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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5547 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5547 Start

Jermo knew very well that after two and a half days,

He has to carry out the task entrusted to him by the Lord no matter what.

With his strength, even if the An family is under the heavy protection of bodyguards,

It is absolutely no problem for him to kill the An family.

However, he knew very well that once he attacked An’s family,

It would be difficult for him to escape under the encirclement and suppression of the Chinese government.

At that time, he would never have the opportunity to dig more magic weapons from Ervin.

For a moment, Jermo also thought about whether he should just find a chance to tie Ervin and force him to tell the information about his gang,

And then follow the vines to find his gang, and directly kill and rob them.

However, he was also worried that if there was too much movement,

The news would leak out.

The An family’s hands and eyes were open to the sky.

If they were aware of it, his core mission might be affected.

And he can’t quite understand why the good news of getting such a great magic weapon can’t make the Lord postpone the plan to kill An family for a few days.

In desperation, he could only find a way to find a breakthrough in Ervin’s body.

If money can be used to impress him and his gang,

And let them sell all the magic weapons in their hands to him as soon as possible,

This will be the best result for Jermo.

For Ervin, his task is to let Jermo tell his final timeline, because it means a lot to Charlie.

After hearing Jermo say that he could wait until the next day at most before dark,

Ervin nodded without hesitation and said,

“Don’t worry, old man, I will try my best to help you.”

“If there is any news, I will come to the hotel to find you as soon as possible.”

“Okay!” Jermo nodded in satisfaction, and told them again,

“Remember to tell them, as long as I can see something, money is definitely not a problem!”

Ervin gestured an ok and said with a smile,

“I’ll take care of things, don’t worry!”

Only then did Jermo felt relieved, and said to Ervin,

“Since this is the case, then I will not delay your business.”

“Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, I will come here if I have nothing to do.”

“If you have any news, please tell me as soon as possible.”

Ervin agreed to come down and watched Jermo leave.

Although Jermo left Ervin’s booth, he did not leave the Antique Street.

He circled around and finally sat down in a restaurant about 300 meters away from Ervin’s booth, watching his every move.

Although Jermo did not intend to rob overtly and secretly in order to ensure the smooth completion of the task,

But just in case, he still wanted to find out Ervin and his upline in case of emergency.

At the same time, he didn’t realize that on the second floor not far away,

An old acquaintance was staring at him.

This old acquaintance was Jeremiah.

At five o’clock in the afternoon, Ervin closed the stall,

Called the concierge of Shangri-La for a Rolls Royce to pick him up from the antique market.

He is now a guest of the Presidential Suite at Shangri-La.

During his stay, the concierge has a Rolls Royce for his exclusive use.

The Rolls-Royce stopped on the side of the road.

The driver in a suit and white gloves got out of the car,

Opened the rear door for Ervin, and said respectfully,

“Mr. Zhang, please get in the car.”

Ervin nodded, got into the car carelessly.

The driver asked him, “Mr. Zhang, where are you going next?”

Ervin waved his hand grandly, and said with a smile, “Go to Yinghuang International!”

Yinghuang International is the largest and most luxurious nightclub,

Where Ervin spent crazily last night, spending hundreds of thousands in one night.

Today, following Charlie’s instructions,

He still plans to go to Yinghuang International to experience the joy of spending money like water.

However, after he got in the car, he didn’t forget the task given by Charlie,

So he picked up his mobile phone and made a voice call to Charlie through WeChat.

When the phone was connected, Charlie asked him, “Ervin, how are things going?”

Ervin hurriedly said, “The ring has been sold, and the buyer still wants more goods.”

Charlie said, “Let him wait for the goods.”

“The police and the bank have cooperated very closely recently.”

“If the source of large transfers is unknown, it is easy to be targeted by them,”

“Especially this kind of USD transfer, so these days,”

“You must quickly pour out all the money, you tell the buyer, and ship it to the buyer in a week to him.”