the sunrise, it doesn’t seem impossible.

So, the group really stayed awake, eating skewers and singing songs, until the next morning.

Before sunset yesterday, Charlie could occasionally see other friends going down the mountain.

After sunset until the sky began to turn white, he didn’t see anyone else appearing again.

At this time, there were less than 20 minutes before sunrise,

And everyone finally added some branches and firewood to the campfire,

And began to wait for the moment when the sun rose from the other side of the mountain.

About ten minutes later, the originally white skyline began to have a golden glow.

This is an omen that the sun is about to rise over the horizon.

Just when everyone was looking forward to it,

Charlie’s senses suddenly sensed that there was a person in the distance,

Walking quickly towards where they were.

Worried about being discovered by Victoria,

Charlie has been running the mental formula Jeremiah taught him since drinking last night,

Locking his aura tightly in his body.

For monks, everyone is like a submarine sailing in the deep sea.

Everyone finds each other by sonar detection.

To borrow this metaphor, a person with a high level of cultivation is equal to a more advanced submarine.

The submarine is more comprehensive, not only has fierce and strong power,

But also has more advanced means of detecting other submarines and a longer detection distance;

People are like old and backward submarines, with poor and weak power, and poor detection capabilities.

It is very likely that they will be killed by the opponent’s torpedo before they know where the opponent is.

The monks perceive each other, just like the passive sonar of a submarine monitors each other.

Once they hear a movement of the same kind, they will immediately be alert and enter a state of readiness.

However, this does not mean that all people with low cultivation bases cannot escape death in front of those with high cultivation bases.

Old submarines, if they are cautious enough, can also avoid advanced submarines.

One of the most commonly used means is to sit on the bottom and keep absolutely silent.

Once the submarine enters a state of absolute silence, the engine shuts down,

All electronic equipment and detection equipment stop working,

And all people on board remain motionless and do not make any sound.

In this case, it is difficult to detect an advanced submarine if it only relies on a passive sonar Goal.