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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5560 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5560 Start

Jermo With an extremely gloomy face, said coldly, “My boy, it turns out that you have been against us all the time! If so, then you were the one who saved An family in New York, right?!”

Charlie looked at him, then looked at The An family and said calmly, “That’s right, it’s me.”

Jermo remembered what Duncan said just now, and asked Charlie, “Then you were the one who saved Maria in Northern Europe?!”

“Yes.” Charlie smiled and said, “Your Lord must be very angry when you didn’t catch Maria?”

Jermo gritted his teeth and asked, “Boy, where is Maria’s ring?!”

Charlie smiled, took off the glove on his right hand, and slowly raised his middle finger towards Jermo, and the ring that Maria gave him was on the middle finger!

At this moment, Charlie looked at Jermo, and asked him curiously, “Old dog, is this what you’re talking about?”

Jermo originally thought that Charlie was provoking him with the middle finger, but when he saw the ring, his pupils shrank suddenly!

Although he has never seen this ring with his own eyes, he has heard the Lord describe it in detail!

The Lord said that this ring is bronze in color with a delicate luster, without any decorative patterns.

The ring is about two centimeters wide, which is about 0.66 centimeters, and the size is the size of a normal adult male’s bezel.

These are completely consistent with the ring on Charlie’s hand.

In addition, Duncan had voluntarily mentioned Maria and her ring, so Jermo concluded that this ring is the treasure that the Lord has always dreamed of!

The Lord said that this ring hides a great mystery, unraveling the mystery will not only improve one’s cultivation but also make one live forever.

As for how to unlock this secret, only the Lord in the whole world may know, and even Maria herself may not know.

The Lord has said countless times that whoever can find this ring will be the number one of the Warriors Den,

And the Lord will also pass on what he has learned all his life to him without reservation, and he can even share it with him the mystery of the ring.

Therefore, for Jermo, whether it is to destroy An’s family, or kill Changying’s son, even if he personally takes Maria to the Lord.

These three things were added. It seems that it is not as important as bringing this ring back to the Lord.

Thinking of this, Jermo immediately said, “Boy! As long as you give me this ring, I can let you and your grandparents go on the road without pain. This is the greatest kindness I can give you!”

Charlie retorted. “Old dog, if you honestly tell me all the details of the Warriors Den, I might be able to leave your whole body, which is the greatest kindness I can give you!”

Jermo shouted with a gloomy expression, “Boy, you are looking for death!”

After that, he sacrificed the wooden sword, manipulated the wooden sword to strike a blade, and shot at Charlie extremely quickly.

Charlie knew that this person was very powerful, if he really fought to the death with him, the people in this villa would probably not be spared, maybe the aftermath of a certain magic technique could turn them into dust.

So, he took a few steps back in an instant, and while dodging the invisible sword, he said to Jermo, “If you want a ring, follow me out and find a place where no one is around.”

“If you lose, keep your head!” Next; you win, and my life and this ring belong to you!”

Seeing that Charlie’s figure was very fast, Jermo temporarily withdrew his sword and snorted coldly, “Boy, do you want to play here with me?”

“Let me tell you, if you don’t give me the ring obediently, I will kill your grandparents and grandma’s whole family first!”

Charlie frowned slightly, but he didn’t expect that Jermo would not be fooled. So, he looked around and said in a cold voice,

“After my parents died, apart from the culprit who I hated the most, the next two groups of people, I hated them along too.”

Jermo frowning asked, “Which two groups are they?”

Charlie said lightly, “One of them is my grandfather’s family.”

Then, Charlie looked at his tearful grandfather, and said coldly, “The other one is the family of my grandfather.”

Hearing these words, Mr. An expression was instantly dimmed, and his face was full of shame and remorse.

At this time, Jermo said disdainfully, “Boy, don’t bully me here. They are all your close relatives, how can you hate them?!”

Charlie said coldly, “Best relatives? Do you know that you wanted to kill me? Where have I been in the past twenty years since my parent’s death?”

Jermo frowned and asked, “Where is it?”

The An family was also staring at Charlie intently at this moment, and they also wanted to know where Charlie had been in the past twenty years!

Charlie pointed at the ground and said loudly, “I have been in Aurous Hill for the past twenty years! I have lived here for twenty years!”

“How is this possible?!” Jermo frowned and said, “After your parents died, not only were they looking for you, but we were also looking for you. We searched all over Aurous Hill, but we didn’t find any trace of you!”

