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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5521 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5521 Start

Seeing that the hexagram finally pointed to Charlie,

Maria’s heart suddenly became tense again.

She knew Charlie’s strength, most people could not possibly pose any threat to his safety.

The person who can put him in a dangerous situation must be superior in strength.

She couldn’t help thinking to herself, “Could it be that the other earls from the Warriors Den are coming to Aurous Hill?!”

“It must be so! Otherwise, Charlie wouldn’t remind me to be careful!”

Thinking of this, she subconsciously took out her mobile phone and wanted to call Charlie.

However, when she picked up the phone, she didn’t know how to speak.

After all, she has been acting stupid in front of him,

And finally, let him let down his guard against herself.

If she takes the initiative to warn at this time, she is afraid he will be suspicious again.

However, after thinking about it, Maria still felt that she should warn him.

After all, Charlie was her savior. He was in danger.

She might not be able to help him solve it, but at least she could warn him in advance.

So, after deliberation, she came to the balcony and called him.

At this time, Charlie was on his way back.

When he stopped at the traffic light, his mobile phone just received a call from an unknown number.

After connecting, he heard Maria’s voice from the other end of the phone,

“Brother Charlie, I’m Cathy…”

Charlie asked her curiously,

“Cathy, what’s the matter? Do you have anything to do with me?”

Maria hesitated for a moment and asked, “Brother Charlie,”

“I wonder if it’s convenient for you to tell me. When is your birthday?

“What are you doing for my birthday?”

Maria proceeded layer by layer with the words she had already thought up, and said,

“Just now you told us not to leave the school casually,”

“I guess you might be afraid that we might be in danger,”

“So I did a fortune-telling for ourselves…”

“The fortune-telling ?” Charlie remembered that when he saw Maria in Northern Europe,

There were nine copper coins on her desk,

And he guessed that it might be used for fortune-telling, but he never confirmed it.

He also called Qinghua to ask about it. Qinghua once mentioned to him that if the nine copper coins were really used for divination,

Then it might be the legendary hexagram that has been lost.

It is so high that even Mr. Lai himself dared not look it up.

Charlie thought at the time that Maria’s nine copper coins were probably just a coincidence,

But now it seems that she might really be proficient in the gossip of the Book of Changes.

However, he still pretended to be curious and asked her,

“Cathy, do you know how to tell fortunes?”

He smiled and said, “It shouldn’t be so mysterious, right?”

Maria smiled slightly, and said, “I don’t know if it’s really so mysterious.”

Then, she brought her attention back to the topic of Charlie’s birthday,

And continued “Brother Charlie, would you like to give me your date of birth, and I’ll do the math for you?”

Charlie didn’t feel anything wrong at this time.

Maria grasped the progressive rhythm of her speech skills very well.

She knew all the information about him,

But she still called to ask about Charlie’s birthday,

Just to create a feeling that she had never investigated Charlie at all,

And let him believe that she simply wanted to make a count for him.

That’s why she called to ask about his birthday.