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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5602 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5602 Start

Charlie raised his eyebrows and asked curiously,

“Dad, what do you think? Speaking of this painting, what’s so good about it?”

Jacob smacked his lips and said, “If you want me to say, I really can’t say for sure,”

“But I just think that the painting skills of this painting are very good, realistic!”

“And it is definitely a realism that is rarely seen in the field of Chinese painting.”

‘You see, the old man asked him to draw it, it looks like it is fcuking real!”

“And this old man is really reluctant to stand on this big rock.”

“I don’t know what I mean! But he painting is so fcking good!”

Charlie was a little dumbfounded, but he didn’t expect the old man’s comments to be so down-to-earth.

If Meng Changsheng heard this, no matter how strong his Taoist heart was, he would be offended.

That’s enough.

At this time, Jacob looked at the words on the painting, and said in his mouth,

“Meng Sheng, styled Changming, from Chang’an, born in the first year of Linde in the Tang Dynasty…”

As he spoke, his eyes widened suddenly, and he blurted out, “Ouch fcuk, the old man in this painting is from the Tang Dynasty?”

“Does that mean that this painting was also painted by the people from the Tang Dynasty?”

Charlie smiled and said, “Maybe, but the artist didn’t leave his name and time,”

“So you can just treat it as it’s a painting from the Tang Dynasty.”

Jacob beamed with joy, and blurted out,

“The painters of the Tang Dynasty have been around for more than a thousand years,”

“And their paintings are still so good.”

“If this is brought to the calligraphy and painting exhibition, how about it?”

Charlie shrugged his shoulders and said with a smile,

“The key point is that there is no signature on this painting.”

“Even if it is a painting by a Tang Dynasty painter, it is impossible to find out the actual creator.”

“This kind of painting is difficult to sell at a price in the calligraphy and painting market.”

“It won’t cause too much trouble.”

Jacob said, “Whatever he is, the painting is good and it’s from the Tang Dynasty.”

“The performance review is over!”

After that, he quickly asked Charlie, “Good son-in-law, then I will take this painting?”

Charlie nodded and said with a smile, “Dad, if someone asks about this painting,”

“You just say that you bought it from a person who you can’t remember his face clearly.”

“As for the process of picking up the leak, you can give full play to your imagination,”

“Brag and talk as you like, as long as you don’t deviate from the central idea,”

“There is nothing wrong with bragging.”

Jacob asked in surprise, “Good son-in-law, I’ll just say that it was given by my friend,”

“Or that it is my own collection. Wouldn’t that be more face-saving?”

Charlie said seriously, “Dad, others don’t know this painting. My client recognizes it.”

“If people find out that you are bragging about their paintings,”

“They will probably blame me. If you do what I say, they will know that we are protecting their privacy,”

“Not putting stickers on their faces. They will feel more at ease.”

Jacob felt a little resentful, and sighed, “Okay, then I will do as you said.”

Charlie smiled slightly, put his hand on his arm, and said seriously,

“Dad, don’t forget that from now on, you bought this painting by mistake,”

“And it was at the gate of Tomson. There was a person who you can’t remember clearly.”

“A good-looking person stops you and insists on selling it to you at a price of one hundred yuan.”

After that, a trace of aura entered Jacob’s mind, quietly imposing a psychological hint on him,

Only when others asked about the painting this psychological hint will only be stimulated.

Jacob nodded subconsciously. At this moment, a seed had already been planted deep in his heart.

Charlie asked him with a smile, “Dad, where did you get this painting in your hand?”

Jacob blurted out excitedly, “I picked it up! I tell you, my son-in-law if it weren’t for my insightful eyes, this painting is still alive today.”

“It was hidden under another fake painting! At the Antique Street, someone tried to fool me with fake celebrity calligraphy and painting,”

“My eyes are so poisonous, how could I fall for this scam?”

“Then I found that the painting was not right, it was thicker than usual!”

“At that time, I guessed that there were other mysteries hidden in it,”

“So I pretended to be fooled and bought the fake painting back with 5,000 yuan.”

“After I came back, I Tore that painting from the side like this,”

“And it turned out that this masterpiece of the Tang Dynasty was hidden inside!”

Charlie was secretly dumbfounded, thinking that as an old man, his father-in-law was born with a talent for bragging.

However, what he wanted was Jacob’s natural performance.

He believed that Victoria won’t dare to check the background of this painting,

But he didn’t dare rule out that he, the father-in-law, was talking nonsense outside and then passed it on to Victoria,

So he gave Jacob this special psychological hint to be cautious.

Seeing that the father-in-law had fully entered the drama, Charlie nodded in satisfaction.

It seems that the father-in-law not only remembered his psychological hints,

But also remembered his instructions to let him brag casually.

He knew that at this moment, deep in Jacob’s heart, he firmly believed that this painting was picked up by himself,

But he didn’t want people to feel that he was completely lucky,

So he had to have to make up a legendary story to improve his technical content and make him look good.

Therefore, Charlie deliberately asked tentatively,

“Dad, is it not too much bragging? Let’s water it down a bit?”

“Tell your conscience, how did this painting come about?”

Jacob smiled and said, “My good son-in-law knows me well, and he can tell at a glance that I’m bragging.”

As he said, Jacob said mysteriously, “I won’t hide it from you, I did buy this painting by mistake,”

“But it’s not as mysterious as I just said. That is, when I went out yesterday, a guy stopped me at the door of our Tomson,”

“He insisted on selling this painting to me, and the asking price was only one hundred yuan.”

“I think this painting is good, even if it is a modern work,”

“It is more than one hundred yuan, isn’t it clear that he will give me a discount? So I bought it!”

Charlie nodded in satisfaction, and said with a smile, “Okay Dad, hurry up and find a place in the Painting and Calligraphy Association,”

“And don’t be more high-profile, or you as the executive vice president probably won’t be able to continue working!”