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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5526 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5526 Start

He walked through the corridor, through the luggage area, and walked into the arrival hall of the airport.

He knows the location of the An family, but he is not going to attack the An family immediately, because the lord has given him two tasks.

In addition to destroying the An family, he has to plan the hiding place after the attack,

Because he will be in the dark. Waiting for the sons of Margaret and Changying to appear.

Therefore, the first thing right now is to find a place to stay.

Just when he was about to take a taxi to the city, he suddenly noticed something unusual!

Immediately, he turned his head and fixed his eyes on a middle-aged man who was holding a sign to meet people diagonally behind him.

He didn’t look at what was written on the huge sign, all his eyes were focused on the right thumb of the middle-aged man.

In an instant, his pupils suddenly shrank!

If he described his control of aura as another kind of vision, then this man’s right thumb is the only light in the dark world he can see!

Although many religions have different worldviews, they all mention a concept invariably, which is the age of the end of the Dharma.

In layman’s terms, these religions all believe that the continuous development of human beings has gradually reduced the interaction between human beings and nature,

The heaven and the earth, and the universe, thus making the distance between human beings and gods farther and farther.

According to Taoism, heaven and the earth were originally full of aura. As long as they mastered the method of absorbing and transforming the aura, human beings could ascend to immortality.

But now, the aura in nature is almost exhausted, and human beings have lost the possibility of ascending to immortality. So this is the Dharma-ending era in their eyes.

Regardless of whether this statement is true or not, for those who have mastered spiritual energy at this stage,

Their personal experience is that there is no spiritual energy in nature, and the only way to obtain spiritual energy is through pills or other special items that contain spiritual energy.

Jermo relied on the elixir given by the Lord to gradually master the aura.

For so many years, the way for him to obtain the aura was not only the elixir given by the Lord but also the Lord who set up a special array of spiritual energy inside the base of the Warriors Den.

When the formation is in operation, it will continuously produce an aura. Although the aura produced is not much, it is still considerable over the years.

In the past few years, the four earls in the Warriors Den were also fortunate enough to have the opportunity to retreat and practice in the formation,

But most of the time the formation was dedicated to serving the Lord alone.

It was also under such circumstances that the four Earls of the Warriors Den were extremely sensitive to the traces of the surrounding spiritual energy.

Like a hungry mouse, it is extremely sensitive to the taste of food.

In Jermo’s life, there is only one magical weapon that belongs to him, and that is a wooden sword bestowed on him by the Lord. In that wooden sword, there is an attacking formation.

Other than that, it is worthless.

So, when he realized that the man actually had a magic weapon in his hand, his heart still jumped into his throat excitedly!

So, he stopped his figure and quietly observed the other party.

At this time, Louis didn’t realize that an old man was staring at him not far away.

He is full of energy now, because as long as he holds a sign and guards the airport for a day,

He can earn three thousand yuan for his hard work, which is much more than his income from setting up a stall in the antique street.

He was just carrying Larson Chen’s name card. He didn’t know who Larson was,

And he didn’t even want Larson to come over too early. In the next four months of this year, he will be able to rest at home.

Jermo observed Louis for a while and came to the conclusion that this person is not proficient in the aura.

Well, his brows and expressions are full of the real street spirit of a small citizen.

A person who is proficient in spiritual energy can never have this kind of low-level street atmosphere.

Therefore, Jermo guessed that this person should not know that the talisman in his own hand is actually a magic weapon!

Thinking of this, he came up with the idea of pulling his fingers.

So, he pretended to look left and right and came to Louis, and then asked him, “Brother, please tell me, if I want to go to the city center, how should I get there?”

Louis looked back at him, seeing he was an inconspicuous old man, so he said indifferently, “Is there any need to ask? Taxi, subway, airport bus, which one doesn’t go to the city?”

He was very dissatisfied, but he didn’t mean to get angry. After all, this also strengthened his judgment of Louis.

So, he smiled and said, “To tell you the truth, brother, it’s my first time in Aurous Hill,”

“I’m not familiar with the place, and I’m old, and my eyes are not very good, so I’m somewhat confused.”

As he said, he took out a hundred-yuan bill from his pocket, handed it in front of him, and said,

“This is a small token, please accept it. If it is convenient, can you tell me which means of transportation I should choose?”

Louis didn’t want to talk to the old man at first, but when he saw the other party take out a hundred-yuan bill, his attitude immediately improved.

He smiled and took the one hundred yuan from Jermo’s hand, and then said flatly,

“The subway must be the fastest, but it’s past ten o’clock, and the morning rush hour has passed.

Now it’s easy to take a taxi to the city.” Half an hour, faster than the subway, since you are not short of money, you should take a taxi.”

“Okay!” Jermo cupped his hands and said politely, “Thank you, brother!”

“You are welcome,” Louis said and directly stuffed the hundred-yuan bill into his pocket.

In his opinion, if he didn’t put the money in his pocket quickly, maybe the old guy would ask him to give it back.

At this point, Jermo pointed to the jade wrench on his right thumb, and asked curiously,

“Brother, I think your wrench is not bad. I wonder how much it is worth?”

Although it is usually cheating and abducting, but he still has some sharp eyesight, so he said casually,

“This finger is from old times. It is not too valuable, and it will not be too cheap. The market price should be about ten thousand.”

Jermo didn’t have much research on antiques, so he asked him curiously, “What does that mean?”

Louis said, “It is the middle number of ten thousand.”

“Ouch.” Jermo said with a smile, “Seeing how easy you say, little brother, you must be in the antique business?”


Louis didn’t hide it, and said casually, “I’m in the antique business, I have been working for more than ten or twenty years.”

Jermo asked curiously, “Brother since you are an antique maker, why did you come to this airport to pick up people?”

Louis frowned, he looked Jermo up and down, and said, “Old man, you have a lot of questions.”

“Didn’t you want to know how to get to the urban area as quickly as possible? Then you should be in a hurry.”

Jermo thumped in his heart, saying that he seemed to be talking too much, which aroused the other party’s vigilance.

So he quickly said with an apologetic face, “Oh, I’m so sorry.”

“As this person gets old, he talks a lot. He wants to chat with everyone. Don’t mind.”

What Jermo didn’t know was that Louis said this to remind him that if he still wants to ask other questions, he should take out some more money.

The one hundred yuan quota just now has already been used up.

Therefore, Louis smiled, and said meaningfully, “Old man, it doesn’t matter if you talk a little more, the key is to see who you talk to and how you talk.”

As he said, he deliberately used his thumb and index finger wearing a jade wrench, making a motion of counting money.

Jermo came back to his senses, and cursed in his heart, “I’m so blind,”

“I think highly of you! If that’s the case, I don’t have to go around with you, I’ll just cut to the chase!”

Immediately, he took another bag from his pocket. He took out a few hundred-yuan bills and handed them to Louis, and said with a smile,

“To tell you the truth, I am also very interested in antiques. When I saw the finger wrench in your hand,”

“I felt that it was very eye-catching. I like it very much. I don’t know brother, can you give up your love? We can talk about money issues!”