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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5579 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5579 Start

“A woman?”

Hearing Charlie’s words, Maria exclaimed, “My lord, do you still remember what that woman looks like?”

Maria nodded lightly, “That should be Jeremiah, one of the Four Earls of the Warriors Den!”

Charlie asked in surprise, “Do you know the Four Earls?

“I know something.”

Maria said, “Although Victoria is the only one who has survived until today in the Warriors Den,”

“There are still some descendants of my father’s tribe inside. Because of the special poison Victoria prepared,”

“They can only serve her for generations, but they also know that I am still alive.”

“They have been trying their best to inform me, so I have some understanding of the internal situation of the Warriors Den…”

“Although the the four earls have the highest status in Warriors Den, except for Victoria, but in name, in fact,”

“The financial resources, manpower, and material resources of the Warriors Den are all in the hands of the five military commanders’ mansions,”

“And the five army commanders’ mansions, without exception, are all from the Wu family, that is, the descendants of Victoria’s original family…”

“Victoria is powerful, can live forever, and has an extremely ruthless style of acting,”

“So over the years, she has accumulated a considerable amount of wealth, which is basically managed by the Wu family. Victoria is loyal;”

As she spoke, Maria continued, “As for the four Earls of the Warriors Den, they are Jermo, Jarvis, Jeremiah, and Javren.”

“Among them, Jermo is the strongest, and Jeremiah is the most powerful.”

“It was the only woman, probably the one the young master saw before Jermo blew himself up!”

“Jarvis had already been killed by the young master’s subordinates before,”

“And Jermo was forced to blow himself up to death by the young master today.”

“If Jeremiah was also seriously injured, out of the four counts of the Warriors Den you kill three!”

Charlie said, “I don’t know if Jeremiah is still alive. If she is dead, it’s okay. If she is still alive, maybe she will find an opportunity to inform Victoria!”

After all, Charlie struggled to get up but felt that his body was still unable to use the strength.

Maria hurriedly pressed his shoulders, and said, “Don’t worry, young master, Jermo’s self-explosion is so powerful, Jeremiah still alive?”

“It’s all unknown, besides, even if she is lucky enough to survive, she must be seriously injured,”

“The situation may not be much better than the young master, I believe that there will be no chance to report to Victoria in a while.”

Charlie said solemnly, “We still can’t take it lightly, no matter whether she is dead or alive, we must find her as soon as possible!”

After that, he looked at Maria and said, “Miss Lin, please lend me your mobile phone.”

At this moment.

A valley a few kilometers away from Wanliu Villa.

Orvel, Issac, Duncan, and the He family including Ruoli have searched the entire valley.

Everyone searched for so long, but still couldn’t find Charlie’s whereabouts.

Their hearts became more and more anxious, and they even had a bad premonition deep in their hearts.

After all, the power of the explosion was indeed too great, and the figure in the center was obviously the remains of the human body after the explosion.

With such a strong explosion, it would be difficult to survive if there were other people around.

Although they all knew that Charlie was very powerful, but in the face of such a powerful explosion, no one was sure whether Charlie could survive the explosion.

Contrary to the increasingly desperate and heavy feelings of others, Duncan felt more and more hopeful after repeated searches to no avail.

At this time, Ruoli had already broken down a bit, she suddenly sat on the ground and cried loudly, which suddenly attracted the attention of others.

Everyone hurried forward to appease Ruoli. Although Orvel was also in a heavy mood, he was the first to say,

“Miss Su, don’t worry so much, maybe Master Wade is a lucky man with a natural face!”

“Yes, Miss Su.” Although Issac’s eyes were red, he still tried to comfort, “As long as there is no clear evidence that the young master is in danger, it proves that there is still hope for everything.”

Ruoli knew that they were all in a state of worry. It was just to comfort her, in fact, everyone couldn’t find Charlie’s whereabouts, and they were all very confused and very sad, but she became the first person who couldn’t hold back their emotions.

Duncan stepped forward at this time, and said to everyone with a determined face, “Everyone, don’t be too pessimistic for the time being. From the current point of view, I think Mr. Wade has a very high chance of surviving!


Duncan calmly analyzed, “First of all, you have to think clearly about one thing.”

“We shouldn’t be pessimistic because we can’t find Mr. Wade’s whereabouts. On the contrary, we should be sad because we can’t find him.”

Speaking of this, Duncan said again, “Think about it, everyone, the explosion just now was so powerful, if we found Mr. Wade’s whereabouts here, even if he is still alive,”

“I am afraid he will only have one breath left.”

“Just because we couldn’t find Mr. Wade’s whereabouts, nor could we find Mr. Wade’s body, so this proves that the possibility of Mr. Wade’s narrow escape is very high!”

Orvel blurted out, “Inspector Li, in the explosion center, there are Master Wade’s things, those things prove that Master Wade was probably at the center of the explosion when the explosion happened,”

“And we have searched such a large area, but we haven’t found any clues from Master Wade,”

“Isn’t this a contradiction? Could it be that Master Wade was able to hide in a safe place at the moment of the explosion?”

“If so, why didn’t he contact us?”

Duncan said seriously, “Orvel, you have been following Mr. Wade for a long time.”

“It’s time, you should be very clear about Mr. Wade’s Multi-methods are simply beyond our comprehension;”

“It seems that I don’t understand why I was shot so many times and my body was beaten into a hornet’s nest, but Mr. Wade can still save me;” “

So, we must not use common sense to look at what happened today.”

“Do you think that Mr. Wade may have been at the center of the explosion when it exploded,”

“So is it more or less ominous for him? Then why don’t you change your thinking,”

“What if Master Wade has some means to resist the explosion, and put himself in a safe place at the moment of the explosion?”

Orvel said with eyes, “Inspector Li, I don’t want to confront you, nor do I want to sing against you.”

“My life was given by Master Wade. If God can make Master Wade safe, let I, Orvel, died suddenly on the spot, and I have nothing to say.”

Speaking of this, Orvel choked up and said, “I just… I just don’t know what’s going on in my heart, and I’m afraid that something might happen to Master Wade…”

Everyone nodded understandingly. In fact, everyone was in the same mood. But they were all afraid that something would happen to him.

At this moment, Orvel’s cell phone rang suddenly.

He was startled by the ringtone, and blurted out, “Isn’t the signal blocked?”

Issac on the side said, “The helicopter in charge of shielding has gone back just now.

If it is shielded for a long time, the nearby residents will definitely find a way to complain, and it will cause even more trouble.”

Oh…” Orvel nodded, glanced at the calling number, and didn’t recognize it, so he directly hung up the phone, wiped away his tears, and said, “Let’s keep looking!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the phone rang again.

Orvel was already irritable, and even more, disturbed by the phone call, so he immediately pressed the answer button, and blurted out,

“You are sick, haven’t taken your medicine?”

From the other end of the phone, Charlie’s voice came, “Orvel, why are you so angry?”