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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 557 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 557 Start

Jacob was frightened by Elaine’s fierce words, and then he said stiffly: “I am not afraid of the shadow leaning!”

Elaine glared at him and said, “I’m too lazy to talk nonsense with you, all right, I’m going out to play mahjong.”

After speaking, Elaine got up, stretched out her hand and said to Jacob, “Come on, give me your car key!”

Jacob said: “You play mahjong and drive there? I still need the car in the afternoon!”

Elaine gave him a white look and said contemptuously: “Why? Want to drive to your classmates to show off? I tell you, there are no doors! Hurry up, give me the car keys!”

Jacob was helpless, so he had to take out the car key and hand it to her, and said, “You drive carefully, don’t smash it.”

Elaine said fiercely: “You care about the old woman? Anxious, the old woman will drive you into the river! Let you burn the bag!”

Jacob wanted to die depressed, but Elaine felt a sigh of relief, put on his coat happily, and walked out the door vigorously.

After Elaine left, Jacob sighed helplessly, and said to Charlie: “Charlie, you followed me this afternoon, and it happened that some old classmates also brought young people to help.”

“Okay,dad.” Charlie was helpless, but he could only nod his head and agree.

Claire handed her car key to Jacob and said, “Dad, maybe you drive my car in the afternoon and I will take a taxi to the company.”

“Forget it.” Jacob waved his hand and said: “I am embarrassed to drive.”

Claire was helpless, so she took the key back and said to Charlie, “Then you can take a taxi.”

Charlie said, this old man is too vain, he dislikes Claire’s 5 series and calls it a beggar version? Does he know, that car is actually the best BMW 760?

At this moment, Elaine had just walked downstairs and was about to drive away when he suddenly heard a familiar voice.

“Oh, brother and sister, wait a minute!”

Elaine looked up and found out that the person here was actually Noah’s wife and sister-in-law, Horiyah.

She was a little surprised at once. In Shehlain’s villa, she severely despised her and her husband. She was really addicted. She did not expect that she would find her own home.

So she asked, “Horiyah, why are you here?”

When she thought of squeezing Noah and Horiyah before, Elaine’s mind showed the expressions of resentment of the couple at the time, and her heart was even more unspeakable.

Unlike before, Elaine had always worried that after the Willson family went bankrupt, her pension would not be settled, but now, the person who most hopes to see the Willson family go bankrupt is her.

Because she has found a greater source of pleasure, which is to mock Noah and Horiyah.

If the Willson family is completely bankrupt, then she can laugh at them both unscrupulously every day!

These two guys have been sarcastic about her for so many years, and in the future, they will even get back that with the profit!

Therefore, seeing Horiyah appearing in front of her at this time, Elaine was a little faintly happy!

She was thinking that she hadn’t had enough addiction last time, but she didn’t expect it? They brought themselves to her door!