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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5608 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5608 Start

For a moment, all kinds of unclear clues crisscrossed her mind,

Making Victoria feel that her brain was not enough to process all this.

However, there is one thing she can confirm, that is when the other party took out the painting,

It was made clear that it was to send Victoria a warning signal.

If Victoria continued to hold on to An’s family, the other party would definitely return the favor.

This made Victoria think of Jermo who had died in the explosion,

And couldn’t help saying, “By the way, Jermo discovered the magic weapon as soon as he arrived in Aurous Hill,”

“And it could even cause thunder. Now it seems that this is definitely not Jermo’s luck,”

“But the other party had already set a trap for him!”

“If this is the case, then he had been waiting to kill the person I sent!”

“And he knows that I will definitely send a master who is proficient in the aura,”

“So deliberately used weapons as bait to lure my people into their trap!”

Thinking of this, Victoria no longer cared about sorting out the countless clues and possibilities in her mind,

She just wanted to quickly call all three elders back.

Because, since the opponent is not even afraid of Jermo’s self-destruction,

The three elders may not be his opponents.

If these three people arrived in Aurous Hill and were set up by the other party to kill them all,

Wouldn’t she suffer even more losses?

Three of the four great earls have already disappeared,

And if the three elders are gone, Warriors Den will lose more than half of its fighting power in terms of aura.

Moreover, she was even more worried that now that the other party released the portrait of the master,

It should only be a warning to her.

If she immediately sent the three elders to Aurous Hill, wouldn’t it be clear that she would fight the other party to the end?

In this way, it will completely anger the other party!

Not daring to delay, Victoria immediately picked up a satellite phone and called Revendor on the plane.

At this moment, Revendor had just calmed down the three elders’ fear of the plane for a while,

When he suddenly received a call from Victoria, he immediately answered the phone, and said respectfully,

“My lord, what are your orders?”

Victoria said without hesitation, “The mission is canceled, immediately turn around and come back!”

“Ah?” Revendor quickly picked up the phone and walked to the back of the Boeing plane, and asked in amazement,

“My lord…why did you cancel the mission?”

“The three elders finally left the customs, and they will go to Aurous Hill to find out what happened!”

Victoria scolded in a cold voice, “I tell you to come back and you will come back!”

“Who gave you the guts to question my decision?!”

Revendor was dripping with cold sweat, he slapped himself twice, and said in fear,

“I’m talking too much, and I hope the Lord will make amends, please rest assured,”

“I will let the crew return to the flight!”

After hanging up the phone, Revendor hurried to the cockpit.

Passing by the area where the three elders were resting, Brovnen asked,

“Revendor, what happened? Why did the Lord let us go back?!”

Revendor realized how stupid he was just now, to ask the Lord on the phone Why do you want to cancel it?”

Among the three elders in front of him, which one is not powerful?

Everything he said to the Lord on the phone could not escape their ears,

So it was naturally impossible for the Lord to mention any secrets on the phone.

So, he hurriedly said to the three of them, “The lord suddenly said that the mission was canceled,”

“But the juniors don’t know the specific reason.”

“I will tell the crew about the specific situation,”

“Let’s wait until we go back and see the lord, and then we’ll see what she has to say!”

When the three of them heard this, they couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed.

It’s not that they want to go to Aurous Hill to complete the task,

They just think that the Lord woke them up from the retreat to let them complete this important task.

Although their retreat was interrupted, as long as the task is completed,

The Lord would definitely reward the three, and they could continue to retreat with peace of mind.

However, the Lord suddenly asked them to go back, which means that not only will they not get any rewards,

They may even enter an emergency state of being on standby at all times.

Once they enter this state, they don’t know when they can get back to full retreat again!

The three of them looked at each other, and they could see the doubt and dissatisfaction in each other’s eyes,

But on this plane that made them uneasy, no one dared to speak out what was in their hearts.

Soon, under Revendor’s instruction, the crew applied to the air traffic control for a return route to Buenos Aires.

Five minutes later, air traffic control approved the aircraft’s return application.

Then, the Boeing 777 drew a huge circle over the ocean, turned around, and flew toward the airport it came from.

At this moment, Charlie, who had monitored many planes,

Suddenly discovered that most of the transoceanic planes were traveling in a straight line,

But only one plane completed a 360-degree turn in the sky and left a circular trajectory map.

Flying in the direction of Buenos Aires.

Seeing this scene, he finally breathed a sigh of relief.

He knew that his “Empty City Plan” worked!