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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5624 Free Novel

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Nicolas continued: “During this period, your sister didn’t tell us anything strange,”

“And she didn’t entrust us with anything. She kept things in custody until she returned to the United States for the last time one year before her death.”

“She only told us about the situation of the Warriors Den.”

“But she didn’t give us anything…”

“So what I don’t understand is that The Warriors Den has been watching us for twenty years, what exactly are they watching?”

Charlie’s third uncle, Martel, had been silent for a while, and then asked with some doubts,

“Dad, could it be that they thought my sister would give us something?”

“And it took them twenty years to finally confirm that my sister didn’t leave us anything useful to them,”

“So they became angry and wanted to kill us.”

Nicolas thought for a while, and said “The things you said are theoretically tenable,”

“But I don’t think they should be so stupid.”

“They are so powerful, how could it take twenty years for them to confirm such a small matter?”

“According to Charlie, there is a huge disparity between their strength and ours.”

“They have been observing us secretly for 20 years, just like squatting on the ground with nothing to do,”

“Staring at an ant for 20 years, just to pass the time?”

“So there must be a motive behind this that can match the twenty years of time and energy they have invested.”

Martel nodded lightly, and said, “Dad, what you said makes sense… “

Nicolas looked at Duncan and said, “Duncan, you are a famous detective. What do you think about this matter?”

Duncan said, “From my experience in solving cases for so many years,”

“The bigger the case, the more time is needed to do preliminary preparations,”

“Just like the analogy you just made, Uncle, the possibility of a person staring at ants for 20 years just to pass the time is very slim.”

“If he really studied ants for 20 years, then his purpose is probably not to study a method to completely exterminate the ants,”

“So I agree with you, they must have a great motive.”

After speaking, Duncan said again, “As for why they are attacking An’s now, I don’t know.”

“I think there are two possibilities, one is according to their plan, that is to do it now to achieve their real purpose,”

“And the other is that they didn’t think to do it now, because of other reasons, they were forced they started ahead of time.”

Charlie pondered for a moment, and asked Marshal, “Uncle, have you read the “Prologue to Nine Profound Heavenly Scriptures”?”

Marshal shook his head and said, “I was not interested in these things at all, so I didn’t pay attention.”

Charlie asked again, “Then do you know where this book went?”

“I don’t know…” Marshal continued to shake his head,

“After your parents studied that book, they went to China and I don’t know exactly where the book went.”

Charlie nodded, it seemed that his parents left the United States and returned to China, which was not what he thought before.

Before, because in Charlie’s memory, his grandfather was relatively indifferent to his father,

He always thought that his parents were in all kinds of pressure from his grandfather,

So he resolutely returned to Eastcliff, laying the groundwork for his future murder.

But now it seems that they should have obtained the “Preface to Nine Profound Heavenly Scriptures” by accident in the United States.

After studying this book, the two made the decision to return to China,

And their real motivation for returning to China should be to explore the mystery of “Nine Profound Heavenly Scriptures.”

The secret of longevity mentioned by Jermo before his death may be related to the clues drawn from the Preface to the Nine Profound Heavenly Scriptures.

Thinking of this, Charlie suddenly thought of a detail, so he asked Nicolas,

“By the way, Grandpa, before my parents left Eastcliff for Aurous Hill,”

“They had a lot of trouble with the Wade family.”

“It is said that it was because of the relationship with the Routhchild family.”

“There has been some conflict, have you heard of this matter?”

“Yes.” Nicolas said, “Your father did have some troubles with the Routhchild family back then,”

“And the widely rumored version is that the Routhchild family wanted to take root in China to expand interests, so they had been fighting openly and secretly with the major families in China.”

“At that time, your father gathered many families to declare war on the Routhchild family.”

“After fighting with the Routhchild for a few rounds, they withdrew from China, and at the same time held a grudge against your father.”

Charlie frowned and said, “You said it was the version widely rumored by the outside world, but what about the actual situation?”

Nicolas smacked his lips and said, “The actual situation is very subtle.”

“As far as I know, the Routhchild family didn’t want to target those big Chinese families at first.”

“They originally wanted to form joint ventures with domestic families in several hot fields,”

“And even took the initiative to show their favor to your father. As a result… “

Speaking of this, Nicolas sighed, and said helplessly, “As a result, your father gave them a financial intrusion label as soon as he came up,”

“And then relied on his own influence to gather a lot of financial and material resources to give them a big blow.”

“Later, the person in charge of the Asia-Pacific region of the Routhchild family took the initiative to visit him in Eastcliff,”

“But he didn’t say anything, and was slapped by your father, and finally came out of your father’s office, covering his face.”

“After leaving Eastcliff Airport, he flew directly back to the United States to complain to the person in charge of the Routhchild family.”

Charlie was dumbfounded, and blurted out, “If the negotiation was not good, the other party would be slapped in the face. This should not be my father’s style of behavior, right?”

Nicolas nodded, “It’s really not your father’s style, but that charge was indeed slapped by your father.”

Charlie was even more confused, and murmured,

“In my impression, my dad is still a very gentleman, how could he fight with him?”

Everyone was also confused, and Nicolas smacked his lips and said,

“At that time, from the head of the Routhchild family, all the complaint calls had come to me, and I couldn’t figure it out, why did your father do this.”

Duncan asked curiously at this time, “Uncle, you said that Changying slapped the head of the Routhchild family’s Asia-Pacific region.”

“What year was it?”

Nicolas thought for a while, and said, “It must have been a few months before their accident,”

“And Changying was kicked out of the house by the Wade family because of this incident.”

Duncan said suddenly “Did he do this to annoy the Routhchild family on purpose,”

“Deliberately create opportunities for himself, and let himself be kicked out by the Wade family?”

“I think he may have sensed the danger at that time,”

“And deliberately used this method to draw the line with the Wade family?!”