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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5561 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5561 Start

This moment.

Jeremiah, who was secretly observing Wanliu Villa on the opposite side of the mountain,

Saw a black shadow galloping out of the villa, followed by Jermo, the head of the four Earls.

What Jeremiah didn’t expect was that the leading black shadow would gallop away,

While Jermo was chasing after it with a wooden sword in one hand and a Taoist robe in the other!

She could even hear Jermo’s roar, “Boy, hand over that ring wisely!”

“Then tell me where Maria is hiding! If the old man is in a good mood,”

“I can spare you! Otherwise, when the old man catches you, Your head must fall!”

Charlie scolded without looking back, “You old dog, don’t bark,”

“You don’t know if you can still make a living at that age,”

“But you dare to talk nonsense here!”

“You want a ring, catch up with your father first!”

Jeremiah was stunned for a moment, “Ring? Maria? Could it be that Jermo discovered Maria’s ring?”

“Or, Maria’s ring is on the man in black?!”

Just as she was confused and terrified,

A large group of people chased out of the villa again!

After these people chased them out, they saw that the man in black,

And Jermo had already rushed hundreds of meters at top speed,

And they didn’t know what to do for a while.

Seeing these people, Jeremiah was even more surprised, “The An family is still alive?!”

“Jermo went in for at least a minute before the man in black arrived.”

“Why didn’t he attack the An family for such a long time?!”

“With his strength, it would take at most half a minute to kill the An family…”

At this moment, the An family who chased them all the way out were all anxious.

They are not fools, they naturally know that Charlie deliberately said those seemingly heartless words just now,

In fact, to lure away the murderous old man and save them.

The old lady was in a hurry, and just after wiping her tears with her sleeves,

Her eyes filled with tears instantly, she grabbed the old man’s hand, and cried,

“Nicolas, what if something happens to Charlie…”

“How dare I have the face to meet Maragret and Changying in the future!”

The old man was also crying uncontrollably, and said with grief and remorse,

“It’s all my fault… It’s all my fault… If I could let go of my face,”

“Changying might not have been so stiff with An’s family in the future;”

“Margaret, if she and Changying came out of Wade’s house, they wouldn’t end up in Aurous Hill like that…”

Then, the old man said again, “Charlie has been avoiding us for so many years,”

“Naturally because he couldn’t forgive us… But even so,”

“He is still standing up twice to save us from fire and water,”

“I, as a grandfather, am really ashamed, regretful, and sorry!”

Duncan said with a very firm expression at this time,

“Uncle, Mr. Wade has supernatural powers,”

“I believe nothing will happen.”

“Yes! The top priority right now is to move you to a safe place first!”

The old man asked in shock, “What did you say? Mr. Wade?!”

“Duncan, you ba5tard has known Charlie for a long time,”

“But you just haven’t told me, have you?!”

Duncan said in shame, “Uncle, it’s a long story,”

“I’ll explain it to you slowly in a while!”

Just as he was speaking, the deafening whistling sound came again.

Everyone looked up and saw another helicopter galloping from the other side of the mountain!

This helicopter is obviously bigger than the one just now.

The helicopter dived all the way and landed very quickly in the open space in front of the villa.

Before the fuselage stopped, a middle-aged man opened the cabin door from the inside,

And rushed outside desperately waving.

This middle-aged man is exactly Orvel.

As early as when Charlie told Duncan what he said about Maria,

He had already thought about his plan for tonight.

He first asked Issac to call the public surveillance of Wanliu Villa,

And sat in the helicopter to monitor the movement of the Villa in real-time.

And it only takes two or three minutes for him to fly from the Champs-Elysees Hot Spring to Wanliu Mountain Villa.

In these two or three minutes, An family’s bodyguards and nurses can help delay the enemies’ plans a bit.

And the rest will be handed over to Duncan, and The “life-saving mantra” he gave Duncan.

He believed that as long as Duncan uttered the life-saving mantra,

He would be able to delay the other party for a while,

And in this case, he would definitely be able to arrive!

And Charlie is also very clear that even if he arrives,

He can’t fight to the death with the other party,

Because if he does something in the villa, the An family and Duncan will undoubtedly die,

So he must use that ring to attract all the attention of the other party.

This gave An family and Duncan a chance to evacuate.

And Orvel’s task is to take off and rush to the Villa to pick up An’s family three minutes after Charlie took off,

Without waiting for any news or notification.

Now it seems that every step of the development of the matter is developing according to the direction Charlie imagined!

At this time, under the roar of the huge propellers,

The An family couldn’t hear what Orvel was saying at all,

But they understood his gestures which told them to get on the helicopter quickly.

Just when the An family was still somewhat hesitant,

Duncan shouted loudly in everyone’s ears without thinking,

“This must be arranged by Mr. Wade, let’s go!”

Immediately afterward, he pulled Marshal and Marcus together to support him.

Guided by the An family, the two elderly people boarded the helicopter.

In less than a minute, everyone boarded the plane,

And the helicopter violently pulled up immediately,

And quickly disappeared into the sky in a swooping posture.

At this time, Jermo heard the huge roar behind him from far to near,

And then from near to far, and probably guessed what happened behind him,

But he had completely ignored it at this time.

From the moment he decided to chase Charlie out,

He no longer cared about the life and death of An’s family.

For him, it doesn’t matter to him even if the An family has run away,

He only has the ring on Charlie’s hand in his eyes,

As long as he gets it, he doesn’t care what the An family and Wade family are,

He is the second leader of the Warriors Den!