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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5577 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5577 Start

Although Charlie coveted Maria’s Lightning Strike Wood in his heart, he was really embarrassed to ask for it for a while.

After all, this thing has been treasured by Maria for more than three hundred years, so it must have an extraordinary meaning to her.

However, Charlie knew that there was no need for him to be too anxious.

In the current situation, even if Maria gave him the lightning strike wood, he would not be able to refine it at all.

So, he looked at her and asked a question that he was very curious about, “Miss Lin, I really want to know, how did you come here for more than three hundred years?

“Proficient in spiritual energy, there is no match for Victoria at all, so I have been running for my life for more than three hundred years.”

Maria said, “But the first two hundred years were fine. It’s not so easy for Victoria to catch me.”

Speaking of this, Maria tilted her head, recalling, and narrated, “After finishing father’s funeral affairs, because of my young age and lack of ability,”

“I could only live in southern Yunnan’s several remote places for decades,”

“Because my face was too young, in order not to be suspected, I usually lived in one place for five or eight years, and would change to another place;”

“It was also during that period during that time, I fell in love with Pu’er tea;”

“During that time, I traveled to many places, and took this opportunity to learn and experiment with Pu’er tea-making methods,”

“And then I lived by the Tianchi Lake in southern Yunnan for several years and taught local tea farmers how to make Puer tea better;”

“After years of fleeing, I had accumulated some money and learned a lot of experience in life and escape,”

“And stayed by the Tianchi Lake for a few years, and it was time to go, so I left South Yunnan…”

“Leaving the south of Yunnan, I didn’t dare to go to the mainland, so I went all the way south to Jiaozhi,”

“And from Jiaozhi all the way to Nanyang lived in several counties in Nanyang, and finally lived in Penang for a while;”

“Later, I went to Brunei, went to Indonesia, and then took a boat from Indonesia to India,”

“And from India to the Ottoman Empire through the Middle East;”

“After that, the industrial revolution began in Europe, and I was very amazed at that time With their rapid development in science and technology and academics,”

“I began to travel to various European countries and used different identities to study in many universities in Europe

; But it didn’t take long before the British invaded China. They began to use the power of the whole country to colonize and sell opium all over the world,”

“And provoked the first Opium War in China. I hated it, so I left England and went to North America by boat;”

“It’s just that I didn’t adapt to the environment in North America at that time.”

“There was no order in North America at that time. New people didn’t know the way of harmony.”

“Everywhere they went, there was blood and chaos, so I went to Japan on a merchant ship after the Civil War began;”

“In the stage of rapid cultural impact and rapid integration, I wanted to see where Japan’s national situation would develop,”

“So I stayed in Japan for a while. Seeing the rapid development of Europe after the Industrial Revolution,”

“And the rapid transformation of Japan after the Meiji Restoration, I really wanted to go back to China and do my part for China.”

“So I went to Hong Kong from Japan, and I did my best to join Xinghua Club;”

Charlie was so shocked that he couldn’t speak.

He thought that Maria might have been living in an inaccessible place for so many years of fleeing to avoid being hunted down,

But he didn’t expect that she has been walking on the cusp of the whole world.

Even in the process of escaping, she herself wanted to do her part,

Which is highly consistent with her father.

At this time, Maria continued, “I just arrived in Hong Kong and through some previous relationships,”

“They got in touch with the Xinghua Society, but when I was about to meet them,”

“They were ambushed by the dead men from the Warriors Den, and they narrowly escaped death.”

Just escaped from the tiger’s mouth;”

Charlie asked her, “Someone leaked the secret at that time?”

“Yes.” Maria nodded, and said with emotion, “I didn’t know at the time that Victoria’s people had already begun to infiltrate.”

Said, Maria sighed and said again, “After that narrow escape, I realized that Victoria had already begun to infiltrate and deploy from Asia to all over the world, so I went to South America;”

“On the eve of the First World War, I Hearing that Xuantong had abdicated, I was so excited that I could not close my eyes for three days, so I ventured back to China;”

“After living in Eastcliff for a while, I traveled to the north for a while, until Japan launched the 9.18 Incident in the Northeast; “

After September 18, I felt that the situation in the north had changed suddenly, so I returned to Eastcliff again;”

“After the July 7 Incident in 1937, the Japanese invaded China in an all-round way. There were still some children who needed to be taken care of during the war,”

“And I couldn’t take them to escape the war in the country, so I had to take them to the United States and didn’t leave until after the end of World War II;”

Charlie asked in surprise, “You have been running away all the time. How can there be some children to take care of?”

Maria said seriously, “I fled and traveled around, and it was really hard for one person, sometimes accidentally broke my leg, and there was no one who could give me a sip of water,”

“So later, I began to adopt some abandoned babies and displaced orphans one after another, then I would keep them by my side to raise them, teach them to read and study;”

“I would take them to and fro together, and those with bad character I would leave some money for them and find suitable people to entrust them before leaving the place;”

“As for those who stayed by my side because I thought they have no problem with the character,”

“I will choose to tell them the secret of my immortality at the right time.”

“After all, I had raised them from childhood to adulthood. Even if I didn’t tell them, they would be suspicious because my appearance never changed;”

“I traveled around the world these years, and I had earned a lot of wealth by various opportunities and accumulated a lot of property around the world,”

“So these children who passed the test, when they grew up, then I would give them some wealth and opportunities,”

“And even hand over some business to them, and over time, it could be regarded as blooming everywhere;”

Charlie asked in amazement, “Are they all your adopted sons and daughters?”

“It doesn’t count.” Maria shook her head and said, “I didn’t want to be too sad when they die,”

“So I had never forgotten to establish a clear sense of boundary with them.”

Charlie was surprised and couldn’t help asking her, “At that time in Northern Europe, you were accompanied by an old man.”

“You called him Grandpa in front of me, but he was actually an orphan raised by you, right?”

Maria smiled slightly. “The old man you are talking about is Mr. Zhang. He is the last abandoned baby adopted by me in Eastcliff after the July 7 Incident and before leaving for the United States.”