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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 558 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 558 Start

When Elaine asked, Horiyah said apologetically: “Oh, brother and sister, I came to see you today, but I actually want to say sorry to you…”

Then, she said with a look of shame: “When I was in the Willson family, I used to look down on people. Not only did I always give you a look, but also often said bad things about you in front of the Lady Willson. What I did is wrong, I have deeply reflected on my mistakes, so I came to you and wanted to apologize solemnly to you.”

After speaking, her face was hot, gritted her teeth, and then bowed deeply to Elaine.

Elaine was a little surprised at once.

She thought this girl was here to provoke, but she unexpectedly bowed and apologized.

Her 30-meter-long sword was already ready to slash her severely. When she heard this, she suddenly didn’t know what to do.

At this time, when Horiyah saw Elaine not speaking, she acted very well. She knelt on the ground while crying, and pleaded bitterly: “My dear brother and sister, do you blame the sister-in-law? The sister-in-law is really wrong. Now, in recent years, my sister-in-law hasn’t figured out a truth. We are both wives and outsiders in Willson’s family. We should be friends and sisters in the team and get along well together!

After that, Horiyah slapped her face and cried: “My dear sister, your sister-in-law used to be really ignorant, please don’t be familiar with sister-in-law. We will still be like sisters in the future. Can’t we?”

Elaine was so excited!


The aloof Horiyah actually knelt down on her own, and desperately slapped herself, this looked really enough to relieve her hatred!

After all these years, when did Horiyah lower her head to her, and now, she finally feels the kind of refreshing feeling of stepping on the soles of others.

Horiyah looked at the complacency on her face, her heart burst into anger, but she sighed and said: “Sister, tell you something to your heart, I think I understand. You said that I have committed all kinds of sins for so many years. Regarding what you are for, isn’t it all in the end? Now I regret it in my heart. If I have been impolite to you over the years, how can we make troubles between us to the point where we are today?”

As she said, she continued to say sincerely: “Thousands of mistakes are all made by Horiyah alone. Now I only hope that you can see love for so many years and forgive me for what I committed before.”

Elaine was excited, but she said calmly: “Oh, sister-in-law, you can recognize your mistakes. It really impresses me. I thought you would never wake up in your life!”

Horiyah hurriedly laughed and said with a smile: “How could it happen? Sister-in-law has already lost her way!”

Elaine used to dream that her bullying sister-in-law could bow her head to herself, but after waiting for more than 20 years, she didn’t get her wish. Unexpectedly, her dream would come true now.

Elaine couldn’t help feeling proud, and said with a smile: “Since Sister-in-law, you have realized your mistakes, I am not the kind of grudge keeper. The previous things are over.”

Horiyah hurriedly said, “Okay, okay, my younger siblings are really generous, after this, we will still be good sisters!”

However, she said so in her lips, but she cursed in her heart, this stinky lady, it really shines if you give you some sunshine!

After so many years of getting along, what kind of virtue this Elaine has, can she still know? Let me give her a few words first, she will float up, and then take care of you!

At this time, Elaine took out the BMW car key from her pocket and said with a smile: “Sister-in-law, since the misunderstanding between us is gone, I won’t talk more with you. I am going to play cards!”

Horiyah didn’t know how to invite her to play mahjong. When she heard this, she immediately stopped her, and she blurted out and asked, “Are you going to play mahjong?”

Elaine nodded: “Yes, what’s the matter?”

Horiyah hurriedly said: “That’s right! I have a sister who is very rich at home and likes to play mahjong, but her poker skills are not very good, but you also know that a rich lady like her doesn’t care about money, mainly The picture is happy, so every time she lose tens of thousands, she doesn’t blink.”

Speaking of this, Horiyah cautiously said in a low voice: “It’s just right. She told me that she would like to meet a few regular poker friends to play together every day. I wonder if you are interested? This will win you a little more money then!”