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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5653 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5653 Start

“What did you say?!”

Victoria was instantly furious at this moment!

She had lived for four hundred years,

And the last three hundred years she had almost ignored everything.

In these three hundred years, that person was the first one who dared to say that he would cut off her head!

Pavel on the other end of the phone, hearing Victoria’s furious shout,

Was instantly scared out of his wits, and hurriedly groveled and said,

“Lord forgive me, this subordinate is only repeating that thief’s original words,”

“Not showing any disrespect to you, Lord. ……”

Although Victoria knew very well that Pavel was just repeating,

She was still furious in her heart.

Pavel was afraid that Victoria’s anger wouldn’t go away, and quickly said,

“Lord, the subordinate is willing to share the worries of the Lord,”

“Allow me to go to Aurous Hill, then subordinate must do everything possible for the Lord to find out what is the mysterious person in the end!”

Victoria coldly said, “Your going over now is like completely throwing yourself into the net.”

Pavel busily said “Lord, Leliah is already dead,”

“The chances of the An family suspecting this subordinate again are not great,”

“Besides, even if they suspect this subordinate, so what?”

“Without concrete evidence, I don’t believe they can still kill me.”

“After all, I am the son-in-law of the An family,”

“The husband of Tece An, and I have always been valued by Old man Nicolas. ……”

Victoria said disdainfully, “The An family is far more cunning than you can imagine,”

“After Leliah’s defeat, the An family will never trust any outsiders again,”

“Even if you are Tece An’s husband, so what?”

“As long as they are suspicious of you, they will definitely not let you off easily.”

Pavel couldn’t help but say “But Lord ……’s current situation is really too passive for us,”

“As long as that mysterious expert behind the An family isn’t found out,”

“We won’t be able to rest in peace for a day!”

Victoria coldly snorted “Even Jermo can’t handle that mysterious expert,”

“It’s even more impossible for you to find out any clues about him.”

“Maybe after the other party captures you,”

“They torture you and eventually get more of our secrets from you.”

Pavel hesitated for a moment and opened his mouth,

“Lord, this subordinate is telling you from the bottom of my heart,”

“Right now, this subordinate also feels that it is a bit difficult to ride the tiger,”

“Such a big thing has happened to the An family,”

“If this subordinate doesn’t go to Aurous Hill, the people of the An family will surely suspect this subordinate as well,”

“So how can I get past this hurdle at that time?”

Victoria blandly said, “Don’t worry, since the An family has already suspected you,”

“You can’t get through this hurdle, but one thing is good, you and Tece’s daughter,”

“Now in your hands, keep this ace in the hole, maybe it will be useful in the future,”

“And you don’t want to tear your face off with the An family for the time being,”

“Bring up the child in the United States, the An family won’t leave Aurous Hill in a short period of time,”

“And they should not take the initiative to tear their face off with you,”

“They won’t take the initiative to tear your face off,”

“Everyone will keep their heads in the sand for the time being and keep each other in check.”

Pavel respectfully said, “subordinate follows orders!”


At this moment.

After Charlie mastered the Heart Technique of Concealing Breath and Aura,

He drove to the Mountain Manor to pick up Maria to go to the airport with him.

Upon arriving at the Mountain Villa, Larry, Ethan, Old Zhang,

And an old lady who appeared to be around seventy years old were waiting respectfully outside the gate of the Villa early in the morning.

Seeing Charlie drive up, the four of them rushed forward and waited respectfully outside the car door.

Charlie pushed the door and got out of the car,

The four people agreed to bow to Charlie at the same time, full of respect, and said,

“Mr. Wade is great!”

Charlie was caught a little off guard by the four people, and hurriedly said,

“You people don’t need to be so polite, just call me Charlie.”

With that, he looked at the old lady beside Larry and asked curiously “You must be Mrs. Qiu, right?”

Larry’s old companion folded her hands and said respectfully,

“Back to Mr. Wade, I am indeed his wife. He has given me the Rejuvenation Pill given by Mr. Wade,”

“And I would like to thank you for your blessings!”

Just as she finished speaking, she was about to kneel down.

Charlie was about to go to stop, but Larry blocked between the two and respectfully said,

“Mr. Wade, Miss said that if you don’t thank the grace piously, you have to fold your blessings ……”

Charlie pursed his lips, wanted to say something, but still held back.

These four old people, although their ages added up to almost four hundred years old,

In their hearts, they had always held Maria’s words as a guiding principle.

It was no exaggeration to say that Maria was their life tutor, and whatever she said, they believed and did.

Therefore, if what they said was at odds with Maria, then they would definitely choose to listen to her.

Unable to do anything about it,

Charlie could only allow the old lady to kneel on the ground and pay her respects.

Only after she got up, did Charlie open his mouth and say “By the way, has Ms. Lin come down yet?”

Larry said, “Mr. Wade, Miss has orders, said that after you come, please visit to her courtyard first.”