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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5574 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5574 Start

At the age of 17, she is about to start a battle of wits and courage with the Warriors Den?

At the same age of seventeen or eighteen, she unexpectedly appeared in Aurous Hill and in front of him not long after leaving Northern Europe. How could there be such a coincidence in the world?

And this girl who looks seventeen or eighteen years old can paint ink and wash landscape paintings superbly, and her painting skills can almost kill any painter in history in seconds…

And since the moment she told her secret, all these questions have been answered in an instant. a reasonable explanation.

As far as painting skills are concerned, she has more than three hundred years to understand of painting, which is not comparable to other painters.

The same is true for fortune-telling.

Lai Qinghua is only a hundred years old, and Maria is more than three hundred years old. The difference between them is self-evident.

At the same time, Charlie also found that the temperament of Maria in front of him had changed.

For some reason, Charlie suddenly had a feeling of “beautiful beauty hides the present and the past, and the lotus flower shames the beauty” with her gestures now.

And her phrase “slave” which ancient Chinese women used to call themselves made Charlie feel that Maria was like a kitten lying on the ground with its soft belly exposed, exposing her biggest secret and weakness to in front of him.

Maria saw that Charlie hadn’t recovered from the extreme shock at this time, so she said apologetically, “Please forgive me, my master, I didn’t mean to scare you, but you just asked you about it, and I dare not lie, so I just Can tell the truth…”

He calmed down slightly, looked at Maria, and asked word by word, “Did you travel from more than 300 years ago, or have you lived from more than 300 years ago to today?”

Maria replied, “Young master, I have lived until today.”

Charlie was shocked, and murmured, “Three hundred years ago, you watched that tea tree cross the catastrophe in southern Yunnan…then…then how old are you this year?”

Maria said seriously, “Master, the slave was born in the second year of Longwu in the Southern Ming Dynasty, which was also the third year of the Shunzhi period of the Tartar Qing court, and 1646 in the Gregorian calendar.”

Charlie felt dizzy for a while.

Judging by this age, Maria can be regarded as his ancestor, and the time recorded in the Wade family tree may not be earlier than her! So Charlie exclaimed,

“In 1646…then you… oh no…then you are nearly four hundred years old now?!”

Bowing, she said respectfully, “My lord, you don’t have to call me ‘you’, just call me Maria.” “

No…” Charlie said very seriously, “You are almost four hundred years old… I just can’t call you that…”

Maria smiled, and said seriously, “In the eyes of the slave, the slave is just a girl who can’t grow up, not an old witch.”

Although the slave has indeed lived for nearly four hundred years, but I’m still seventeen…”

“Uh…” Charlie suddenly fell into embarrassment, and the two voices in his heart were arguing fiercely at this moment.

One voice said, “She is right. Although she has lived for nearly four hundred years, she has always been a girl of seventeen or eighteen years old…”

Another voice said, “But she is almost four hundred years old after all. What is the concept of four hundred years old? You, Master Charlie, haven’t turned thirty this year!”

Charlie was afraid of such entanglements, so he quickly shook his head, throwing away all these thoughts, and then asked Maria, “You…” As soon as the

the word “You” came out of his mouth, he could clearly see a flicker of light between Maria’s beautiful brows Sullen, so he quickly changed her words and said, “No, I want to say you…”

Maria’s sullenness disappeared immediately, she smiled sweetly, and asked shyly, “What do you want to say, my lord? I’m listening.”

Charlie asked in surprise, “What are you doing?” Can you live so young for 400 years?! You don’t even look like you’re eighteen years old…Even if you keep taking Rejuvenation Pill, it’s impossible for you to rejuvenate, right?” Maria quickly explained,

“My son misunderstood, the slave is not rejuvenating, but the appearance and body of the slave have been what they are now since I was seventeen years old, and I have not aged for more than three hundred years.” Charlie was even more shocked, he blurted

out Asked, “This… How is this possible… You are not proficient in spiritual energy, even if you are proficient in spiritual energy, you will not be able to keep your face forever…”

Maria replied, “Since my son is proficient in cultivation, I wonder if you have heard of the eternal green pill?”

Charlie shook his head, “I’ve never heard of it… What’s the effect of this pill?”

Maria said seriously, “After taking the Evergreen Pill, the life expectancy can reach five hundred years. After taking it, I have lived to this day.”

Charlie’s eyes widened, “Is there really such a miraculous pill?!”

“Of course.” Maria said, looking at her father’s spirit tablet not far away, she said earnestly, “My family is in front of you!” My late father swore that there will be no concealment or deceit in every word spoken between the slave and the son today. The concealment before is really a last resort, and I hope you will forgive me.”

