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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5609 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5609 Start

The plane of the three elders turned around,

And Charlie instantly felt the turn of the situation in his heart.

In front of the Warriors Den, although he was at an absolute disadvantage,

He was able to win several times against them in different ways.

Now, the Warriors Den has not only lost a garrison of dead soldiers,

But also lost three earls. More importantly,

This “Empty City Plan” has already begun to make Victoria throw a mouse.

Charlie had speculated about Victoria’s heart.

Although he had never met her, he could feel several characteristics of this woman.

One was suspicious by nature, and the other was extremely cautious.

If it wasn’t for being suspicious by nature,

It would never be possible to use nepotism,

And the core of the whole Warriors Den would be in the hands of the Wu family;

If it wasn’t for being extremely cautious,

It would never be possible to keep trying to hide one’s identity,

For fear that outsiders would find out about oneself.

Therefore, the more you have such a personality, the less you dare to gamble.

It was precisely because of this that Charlie concluded that once Meng Changsheng’s portrait came out,

She would definitely not dare to come to Aurous Hill again.

Charlie breathed a sigh of relief, and planned to call Maria to tell her the good news,

So as to make her feel more at ease.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he picked up the phone on his side, Maria’s call arrived first.

Charlie answered the phone, and heard Maria say on the other end of the phone,

“Young master, I just found out that there was a Boeing 777 that took off from Buenos Aires,”

“And it suddenly turned around! The three elders should be on that plane?”

Charlie asked in surprise, “Did you also pay attention to that plane?”

Maria said, “I have been paying attention to the flight situation in South America.”

“After seeing it, I quickly called you. This phone call is a bit redundant, it seems the young master has already paid attention to it.”

Charlie said with a smile, “Not redundant since both of us have paid attention to the same plane,”

“It proves that our guess is unlikely to be wrong.”

“The three elders must have been called back by Victoria.”

Maria giggled, and said, “My lord is indeed a good strategist.”

“After singing “Empty City Strategies”, it not only relieved the immediate urgent need,”

“But also cast a fear in Victoria.”

“Compared with Zhuge Liang’s straw boat borrowing arrows back then, it is not much worse!”

Charlie’s face was a little hot, and he said, “Miss Lin, please don’t praise me.”

“How can I be worthy and dare to be compared with Mr. Zhuge?”

“It is impossible to have the strength of the young master.”

Maria did not continue to develop on this issue, but asked Charlie,

“I don’t know what the young master’s plan is next?”

Charlie said, “I have no plans for the time being. In Aurous Hill,”

“I plan to meet grandparents, and it is time for me to clarify the grievances of so many years face to face.”

Maria agreed and said, “Young Master should indeed go to meet them,”

“From last night to now, trust me, they have been waiting for you to appear again.”

Charlie looked at the time, and it was not yet noon, so he said,

“Yesterday’s battle was indeed exhausting, and now Victoria has withdrawn the three elders to the lair of the Warriors Den.”

“I can finally breathe a sigh of relief,”

“I will rest at home in the afternoon, and I will go to see my grandfather’s family in the evening.”