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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 555 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 555 Start

“Who is that?”

Hearing Regnar’s words, Roger looked disdainful and said angrily: “Dad, among the young people in Aurous Hill, who dares to call himself god and holy in front of me? No matter who he is, in front of me, It can only be a rubbish! Even if it is a dragon in the sky, he can’t hold it in front of me!”

As he said, his face sank, and he said: “This Old Master Song is really a little bit ignorant. Let Warnia marry me, is the honor of their family. This Song family is such a thing, how dare they underestimate me!”

Regnar said lightly: “Roger, don’t forget that this is the Song family. Talking nonsense in the Song family, if it gets to the family’s ears, do you still want to have room for mediation?”

When Roger heard this, he closed his mouth in shock.

Regnar sighed and said, “You, you are still too impatient to do things. If you encounter problems in the future, you must be more calm.”

Roger said hurriedly: “Sorry Dad, I was too impulsive.”

Regnar said: “Mr. Song has been shrewd throughout his life, otherwise he would not be able to make such a family business. Therefore, he should not make confused mistakes. If Warnia really likes a plain ordinary person, he will definitely not agree. Let alone support, so I suspect that the other party should be a little real.”

A cold light flashed in Roger’s eyes and said: “Dad, I have never heard of any amazing young peron in Aurous Hill’s family. Besides, in the whole Aurous Hill, they respect Wu family….. .”

Regnar thought for a while and said, “You also said that the Wu family is respected in the south of the Yangtze River, but looking at the whole country, we are still far behind. Those really powerful hidden families are basically entrenched in Eastcliff, so I Suspect, the sweetheart of Warnia mentioned by Mr. Song might be a descendant of one of the Eastcliff family.”

Roger was anxious and asked quickly: “Dad, what do you mean?”

Regnar said coldly: “Tonight, I am going to host a banquet at Classic Mansion in Aurous Hill. I will summon some heads of other Aurous Hill families to come to see me. I believe they will be there after hearing my Wu family’s name.”

At this time, Boyu came and knocked on the door, and said outside the door: “Mr. Regnar, Mr. Roger, Mr. Song invites you to the dining room for lunch.”

“Okay.” Regnar replied and said: “Please tell Uncle Song, we will be there later!”

As he said, Regnar lowered his voice again and said to Roger: “I have two purposes for this banquet. First, let people from Aurous Hill families help us find clues about your brother. , Inquire about the man Warnia likes, find him and see who he is! If it is the offspring of a big family, we will find a way to save the way, if it is really an ordinary person, let him disappear from this world!”

Roger was overjoyed and quickly agreed, “Dad, I understand!”


At this moment, Charlie had already prepared lunch, and he was eating with his wife Claire and his father-in-law.

During the meal, Jacob appeared extremely excited, with a smile full of expectation on his face, it seemed that there was something joyous.

Mother-in-law Elaine frowned, looked at Jacob, and questioned: “You bad Old Master, smiling so wretched, what are you doing wrong?”

“Why!” Jacob said hurriedly: “Our old classmates have made an appointment to go back to their alma mater for a gathering in the afternoon, and we will invite our former class teacher to come together.