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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5617 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5617 Start

Warren disappeared in an instant, which made Victoria extremely shocked.

She hadn’t figured out why Warren disappeared out of thin air at first,

But after a moment of astonishment,

She realized that he must have been teleported to other places by the ring.

This made her roar angrily, and gritted her teeth,

“Old man, you are so biased! You said that Warren and I are not qualified to inherit your inheritance,”

“But you gave him a magic weapon that can teleport!”

“Why can’t I have it? Why! Say it! Say it!”

The cave where Meng Changsheng had been dissolved and the seriously injured Warren disappeared,

Leaving only Victoria and her hysterical roar echoing in the valley.

After a long time, Victoria wiped off the blood on the soft sword expressionlessly,

Inserted the soft sword back into her waist, and said coldly,

“Warren, after today, you and I will be mortal enemies!”

After saying that, she didn’t turn her head back and walked down the mountain at a steady pace.

More than ten days later, when she rushed to the south of Yunnan non-stop,

She realized that Warren had been buried in the ground,

And his most beloved daughter, Maria, had also disappeared without a trace.

Victoria dug up Warren’s tomb, confirmed that he was dead,

And that the ring was not buried with him,

She began to have a long-term love affair with Maria. The three hundred years of pursuit.

Because she had seen with her own eyes that the ring could teleport people thousands of miles away at a critical moment of life,

So she had been emphasizing to those in charge of hunting Maria over the years that Maria must be captured alive and must not be killed.

However, after so many years, she still failed to capture her back.

This incident made Victoria very angry.

After a while, she, who was at the residence of the Den, gradually withdrew her thoughts.

Looking back on those years, her heart was still resentful.

In the past three hundred years, apart from hunting down Maria,

She has also been looking for the inheritance left by her master,

But for so many years, she has not found any clues.

More than 20 years ago, a young couple entered Shiwanda Mountain with clues they accidentally found overseas.

Victoria has always suspected that they got the inheritance left by the master,

But this guess has never been confirmed.

And for more than 20 years, she has been trying to confirm her conjecture,

But she has exhausted all means, and still can’t get the answer she wants.

Now, another descendant of Master suddenly revealed his identity and used Master’s portrait as a warning to her,

Which made her feel an unprecedented sense of crisis and oppression.

Although she didn’t dare to go to Aurous Hill, in order to find the inheritance of her Master’s practice for thousands of years,

She decided to go to Shiwan Mountain again.

She has always been extremely cautious and did not dare to go directly to China,

So she prepared to return to China via Myanmar.

Myanmar has thousands of kilometers of borders bordering southern Yunnan.

The reason why she wanted to go to Myanmar was because after thinking about it she realized that,

She could cross the border alone and sneak into southern Yunnan.

If she wants to go to Shiwan Mountains,

She needs to fly to Vietnam, which is actually closer than Myanmar.

However, she plans to go to southern Yunnan first,

To visit Warren’s grave, and then go to Shiwan Mountains from south Yunnan.