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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 551 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 551 Start

“Absolutely not?!”

Regnar never dreamed that Mr. Song would refuse so simply.

It seems that the Old Master Song didn’t even think about it, so he rejected him!

why? !

Why? !

Wu family is stronger than Song family. This son is the eldest grandson of the Wu family. To put it bluntly, he is the most outstanding young talent in Aurous Hill.

How many girls from big families even took the initiative to give in, in order to hook up with this son.

He likes Warnia, that is to give Song family face!

After all, it was Song family who climbed up using the Wu’s!

There are ten thousand reasons to agree, but shouldn’t have half the reason to refuse.

But they refused without hesitation, why?

Why do they look down on Wu’s family so much?

So, he asked a little bit angrily: “Uncle Song, do you think our Roger is not worthy of your Warnia?”

The Old Master Song wanted to say something subconsciously, he didn’t deserve!

What international joke are you making with me? Can Roger be compared with Mr. Wade?

In his eyes, this precious son, compared to Mr. Wade, is not even a single hair.

After all, this baby son has no ability to make the old man young even for a month.

But Mr. Wade can make him young for at least ten years!

Moreover, Mr. Wade has an extraordinary ability to reach the sky, how can a junior in Wu family think of that?

However, the Wu family is a family friend of the Song family after all, so Mr. Song can’t speak too bluntly, otherwise it would be too hurtful to them.

So he said calmly: “Regnar, don’t be too excited. This kind of thing is not my final say. As you know, freedom of love, freedom of marriage, and Warnia’s matters are all up to her own decision. It’s not easy to call the shots from my place in this time and age.”

Regnar shook his head and said, “Uncle Song, don’t you know what is going on in our family? In our family, no matter boys or girls, there is no such thing as freedom of love and freedom of marriage? You have to follow the family’s arrangements? Uncle Song, if you agree, I believe Warnia will not disobey you.”

Their kind of family has always paid attention to the right family and marriage.

He originally thought that as long as he asked Warnia to marry Roger, the Old Master Song would agree with joy. After all, the Wu family was still above the Song family in terms of strength, and Warnia would consider this a high climb.

And Warnia’s age is also right, even passing the best marriage age.