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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 564 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 564 Start

The crowd just gathered to walk to the school. On the way, someone asked Zhouqi: “What did you talk about just now? See what you said is so hot.”

Zhouqi laughed and said, “I’m talking about Meiqing. By the way, Meiqing won’t come today?”

Someone laughed and said, “Don’t even ask Jacob, why are you in a hurry?”

Zhouqi smiled and said: “I’m not asking for Jacob, Meiqing is Jacob’s first love, and I didn’t know that for so many years, Jacob has forgotten that she did not.”

Panming sneered at the interface: “From the perspective of Jacob’s current dire and hot days, he may not forget Meiqing in his life.”

“Oh? What’s the matter?” someone suddenly asked curiously.

Panming opened his mouth and said, “After entering the classroom, I will tell you more in detail.”

Jacob said angrily: “Why do you have such a big mouth? No one thinks you are dumb if you don’t speak.”

Panming laughed twice and said: “But I just want to talk, can you control it?”

Walking into the classroom, everyone looked at the place they hadn’t been in for many years, and recalled the good times in college for a while. Many people wept at that time.

Panming sat down in his seat, sighed with emotion, and said to the classmates: “It’s not good to say it. At that time, Meiqing was looking for a shield to fall in love with Jacob. Once she graduated, she would just go straight to America.”

After speaking, Panming said again: “I heard that Jacob’s mother doesn’t seem to like him, so he has done nothing in society these years. He finally gave birth to a beautiful girl, hoping to turn her over, who knows that he will be found again. He came to get a wasteful son-in-law. It is said that his son-in-law is an orphan who eats leftovers, so compared to most of our classmates, he is now a lot worse.”

Hearing what he said, everyone gathered around him and asked curiously about the details.

Charlie also touched his nose, thinking that Panming really knew the situation of the Old Master. He even knew his orphan status and the things of eating leftovers at home. The resentment is indeed very deep!

At this moment, someone said with a look of surprise: “Why is Jacob so miserable now? In the past, Jacob was also the chairman of the student union and a famous top student in the school. Wouldn’t it be such a mixed up?”

Jacob cursed angrily: “Panming, can you shut up?”

Jones Jian laughed and said, “Uncle Willson, don’t care too much. Everyone is just being happy, no one will really take it to heart. You also try to be open-minded.”

Jacob’s expression was extremely ugly. What Jones Jian said was to base their happiness on his pain?

Panming looked at Jacob provocatively, then continued to smile and said to the students: “This is not the worst. Do you know what the worst is?”

“What is it?” everyone asked curiously.

Panming laughed and said, “The worst thing is that Jacob finally married a certain celebrity in our school! Guess who it is?”

Someone complained: “How can we guess this? Many of us have been developing in other places. Unlike you, you are in Aurous Hill and you know more gossip news.”

“That’s right, don’t sell it off, tell us quickly, we are all curious!”

Panming didn’t sell off anymore, and said with a smile: “The one who married him is the school’s number one vixen, Elaine, who was famous back then!”