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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5631 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5631 Start

The dazzling array of delicious meals is almost all cooked by the chefs of Classic Mansion.

Charlie has already eaten too much and knows the taste of Classic Mansion,

So he is not surprised at all, but the eggplant box made by his grandma still brought him back the feeling of childhood.

The An family was even happier, everyone poured wine for themselves,

And the family toasted to the finding of Charlie.

The excitement was beyond words.

After a few glasses of wine, each of the An family started chatting.

While asking about the details of Charlie’s life over the years,

They also introduced to Charlie in detail what the An family had done over the years.

Afterward, everyone talked about how many times Charlie saved An family from fire and water.

This also just allowed Charlie to talk about the current hidden dangers to An family.

Tece was also a little nervous all of a sudden, and blurted out,

“Dad, Pavel shouldn’t be a matter of any suspicions, right?”

“Isn’t his family a long-established Chinese family in the United States?”

“Besides, we knew each other in the business field,”

“And the An family cooperated with them first,”

“So we gradually got to know each other…”

Nicolas said seriously, “Tece, the enemy’s cunning will only continue to exceed our imagination,”

“So you must not be too confident in this matter.”

“Your daughter is already twelve years old this year,”

“And Pavel can’t believe that he will be under any suspicion.”

“But having said that, he is also very clear that before the accident with the third sister-in-law,”

“She and the third brother were extremely affectionate.”

“Everyone thought that the third brother married a beautiful, generous and gentle wife,”

“But who would have known that the other party wanted to kill the entire An family and leave no one behind.”