Charlie smiled and said, “No I found out that it was because my father had prepared an orphanage for me a long time ago, and after the accident, I lived in the orphanage and was completely isolated from the outside world.”

The An family was also horrified when they heard this.

Although they speculated about their doubts about the orphanage just a few minutes ago, they still find it hard to believe that Charlie has been living in Aurous Hill without going anywhere for so many years.

Jermo was stunned for a moment, and couldn’t help sighing, “Changying, you really are a dragon and a phoenix among people. This matter, even the Lord didn’t think of it…”

He said with a sneer, “But it doesn’t make any sense for you to tell me these things. I just want the ring in your hand! Hand over the ring, and I can give you a happy time!”

Charlie ignored him, and said with a light smile, “I have lived in Aurous Hill for twenty years under the fence, and the life was as hard as it could be. Though tired, I have never gone to the Wade family, nor to the An family, do you know why?”

Jermo frowned and asked, “Why?”

Charlie said indifferently, “Of course, it is because I hate them! Until now, I can’t forgive them for their betrayal and abandonment of my parents.”

Jermo asked, “Since you hate them, why did you save them again and again?”

Charlie smiled and said, “Saving them was just a coincidence. The time in New York, you should know that it was Sara Gu’s concert that day, and An family also went to that concert, so you seized the opportunity.”

Jermo squinted his eyes and looked at Charlie. Although he was not involved in this matter, but knew the process very clearly.

It was the informant placed by the Warriors Den in An family who suddenly reported the news that the An family was going to act collectively.

The Lord immediately sent the dead men to the concert site to kill them. As a result, there was no news of the dead men sent.

Charlie continued, “Sara is from Eastcliff, and her father, is my father’s sworn brother,”

“So I made a marriage contract with her when I was young. Strictly speaking, she is the fiancée arranged for me by my parents before their death;”

“The reason why I appeared there that day was that I also went to cheer for Sara that day, and I happened to be sitting next to An family.”

“It is not so much that I acted to save them, it is better to say that I acted to catch the dead men. How can I know the specific information about those dead men?”

Then, Charlie said, “As for today, to be honest, the main purpose of my coming here is not to save people, but to kill you!”

Jermo’s eyes froze, “Kill me? It’s up to you?!”

Charlie said with a smile, “Not only will I kill you, but I will also kill the two remaining earls of the Warriors Den, and then I will smash that sh!tty Lord to pieces. And you are just a little vegetable on my road to revenge!”

Jermo sneered sinisterly, “If that’s the case, then wait until I kill your grandpa and grandma’s family, and then I will compete with you!”

Charlie sneered and said, “If you want to come, come now, if you don’t come, I will leave first.”

Then, Charlie said again, “Oh, by the way, I wrote down your appearance today, if you want to find me in the future, I’m afraid It won’t be so easy!”

“Or I will look for you in the future! You can decide for yourself whether you want to come or not!”

After finishing speaking, Charlie turned around immediately and ran out at top speed without looking back.

He wasn’t betting on whether Jermo would chase after him without hesitation, but he knew and was absolutely sure that Jermo would chase him out immediately without hesitation!

The reason why he is so confident is that when Charlie dodged his sword just now, he had deliberately let him see his extremely fast skills.

And Charlie believes that this man must also understand that with his strength, it is not easy to catch up with him.

If you don’t waste even half a second, you might still have a 50% chance of chasing with all your strength, but if you are distracted, even if you only delay for a second, it is absolutely impossible to catch up.

And he wanted to kill so many people, but it was not that easy!

Even if the An family has no power like chickens, it will take time for him to activate the magic weapon to cast it,

And it will take at least ten seconds to activate it to kill an acquaintance, so he must be very clear. Can choose one!

As expected, Charlie didn’t expect it!

The moment he rushed out, Jermo did not hesitate at all, and immediately chased after him!

To him, the life and death of An family is not important in front of that ring!

What’s more, he felt that the An family had nothing left to do, so he chased after Charlie to kill him, and take the ring, they couldn’t escape very far!

Moreover, the An family has no one to protect them. After killing Charlie, he can return to the villa and kill all the An family.

In that way, not only does he gets the ring, but he can also kill An family and Charlie, which is equivalent to completing the three tasks given by the Lord at once!

However, if he really let Charlie run away, it would be a heavy loss! Not only does he expose his identity, but he also missed a great opportunity to get the ring!

So he didn’t need to think about chasing or not chasing,

And he didn’t need to worry about whether Charlie is acting to divert the tiger away from the mountain because he knew that chasing him with all his strength was his only choice!