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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5600 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5600 Start

All three of them were a little dazed.

They didn’t know much about Charlie, they only knew that Charlie was Maria’s benefactor with great supernatural powers,

So they didn’t know what effect Charlie’s medicine had.

At this time, Maria on the side was overjoyed, and immediately said,

“Old grandson, I said that your birthplace is in Aurous Hill.”

“It seems that all of this is on Mr. Wade. Why don’t you hurry up and thank Mr. Wade for saving your life?”

Ethan’s eyes widened suddenly, his face full of disbelief.

Maria said to the other two, “Mr. Zhang, Mr. Qiu, and Mr. Wade is going to give you a fortune, what are you still doing?”

Intention, while being excited, they immediately wanted to bow down to Charlie.

Charlie quickly stopped the three of them with both hands and said, “Don’t disturb me,”

“The three gentlemen. I am in a hurry, and I will come to visit tomorrow,”

“And then I will talk to the three gentlemen in detail.”

After finishing speaking, he looked at Maria and said, “Miss Lin, let’s go first.”

Maria nodded lightly, and immediately said to the three of them,

“I’ll take Mr. Wade home, and you can let the servants go about their normal activities later.”

Larry said respectfully, “Okay, lady!”

In the courtyard of Zijin Villa, a Rolls-Royce has opened the door and parked there.

Maria was about to get into the main driver, Charlie said first,

“Miss Lin, let me drive.”

Maria nodded and immediately went to the co-driver.

After getting in the car, Charlie drove down the mountain to Tomsons.

On the way, Maria said gratefully, “Young master, the three of them are very old.”

“If it is not for the good fortune of the young master, I am afraid that it will be difficult to survive the New Year.”

“Thank you for the great kindness on their behalf!”

Charlie smiled lightly. “It’s just three pills, it’s not a big favor.”

“Besides, that grandpa and my father are also old acquaintances.”

“Since we met, we can’t just sit idly by.”

Speaking of this, Charlie glanced at Maria, and then Said, “As you said,”

“You haven’t adopted orphans since World War II.”

“The youngest of these orphans must be seventy or eighty years old, right?”

Maria said: “As soon as they were sensible, I kept telling them that I only regard them as servants,”

“But in fact, in my heart, I have always regarded them as their relatives…”

“The reason why I always make the relationship between master and servant very clear is that I don’t want to show myself as too weak,”

“And when they are born, old, sick, and dying, I have always been very indifferent,”

“But in fact, every one of them passed away, and I was always very sad.”

Charlie nodded and said seriously, “Now the three of them were able to accompany you with great difficulty.”

“If I can extend their lifespan, they will naturally be able to accompany you more.”

“You are a girl, and you have no ability to protect yourself.”

“With their help, you will surely be able to relax a lot.”

As he said, Charlie said again, “If Aurous Hill can always be safe,”

“Ms. Lin can also live in Aurous Hill forever.”

“I am here, and if Ms. Lin needs help, I will try my best to help.”

Maria knew, Charlie really loves her, hates her suffering of running around for more than three hundred years.

She looked at Charlie gratefully, and choked up,

“I really thank you, for your love…”

Charlie said seriously, “Miss Lin, in my opinion, the greatest kindness in the world is nothing more than three,”

“The kindness of parents, the kindness of life-saving, and the kindness of love.”

“Thank you for your kindness, Miss Lin saved my life, and I will never ignore you at any time in the future.”

Charlie said these words from the bottom of his heart.

He knew how difficult Maria’s life was, and also knew that once these old people passed away,

Her life would be like the years when she had just taken the Evergreen Pill,

With no one to rely on in this world.

Therefore, Charlie had already made up his mind that he would not let Maria lose her support in the next hundred years of her life.

At this moment, Maria was already in tears.

For more than three hundred years, she has never had any idea of relying on others,

And reality has never given her any chance to rely on others,

But now, for the first time, she feels that her life has someone to finally rely on And that reliance is Charlie beside her!