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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5615 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5615 Start

“You are not lucky enough?!”

Victoria frowned when she heard these words, and blurted out

“Master, why is fate not enough?!”

Meng Changsheng said indifferently, “Your time to enter the Tao is too short.”

“You still don’t understand things and comprehend things by analogy,”

“But in the future if you understand the gossip in the Book of Changes,”

“You will know that people have many fates, and fate is the key to everything.”

Victoria asked in surprise, “Master, what is fate’s character?”

Meng Changsheng said, “Fate is the foundation of a person.”

“The specific fate is either the heavenly stems and the earthly branches, or the birds and beasts;”

“Everyone’s fate is the heavenly stems and earthly branches.”

“At most, it is an extreme Liming grid, but if you want to go against the sky, you must at least have a tiger grid

and a python grid; If higher the dragon grid;”

“The higher the fate, the smoother the path of cultivation,”

“And the greater the chance of changing your fate against the sky.”

Speaking of this, Meng Changsheng sighed,

“My fate is a unicorn. Although a unicorn is strong,”

“It is far from enough to change my fate against the sky.”

Victoria asked subconsciously, “Then what kind of fate is enough?”

Meng Changsheng sighed, “If you want to change your fate against the sky,”

“Longge is just a beginner, but even Longge is only qualified to change your fate against the sky,”

“But those who can really change your fate against the sky are only one in a hundred in Longge.”

Speaking of this, Neng Changsheng paused for a moment, then continued,

“If you are a dragon, your chances of success will be much higher.”

Victoria hurriedly asked, “Master, then what is my fate?”

Meng Changsheng said indifferently, “You and Warren are both Huge is the lowest fate among those who cultivate the Tao.”

“Although it is not difficult for you two to enter the Tao,”

“If you want to go far, it is tantamount to dreaming.”

“This elixir is the opportunity I gave you.”

Victoria asked with a dejected expression, “Master, don’t you want to give us more help because my senior brother and I don’t have enough fate?”

“The Qings outside have almost unified the Central Plains,”

“And my senior brother and I are already weak.”

“If there are no more Strong skills and magic tools,”

“I am afraid it will be difficult to complete the great cause of resisting the Qing Dynasty…”

Meng Changsheng smiled, and said, “Victoria, the master’s lifelong learning and magic tools treasures have already been settled.”

“In the future, only those who are destined to have a higher fate than mine can have the opportunity to open it,”

“And whoever can get it will be my inheritor.”

Victoria couldn’t help flashing a bit of haze, she didn’t expect that the master’s life was about to come to an end,

But he said such cruel words, according to what he said,

She was not qualified to inherit his skills and magic weapon at all,

And this elixir was already a great deal of face to her.

Victoria was extremely depressed in her heart.

At this moment, her gratitude to Meng Changsheng disappeared instantly,

And what was left was only strong unwillingness and hatred.

However, she didn’t dare to show it in front of Meng Changsheng,

So she could only bury this hatred in her heart.

At this time, Meng Changsheng took out a ring, handed it to Warren, and said,

“Warren, you are upright and understand righteousness, but you are still too kind in your bones,”

“And you will inevitably suffer in the future. This ring is for you.”

“Now I don’t need it anymore, so I give it to you as a teacher.”

“If you can understand the mystery of it before the deadline,”

“You can live another five hundred years like me;”

“The teacher hopes that you can recapture the country for the Han people,”

“Just like the Great General Sima and the General Hussars did in the past,”

“Driving the Huns to Mobei, drinking horses in the vast sea, and sealing wolves to live in Xu!”

Victoria, who was on the side, was even more shocked when she heard this.

She knew that the other meaning of Master’s words was that she was not upright enough,

And there was still a big gap compared with her senior brother, which made her even more unhappy.

Warren didn’t want to accept the ring at this time, and quickly refused,

“Master, you have helped the disciple too much, this ring, the disciple cannot accept it…”

Meng Changsheng smiled lightly, and threw the ring at Warren,

The ring suddenly disappeared in the air, and in the next second, it was already on Warren’s finger.

Before Warren could understand the reason, Meng Changsheng said,

“Warren, the ring has already recognized you as master, so you should keep it well.

If something happens to you in the future, this ring may save your life.”

“After finishing speaking, two cranes raised by Meng Changsheng suddenly came in,

And the two cranes stood on either side of Meng Changsheng,

Rubbing their necks against his body, whimpering and crying.

Meng Changsheng stretched out his hands to caress the two cranes,

Then stood up, and said, “The limit of being alive has come,”

“Let’s go, leave this place, and don’t come back again.”

Warren burst into tears and choked up. “Master, I want to see you off for the last time!”

Meng Changsheng waved his hand, “I have practiced here for hundreds of years as a teacher.”

“This is not only my cave, but also my tomb.

“Looking at the two cranes, he said lightly, “It’s enough to have them with me.”

After saying that, Meng Changsheng suddenly stretched out his right hand and waved his sleeves.

Warren and Victoria’s eyes went dark for a moment.

They found that they had instantly returned to the cave where they meditated and practiced before.

Warren yelled “Master!”

After that, he ran out of the cave, but the original cave where Master practiced and lived disappeared without a trace in an instant,

And the huge cave had completely disappeared as if Never been there.