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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5652 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5652 Start

At this moment.

The Boeing 777 that Victoria was traveling on had already flown through New Zealand’s airspace,

And would soon land in Australia for fuel resupply.

The speed of nearly a thousand kilometers per hour was already fast,

But it still made Victoria a little anxious.

Ever since her master’s portrait was released in Aurous Hill,

Her mind had collapsed, completely losing the composure that a four hundred-year-old woman should have.

She alone looked at the flight chart in front of her,

Staring at the altitude and speed data above, she couldn’t help but curse in a low voice,

“The faster the development of modern technology, the more profit-oriented these ba5tards are,”

“The Concorde back then could fly more than 2,000 kilometers in an hour,”

“But nowadays the airplane can’t even fly 1,000, and the ones that can fly 1,000 don’t have a long enough range!”

Seeing her anger, a crew member hurriedly stepped forward and respectfully said,

“Lord please calm down, our voyage is really too far, even if we have Concorde airliners,”

“It is still very difficult to handle, its maximum range is only 5,000 to 6,000 kilometers,”

“And if we fly from Buenos Aires to Melbourne,”

“The Concorde airliners can only fly halfway, and in between is the ocean,”

“And we can’t find any suitable place to land and refuel.”

Victoria waved her hand impatiently, signaling the other party not to bother her,

She also knew that supersonic airplanes had many drawbacks,

Using that thing to fly ultra-long distance routes was just as devastating as using a new energy car to drive a long distance,

And so she did not say anymore, but the boredom in her heart was still not solved.

Just then, the satellite phone in front of her suddenly rang.

She lowered her head, looked at the words “Pavel Chen” written on the phone,

And immediately sat up straight, then she immediately picked up the phone,

And asked in a cold voice, “Any news from the An family?”

On the other end of the phone, Pavel hurriedly said,

“Reporting back to Lord, the subordinate has just gotten in touch with Tece.”

Victoria gritted her teeth and said, “They really didn’t die!”

After that, she asked, “Have you gotten any news?”

Pavel respectfully said,

“The subordinate called you to report something to you.”

Victoria coldly spat out a word “Speak!”

Pavel hurriedly said concisely,

“Tece told me that the person who saved their family in Aurous Hill,”

“And the person who saved them in New York was the same person!”

“What?!” Victoria said offhandedly, “Is the information reliable?”

Pavel said “Tece personally told me, it should not be wrong,”

“In addition, she also told me, that person appeared as soon as Jermo appeared in front of them.”

“If he was half a step late Jermo would have been able to kill the whole An family at once.”

Victoria said grimly “It’s no use talking about this now,”

“The priority now is to figure out who that person is!”

Saying that Victoria also asked,

“Have you asked Tece, while helping the lives of An family, the other person said something or anything to Jermo?”

“There ……” Pavel subconsciously said and then fell into apprehension all of a sudden.

He also didn’t know how to explain to Victoria about the words that Charlie had left behind,

Fearing that Lord was going to condemn him if she felt unhappy.

Victoria heard that he was a little afraid, so she said lightly,

“Don’t worry, what I ask you, you answer truthfully,”

“Even if there are some offenses, I won’t pursue them.”

Pavel then relieved, quickly said,

“Tece said, that person knows the identity of Jermo,”

“Also knows the existence of the Warriors Den, more importantly,”

“He also knows your identity …… he said …… hehe said ……”

Victoria heard the topic led to her, naturally, she can not wait to know the follow-up details,

Listen to the phone on the other end and hearing no sound, she coldly rebuked,

“Be quick when you are speaking otherwise I will cut off your tongue!”

The other party heard this, immediately felt apprehensive,

And hastily made the effort to convey Charlie’s words and said,

“He said …… he said he wanted to personally cut your head down ……”