Charlie followed her gaze and saw that On the spiritual tablet is written the spiritual tablet of my late father Warren in eight big characters.

At this time, Charlie no longer doubted Maria’s words. He suppressed the horror in his heart and asked, “Did your father give you the Everlasting Green Pill you took?”

Maria turned around and glanced at her father’s spirit tablet again, and said, “Yes, the Evergreen Pill was given to me by my father before he died.”

Charlie was even more surprised, “Since your father has the Evergreen Pill, why didn’t he take it himself before he died? Do you still have to die if you take it?”

Then, Charlie said again, “Oh, by the way, please try to use ‘I’ to refer to yourself, I am a modern person. I’m really not used to it.”

“Okay, I’ll try my best…” Maria nodded lightly, and said with a sad face, “Back to the question just now, my lord, more than three hundred years ago, when I was really seventeen years old, I was still young.”

“When I was practicing embroidery in the boudoir in southern Yunnan, my father who was thousands of miles away suddenly appeared in front of me. An unknown elixir was given to me, and I was told to take it obediently without asking any questions;”

“I don’t know what the effect of this elixir is, but my father’s order must not be violated, so I took the elixir. After taking it, my father Only then did tell me what pill it is and what its effects are…”

She said with red eyes, and said softly, “As for why my father didn’t take it himself, but gave me the Everlasting Green Pill, he said it was because he didn’t want one day, he would do this, to watch me die of old age in front of his own eyes…”

“My father also said that if there is a medicine that will allow a father to live forever and watch his daughter grow old and die slowly, then this kind of medicine is not a medicine, but a poison…”

“My father said that he must die in front of me before he can rest in peace, and I am still young, unmarried, and have no worries about the future, so after I take the Everlasting Green Pill, I will be fine. Live well, live for five hundred years…”

Charlie suddenly thought of something, and blurted out, “You said you are over three hundred years old, so your child…”

Maria gave Charlie a faint look, and said angrily, “My lord, although this slave has lived for more than three hundred years, I am still a pure and innocent girl, and I have never married…”

“Besides, the slave has been hunted down for so many years. After a period of time, I have to change places and live under different identities, how can I have children…”

“Oh…” Charlie quickly said apologetically, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, it’s my fault.”

Maria said quietly, “Father At the beginning, especially told me that if I don’t want to have too many fetters, then I must be solitary and unmarried for the first four hundred years…”

Charlie asked curiously, “Why?”

“If I did that I let the slave’s family grow up and grow old, and only in the last hundred years will the slave’s family, start to grow old at a certain point;

Go until the pain of death, and after that time point, my family will be able to go from seventeen to eighteen, then twenty-eight, thirty-eight years old, and then gradually grow old.”

“So, wait for that time point When the time comes, I will be able to experience real life.”

Charlie nodded understandingly, it must be very painful for a parent to watch their child grow old while being young forever.

Therefore, it was a very wise decision for Maria’s father to give her the Everlasting Green Pill and explain that she could not marry for the first four hundred years.

So, Charlie asked her again, “Then what happened to your father?”

Maria sighed, “My father was seriously injured at the time, and there was no other panacea for healing, so he had to stay in bed for recuperation, but unfortunately, his life was not out of danger. If there was enough time, it is not impossible to recover…”

After a pause, Maria said sadly, “It’s just that my father said at the time that the person who hurt him would be able to reach southern Yunnan in half a month at the earliest, so he kept urging me to take that The ring and leave home quickly, lest the other party find him, but I still refused to abandon him…”

Speaking of this, Maria said with red eyes, “On the seventh day after my father was sent back to southern Yunnan by the ring, he took advantage of me to go out to buy medicine, left a letter, and then cut off his meridians and died…”

Two lines of tears rolled down Maria quickly wiped them away with her sleeve, choking with sobs,

“After I buried my father, I left home and started a flight that lasted for more than three hundred years…”

Charlie exclaimed, “You have been on the road for more than three hundred years.”

“Being hunted down?! By whom? Warriors Den?!”

Maria said with a complicated expression, “Actually, Warriors Den was founded by my father and his sworn brother and classmate Zagron Wu when the Qing army entered the customs.”

“The two brothers founded the Warriors Den for the purpose of expelling the Tartars and restoring the Ming Dynasty.”

“However, the Warriors Den changed completely after my father died.”

“It has nothing to do with its name. The one who chased me was The later Warriors Den, and the later lord of the Warriors Den.”

Charlie blurted out, “The later lord of the Warriors Den, could it be that Zagron Wu?!”

“No.” Maria shook her head and said, “The later lord of the Warriors Den Lord Evil is Wu Zagron’s younger sister, Victoria Wu!”