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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5522 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5522 Start

As for why she had to do the fortune-telling for him,

The reason was also very good. Charlie had been telling them to be careful all the time.

The reason why he said this was that he hoped that she would not leave the university in the near future.

It would be strange if she didn’t understand this.

Therefore, after she understood this point, she made a fortune for herself.

After doing the math, she found that she was not in any danger,

And she wanted to do the math for Charlie out of gratitude,

So she called to ask about his birthday because of this, and everything went back to the beginning.

In this way, the logic can be self-consistent.

Sometimes it takes a hundred lies to explain a lie.

The reason is that it is difficult for liars to be logical and self-consistent,

And they are always discovered by others;

But for a girl like Maria who is extremely smart, before the lie is uttered,

It has completed logical self-consistency and formed a closed loop in the brain,

So after Charlie heard it, he didn’t notice anything abnormal at all.

He felt that Maria wanted to make a fortune call for him, probably out of kindness.

Thinking of this, he didn’t hide anymore and told her his birthday.

Maria couldn’t help feeling relieved when she heard that the birthday Charlie said was exactly the same as the birthday on the information that she found.

It seems that Charlie should really trust her.

So, she said, “Brother Charlie, I will do the math for you now, and I will tell you as soon as I have the result.”

Later Charlie received a message from Maria as soon as he entered the gate of his home.

Maria wrote in the message,

“Brother Charlie, I did the math for you. The hexagram shows that you may encounter a very serious danger in the near future.”

“The danger comes from the north, and there is no way to resolve it.”

“You must be careful in coming times!”

Charlie couldn’t help frowning when he saw this message,

Instead of getting out of the car, he replied to the message and asked,

“What does it mean that can’t resolve it?”

“Can’t you avoid it?” Maria replied, “Yes. …There is no way to resolve it, you can only face it…”

Charlie’s expression suddenly froze.

He had an intuition that what Maria said was definitely not fabricated out of thin air.

Combined with her mysterious identity background,

Her understanding and mastery of the I Ching gossip may really surpass Qinghua’s.

Therefore, this further proves that what she said was targeted.

More importantly, the moment Charlie saw her, he had a bad premonition.

Grandma’s family came to Aurous Hill, and Maria also came to Aurous Hill.

At that time, his first thought was that the Earl of the Warriors Den might also be on his way to Aurous Hill.

Looking at it now, the danger Maria mentioned is probably exactly the same as his own guess.

Charlie’s heart suddenly became tense.

He felt like a soldier guarding a fortress,

The sound of the enemy’s iron hooves was getting closer,

But he didn’t know whether to guard the east wall or the west wall.

Just when he felt that he was running out of resources,

He suddenly remembered the details that Maria had just mentioned on the phone.

Maria said that she had made a fortune call for herself,

And the fortune call showed that she was not in any danger.

In this way, what he has to guard is his wife and grandparents.

Grandpa, Grandma, and the whole family are in Wanliu Mountain Villa.

With so many people coming from the United States,

It is very difficult not to be noticed by those who are interested.

Therefore, Charlie concluded that if the other party came to Aurous Hill,

The target should be his maternal family!