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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5599 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5599 Start

A few minutes later, all the servants of Zijin Villa returned to their rooms.

The careful old Zhang even asked Larry to temporarily suspend the monitoring of the entire Zijin Villa.

After all, it was related to the reputation of his young lady,

So naturally he could not leave any hidden dangers.

After everything was settled, Mr. Zhang called Maria to report,

And then Maria said to Charlie, “Master, Old Zhang, and the others are ready, let’s go down.”

Charlie nodded and politely said, “Thank you, Miss Lin.”

Maria smiled sweetly, “My lord, you don’t have to be polite to me.”

Charlie put away the painting with the handwriting,

And walked out of the top-floor courtyard with Maria. As soon as they walked to the gate of the courtyard,

He saw three octogenarians standing side by side respectfully at the end of the long stone steps below.

What Charlie didn’t expect was that among them,

There was an important figure who was often seen on TV before,

That is Ethan Sun from the capital.

When he was young, he often heard the legendary and inspirational life experience of this great man mentioned by the elders around him,

And even visited him with his father, but it was not until today that he found out that he was actually one of the orphans that Maria adopted back then.

Charlie and Maria walked down the stone steps together, and the three old people said to Maria respectfully, “Hello, Miss.”

After finishing speaking, they looked at Charlie again, and said with the same respect, “Hello, Mr. Wade!”

Too adaptable, after all, the combined age of these three people is almost 300 years.

So being so polite to him, a 28-year-old young man, really feels a bit out of harmony.

So Charlie also respectfully said, “Hello, three gentlemen.”

Ethan looked at Charlie, and couldn’t help sighing, “Mr. Wade you really look very similar to your father,”

“Just like the old saying, a tiger fathers a tiger!”

Charlie respected as he said, “Grandpa Sun, I followed my father to visit your house when I was young,”

“I wonder if you still remember it.”

Ethan nodded and said, “I remember, of course, I remember. Your parents took you to my house for dinner.”

“I still remember what happened back then. I didn’t expect so many years to pass in a blink of an eye.”

“It is indeed a talent for managing the world.”

“He talked to me a lot about the direction of global economic development and the changing trend of the world pattern.”

“His long-term vision and precise assessment of the situation are really the only ones I have seen in my life.”

“It is a pity that gods are jealous of talents!”

Charlie also sighed in his heart.

He once heard adults mention Ethan in a chat.

At that time, his father had many ambitions to display when he returned to China.

In fact, Ethan had always wanted to cooperate with him on a macro level.

Unfortunately, his father suddenly had an irreconcilable relationship with the Wade family.

Contradictions and disagreements, and then left the Wade family, and went to Aurous Hill.

While Charlie was sighing, he was about to say something when he suddenly felt that although Ethan looked tough,

His breath was already very bad.

It seemed that he was at the end of his strength, and he would die of old age naturally in a few months.

So, he said, “Grandpa Sun, your physical condition does not seem to be very good.”

Ethan was stunned, and asked in surprise, “How did Mr. Wade see it?”

Charlie said modestly, “Your junior has learned a few medical skills.”

As he said that, he couldn’t help feeling in his heart that these three people were all very old,

And they were indeed on the verge of death.

Among them, Ethan has only a few months left to live,

And Larry and Old Zhang, judging from the situation, have at most a few years to live.

Ethan sighed at this time, “When people reach my age, they will basically run out of fuel,”

“And it is normal to be in poor health.”

Charlie nodded lightly, thinking in his heart that Maria was his lifesaver,

This he should repay the favor of saving his life,

And these three are orphans brought up by her.

Among them, Ethan, who is in the most serious situation, has not long to live, so he should do something about it.

What’s more, this Ethan can be regarded as kind to his father for knowing him.

Because of emotion and reason, he can’t sit idly by and ignore his current situation.

So, he said, “Three gentlemen, I still have some important matters to deal with today.”

“After I have settled the matter at hand, I will visit you again.”

“At that time, I will prepare some things for the three that can improve the situation for you.”

“I have the elixir for physical condition, I believe it will help the three of you.”