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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5611 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5611 Start

Charlie didn’t know that the moment he was sent to her by the ring,

He had unconsciously ruined the girl’s chastity.

For a girl born in the Ming Dynasty, if she is seen by a man,

Or has such an intimate act with a man, basically other than marrying him,

The only way left was to die to show her innocence.

Therefore, Charlie didn’t even know that Maria had already decided in her heart that she was the only one not to marry in this life.

Moreover, he didn’t even know that Maria, who was born in the Ming Dynasty,

And experienced the Ming and Qing dynasties, had completely opposite views on marriage.

In Maria’s view, it is quite normal for a man to have three wives and four c0ncubines.

Claire was honored by the name of her elder sister.

At this time, Charlie had just relaxed, and an unprecedented sense of fatigue swept over his body and mind in an instant.

Although his cultivation has recovered and the spiritual energy in his body has been filled,

He still feels extremely tired, so tired that he doesn’t even want to open his eyes.

So, he tore up the letter he had left for Claire and planned to rest at home for a good afternoon.

In the evening, he went to the mid-level villa in Champs Elysees Hot Spring to formally meet with his grandparents and their family.

When he was lying on the bed, although his exhausted body was temporarily relieved,

His brain was still humming like an overloaded engine, running at a high speed.

Everything that happened last night flashed quickly in his mind like a slideshow.

When he thought back to the moment before he was about to die,

He still clearly remembered the deep unwillingness deep in his heart.

Fortunately, the ring that Maria gave him saved his life at a critical moment.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help feeling grateful for the ring.

He couldn’t help holding the ring in his hand,

Closing his eyes, quietly felt the smooth and warm touch of the ring.

In the past, Charlie once thought that this ring was the biggest scam he had ever encountered.

It sucked out the spiritual energy in his body several times,

And it was much more hateful than a scammer who was scammed by telecommunications.

But who would have thought that this ring had been secretly protecting him,

And the aura absorbed by it was actually the pre-stored motivation to save his life.

If it wasn’t for being sucked away from the aura by the ring again and again,

The ring would never have been able to take him in front of Maria at critical moments.

Therefore, Charlie took out two Cultivation Pills,

And continued to pour the vigorous aura in his body into the ring.

And this ring, which had been silent for a day, suddenly,

Like a dry earth, greedily absorbed all the spiritual energy injected by Charlie.

When the aura in Charlie’s body was almost swallowed by it,

Charlie hurriedly swallowed the two prepared pills of Cultivation.

This time, he was no longer stingy with his aura, and only wanted to feed the ring first.

Hours later.

After the three elders returned to Buenos Aires by Boeing 777,

They transferred to a seaplane and returned to the residence of the Den.

On the way back, the three of them felt resentful and dissatisfied.

Originally, the three of them were already somewhat dissatisfied when their retreat was suddenly interrupted when they were only one step away from breaking through the Niwan Palace.

They thought that they would get more rewards after performing an important task,

But they didn’t expect that after being led by Revendor for a circle at an altitude of 10,000 meters,

They were brought back without doing anything.

Victoria’s mentality at this time was more thorough than that of the three elders.

For the past few hours, her thoughts have been uncontrollable.

At one point, she even wanted to go to Aurous Hill herself to see who took out this painting and warned her from afar.

However, this idea only existed in her mind for a moment and was immediately rejected by her completely.

With a cautious character, she is doomed not to take risks.

The most risky thing she ever did in her life was to kill Warren after he rejected her.

And that time, she was behind Warren, who caught him by surprise.

But this time, it was a mysterious person hiding behind her,

How dare she expose herself to the other party’s sight.

Therefore, she can only keep a respectful distance.

Revendor temporarily settled the three elders in the secret meeting hall, and then hurriedly to see Victoria.

After the meeting, he couldn’t wait to ask her,

“My lord, you are in such a hurry to let me come back, is there any emergency?”

Victoria’s expression was extremely gloomy, and she said coldly,

“My identity has been revealed.”

“What?! “Revendor asked in horror, “My lord…you haven’t left this place for twenty years.”

“Who would reveal your identity? Could it be Jeremiah?!”

Victoria shook her head, “It doesn’t matter if she did it or not.”

“The most important thing is that that person not only knows my identity,”

“But also knows my teacher, and most importantly, he also knows my master!”


Revendor took a step back and exclaimed, “Lord… Your master has passed away for more than three hundred years?”

“How can anyone in this world know him?!”

Victoria opened the short video, handed it to Revendor, and said coldly, “Look for yourself.”