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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5619 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5619 Start

Knowing that Charlie was coming for dinner, The family was as happy as children on Christmas.

The old lady gathered her children to help,

Tidy up the dining table, and arranged the cold dishes and cold dishes ordered by Orvel.

The old man also kept saying, “Today is a good day.”

“When Charlie comes, I will drink a few glasses of whatever he says!”

Tece on the side quickly said,

“Dad, you have just recovered a little, so you should stop drinking.”

“What a joke.” The old man said without hesitation,

“Isn’t the recovery of the body just for this day?”

“How can such an important day be passed without drinking!”

The old lady smiled and said,

“Tece, your dad wants to drink, so let him drink.”

“After twenty years of anticipation, my grandson is finally back,”

“Let alone him, even I want to drink two glasses.”

Marshal hurriedly said, “Mom, why don’t you ask Mr. Hong to help prepare two bottles of red wine?”

“Let’s drink a little later.”

The old lady said with a smile, “Okay! Then we will drink some red wine,”

“And you two will drink some white wine with your father and Charlie.”

“Okay!” Marshal said nodding in agreement.

The old lady said to Duncan again, “Duncan, do you want to drink some?”

“My savior, today he will finally come back with his real identity to reunite with his family,”

“On such a happy day, I must drink more!”

The old lady agreed repeatedly, but she couldn’t stop smiling from ear to ear.

When she thought that her grandson was coming soon.

The few people had just helped the old lady arrange the cold dishes when they heard Orvel at the door suddenly shouting,

“Master Wade is here!”

When the An family heard this, they became even more excited,

And the old man blurted out, “Let’s go to meet him together!”

The other An family members and Duncan followed Nicolas and walked out quickly without any hesitation or pause.

At this time, Charlie had already arrived at the entrance of the villa in the BMW 5-series that his father-in-law stopped using and handed over to him.

As soon as the car came to a stop in the yard, the An family came out together led by Mr. An.

Charlie hadn’t gotten out of the car yet, but when he saw his grandpa,

And grandma’s family from the car, he was still somewhat nervous.

And the An family also stopped in a position about two meters in front of Charlie’s car,

With a smile on their faces, waiting for Charlie to get out of the car.

Charlie took a deep breath, adjusted his mental state, then opened the door and stepped out of the car.

As soon as he got out of the car, the old lady An couldn’t hold back her emotions,

She stepped forward with red eyes, grabbed Charlie’s hand, and said with a sob,

“Charlie, grandma had been looking forward to you for twenty years, and finally she has you here… …”

Charlie also sighed in his heart.

At this moment, no matter how much he complained back then,

He was also diluted by the feeling of family reunion.

The feeling that blood is thicker than water made him feel a little ashamed,

So he felt very sorry He opened his mouth and said,

“I’m sorry, grandma, for making you wait for me for so long…”

Mrs. An shook her head repeatedly, shedding tears, and said,

“Needless to say I’m sorry, you didn’t do bad to grandma,”

“It was grandpa and grandma who feel sorry!”

The eyes were wet with tears, and murmured to the side,

“Charlie, for the past twenty years, the An family has been thinking about you all the time.”

“We have searched all over the world to find you,”

“And we have searched more than once.”

“But I never thought that you would be in Aurous Hill all the time…”

Charlie nodded and said, “To tell the truth, Grandpa, after my parents had an accident,”

“Mr. Leon arranged me in the orphanage. The orphanage has been hiding my true identity.”

Mr. An couldn’t help sighing, “It seems that I still underestimated your father’s ability.”

“I’m afraid only your father could think of such a bold black under the light.”

Speaking of this, he said with great relief, “I used to think that your father might be the most capable young talent I had ever met,”

“But I didn’t expect that his son, you could still be better than him,”

“If it weren’t for you… You have been helping us in secret,”

“And your grandmother, I, and your aunts and uncles would have probably already been dead.”

Charlie said seriously, “Grandpa, don’t be so polite,”

“I have half of the An family’s blood in me,”

“So I don’t care about formalities anyway.”

“How would I just sit back and watch An’s family.”

Mr. An’s eyes were red, and he choked up and said,

“Last time, your grandfather was critically ill,”

“And at the hands of a grand daughter, you suddenly sent a life-saving pill.”

“That pill, Charlie, you asked my daughter to bring it, right?”

Charlie clicked, nodded, and said, “I heard that you were seriously ill,”

“And it was inconvenient for me to come forward,”

“So I asked Sara to rush over with the pill.”

“Fortunately, she arrived in time.”

“Hey…” Mr. An sighed, stretched out three fingers, trembling, said:

“Charlie, including that one time, grandpa owes you three lives, three!”

Charlie smiled and said, “Grandpa, these are just a little effort for me, you don’t have to take it to heart.”

“How can it be like that!” Nicolas blurted out,

“Charlie, you are the savior of the entire An family,”

“And the An family will definitely repay you with all their might!”