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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5612 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5612 Start

Revendor respectfully took the phone, watched the video carefully, and asked in shock,

“My lord, is this… the old man in these images really your master?”


Victoria nodded, “That is, my master Meng Changsheng, the painter, who has painted at least 90% of his charm.”

Saying that Victoria said again, “I speculate that there is a high probability that the other party knew my master earlier than me,”

“And this painting was painted in the Tang Dynasty.”

“Maybe the other party or the other party’s ancestors already knew my master in the Tang Dynasty.”

“Tang Dynasty…” Revendor widened his eyes and murmured, “Tang, Song, Yuan, and Ming…the time span in between is more than a thousand years.”

“If the other party really knew your master at that time, I am afraid he is already over a thousand years old.”

“If the other party’s ancestors know your master,”

“It proves that the other party is a hermit family that has been passed down for thousands of years…”

Victoria nodded solemnly, and said, “Now the other party already knows my information,”

“No matter what you say I’m not optimistic about any of them.”

As she said, Victoria said again, “What I can’t understand is why he wants to protect An’s family, how can he do anything?”

Revendor exclaimed, “This person Could it be that he has something to do with Margaret and Changying?!”

Victoria gritted her teeth and said, “How is that possible!”

“If he is related to Margaret and Changying,”

“Then when Jermo attacked him and his wife twenty years ago, he wouldn’t have sat idle!”

“This…” Revendor frowned, “What the Lord said makes sense…”

“The subordinates feel that this matter is very strange, and there are countless possibilities,”

“But each one seems to have some thoughts. What doesn’t make sense…”

Thinking of this, Revendor lowered his head and thought for a long time, then looked at Victoria, and asked,

“My lord, I think there is another possibility?”

Victoria said, “Say it!”

Revendor hurriedly said, “My lord, the subordinate feels that the other party may not have any relationship with your master.”

“It is also possible that he just got the painting by chance, and happened to know your identity information from Jeremiah or Maria.”

“So he deliberately used this painting to scare you!”

“Think about it, if the other party is really powerful,”

“Why would he bother to show this painting?”

“It would be more realistic to just wait in Aurous Hill.”

Victoria asked with a frown “You mean, the other party is just bluffing and singing “Empty City Strategies” to me?”

“Yes!” Revendor said without hesitation, “I think this is a possibility.”

Victoria nodded, and said coldly, “It’s not like I didn’t doubt what you said,”

“But I have no way to prove it. If you really want to prove it,”

“Let the three elders go there, but if the three elders are also killed in Aurous Hill,”

“The organization will not only suffer heavy losses but may even completely anger the other party.”

Revendor thought for a while, and asked: “Lord, can you send an elder to Aurous Hill to investigate first?”

“One?” Victoria shook her head and said, “Although I don’t know how strong that person is,”

“Since Jermo’s self-explosion failed to kill him, it proves that his strength is definitely higher than any of the three elders,”

“Sending an elder there is no different from sending him to death,”

“If the other party is stronger than me, then sending three of them over will have the same result.”

Victoria spoke again, “And have you ever thought about it, the other party may not be using master’s portrait to scare me,”

“Or he may be using the master’s portrait to stimulate me.”

“If this is not an empty city plan but a provocative method, then his ultimate goal, I am afraid They want to lure me out!”

Revendor said with a shocked expression, “You are right… Empty city tactics and aggressive tactics seem to be almost the same on the surface,”

“But the possible results are one day at a time, one death at a time…”

“The other party has fought against us several times in secret,”

“And each time they have gained the upper hand, and now they probably want to force you to show up…”

Victoria nodded, and said, “Besides, this person is a bit like me.”

Revendor asked hurriedly “My lord, what are you talking about?”

Victoria said, “This person is not only a monk but also very skilled in the use of firearms!”

After speaking, Victoria said again, “Because of people who understand martial arts and people who practice Taoism.”

“That’s why you use modern weapons to train the dead warriors and knight guards;”

“The dead warriors trained by us are like chopping melons and vegetables.”

“Those martial arts masters just don’t know how to deal with the dense bullets.”

“And this person is even better than me! He could have thought of using a close-in defense cannon to kill a master monk!”

“This man’s method is really not ordinary ruthless!”

Revendor recalled Jarvis being bombed by a close-in defense cannon, couldn’t help but shuddered,

And couldn’t help but said, “Last time we found out that three people from the Blackwater Company bought three near-anti-aircraft guns from the black market in Eastern Europe,”

“And they belonged to the same near-anti-aircraft gun that killed Jarvis;”

“But at the Blackwater Company, Javren has been investigating,

But he has not found anything special.

He has secretly tied up several executives of Blackwater and tortured them, but he has not found any clues;”

“In the past few days, the Blackwater Company has announced the suspension of sending additional troops overseas due to the bizarre deaths of several high-ranking officials,”

“And the subordinates speculate that the death of Jarvis is likely to be deliberately blamed on the Blackwater Company.”

Victoria hummed and said He said, “Notify Javren that there is no need to investigate the Blackwater Company anymore.”

“In addition, inform the Governor’s Office of the Five Armies that all external actions will be stopped immediately,”

“And the meeting will be silent for three months!”

Revendor said without hesitation, “Okay Lord. This subordinate will inform them all!”

Victoria said again, “By the way, inform the crew to prepare, and I will go to Myanmar tomorrow.”

Revendor exclaimed, “My lord, I dare you, why are you so critical at such a critical moment?”

“Why do you want to leave the station?”

Victoria glared at him with a murderous look, and said coldly, “Ba5tard! Is this what you should ask?”