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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5595 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5595 Start

In the early morning, Charlie changed into his own clothes,

And asked Orvel to take Jeremiah to the Champs Elysees Hot Spring Hotel to settle properly.

And he, together with Maria, took the portrait of Meng Changsheng,

And took the helicopter back to Zijin Villa where Maria lived.

At the same time, a Boeing 777200lr took off from Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, headed for Australia.

Although this is already the plane with the longest range in the world,

Its limit range has not yet reached 18,000 kilometers,

So the captain’s flight plan is to go to Melbourne, Australia first, refuel in Melbourne, and then fly to Aurous Hill.

At this time, apart from the crew, there were only four passengers on the entire plane,

And these four were Revendor and the three elders who had just left the customs.

When the three elders retreated more than a hundred years ago, the Chinese had just cut their braids.

They only knew that foreigners had made airplanes that could go to the sky, but they had never sat on them.

But right now, they are sitting in a luxurious and huge private plane like a palace,

And they climbed to an altitude of 10,000 meters with ease.

This feeling made the three elders unable to calm down for a long time.

Revendor saw that the three elders were very nervous from the moment the plane engine started,

So he comforted them, “Don’t worry, the three grandpas, the current plane is the safest means of transportation in the world, and the technology is very mature.”

Brovnen Wu quietly wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, and said,

“Revendor, this iron body flies too high, at a height of several thousand feet, even it has surpassed the clouds.”

“It’s not that I am afraid, but the main reason is that if we fall, even if the three of us have hundreds of years of cultivation, we will die!”

“That’s right!” Bowen couldn’t help echoing with a trembling voice, “Revendor, fly this thing lower, the height of ten feet should be enough, and we can feel more at ease…”

Revendor explained helplessly, “Don’t worry, grandpas. Part of the reason why this plane is safe is because it flies high.”

“The altitude difference of more than 3,000 feet allows the plane to have enough time to make adjustments. To put it bluntly, even if its engine is turned off,”

“It can glide for tens of hundreds of kilometers by virtue of its speed and altitude. If it really flies ten feet The plane crashed to the ground before something went wrong.”

Revendor then said, “Besides, even if the plane falls from a height of ten feet, it will probably be destroyed.”

“This plane contains more than 100 tons of fuel oil alone, which is about 300,000 catties.”

“If it falls from a height of ten feet, no one will be able to survive…”

“Dmn It’s…” Brovnen was shocked, and blurted out to the other two elders, “We are flying in a big fire oil tank!”

Revendor explained, “The power of aviation fuel is much more powerful than that of fire oil back then.”

Wiping his sweat, Buzzner murmured, “This is too scary… If it really explodes, we have eight lives,”

“And it’s not enough to burn hundreds of thousands of catties of kerosene…”

Revendor said with a smile, “Grandpa Don’t worry, the plane is much safer than you imagined, you three might as well close your eyes and meditate,”

“Maybe after you enter meditation once, the three of you will arrive at Aurous Hill.”

Brovnen shook his head again and again, “I am more than three thousand feet away from the ground, how could I enter the calm zone…”

The other two immediately nodded in agreement.

Flying on a plane for the first time is a bit of a novelty for them, but most of them are feeling fear.

At the same time.

After Maria landed the helicopter on the top courtyard of the villa, she said to Charlie,

“My lord, please come in. I will prepare the pen and ink for you so that you can write on the portrait of the master.”

Charlie asked curiously, “I have to write the words?”

“Of course.” Maria smiled and said, “Victoria has seen my handwriting.”

“If she recognizes that I mentioned the word, she will probably guess that we are bluffing.

“I haven’t met before, how can she recognize your handwriting?”

Maria pursed her lips and said, “After the young master saved me last time, I specially left a few words for her before I evacuated Northern Europe,”

“So, it is safest for you to mention it…”

Charlie nodded and said, “Okay, then I will mention it.”

Entering the study on the first floor, Maria came to the long desk and began to grind ink for Charlie.

He picked up a brush in his hand and then wrote the life of Meng Changsheng in the upper right corner of Meng Changsheng’s portrait.

After finishing writing, he laughed at himself, and said to Maria beside him, “My handwriting is a bit ugly, you must be laughing at me.”

Maria turned her face to the side, looked carefully, and said with a smile, “Master, this handwriting is already very good.”

“Yes, it can be seen that you have some skills, did you learn it when you were a child?”

“Yes.” Charlie nodded and said, “I learned calligraphy for a few years when I was a child.”

Maria gave Charlie a thumbs up and praised, “How much did you learn when you were a child?”

“You have this kind of skills in years, and your talent is really amazing!”

Charlie said awkwardly, “Miss Lin, don’t make fun of me, I know how much I own.”

Maria smiled softly, and immediately asked him, “By the way, how does the young master plan to make this painting come out?”

Charlie smiled and said, “I will go home later and give this painting to my father-in-law.”

“To publicize the painting?”

Charlie nodded, “Don’t worry, he must be fine, and he will definitely find a way to make some big noises.”

“I will then arrange a short video platform to expose him and make him look good. I believe it won’t take long for Victoria to see us.”

Maria asked again, “Young Master if such a sensitive portrait is displayed by the hands of the young master’s father-in-law,”

“Will it bring unnecessary trouble to the young master? If Victoria followed the line of the young master’s father-in-law to check, wouldn’t it be easy to find the young master?”

Charlie smiled and said, “After this painting comes out, Victoria will definitely be wary of Aurous Hill.”

“At that time, in her heart, she will definitely be completely exposed, and as that mysterious person, I will always be in the dark,”

“She is in the light, and she will never dare to send someone to Aurous Hill again.”

“What’s more, everyone has a preconceived misunderstanding, the smarter and more cunning people are,”

“The more so, if this painting After being made public by my father-in-law, I believe that there are tens of millions of people in Aurous Hill, Victoria is the first to rule out the suspicion, it is my father-in-law.”

Then, Charlie said, “Besides, I will also make up a story for my father-in-law, I understand his character,”

“And his ability to add oil and vinegar is invincible in the universe,”

“When the time comes, the story I made up when he tells it, will definitely scare Victoria out of her wits.”