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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5632 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5632 Start

At this time, Nicolas said again, “After the accident in New York last time,”

“Both Marcus and I felt that Pavel was very suspicious,”

“But not long after, Leliah committed suicide by taking poison,”

“So all our attention was focused on Leliah.”

“Thinking about it now, it will be difficult for us to clear up this suspicion.”

Charlie said at this time, “I think what grandpa said is very reasonable.”

“If we calculate according to this time point,”

“Uncle was indeed the most suspicious.”

After speaking, Charlie said again, “However, there is no way to make a conclusion on this matter for the time being,”

“So my current thinking is, everyone, don’t contact anyone for the time being,”

“And I will talk about other things after I sort out the rest.”

Everyone agreed.

Everyone knew very well that if the enemies hiding in the dark were not dug out,

The An family would never be at peace.

And Tece also knew very well in her heart that this matter must not be judged by intuition alone.

Right now, except for Charlie, no one can guarantee 100% reliability.

Whether her husband has any problems will not be known until after the investigation.

Charlie nodded slightly and spoke, “Since you’ve already told Auntie’s Husband about what happened last time,”

“Then what happened yesterday, if you cover it up will only make him wary;”

“Therefore, if he, as well as other people, ask,”

“Why don’t you just tell them in a big way that the An family encountered an attack yesterday,”

“And tell them by name that the attacker claimed to be the Jermo of the Warriors Den,”

“And that he wanted to force the so-called secret of longevity out of the mouths of An family members,”

“And then tell them that it was again that benefactor who appeared at the crucial moment last time,”

“And directly knocked the Jermo out of the door.”

“And the rest you guys don’t know anything except for hearing a popping sound.”

Tece asked, “What if he asks about you?”

Charlie said, “This is simple, just say that I was the same as last time,”

“I didn’t show my real face,”

“You just judged by my voice that I am the one who saved you guys in New York last time,”

“Then you can pretend that you suddenly remembered some details,”

“And tell him in passing, just say that last night, in front of you guys,”

“I told that Jermo while exchanging words that sooner or later,”

“One day I will chop off Victoria’s head with my own hands.”