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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5467 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5467 Start

Seeing that it was already eight o’clock, Mateo bowed his hands to Charlie and Joseph,

Walked to the front of the crowd, and stood opposite them.

At this time, he touched his long beard with his hand, and said loudly,

“Everyone! Welcome to the first martial arts training meeting hosted by Master Wade!”

“I am Mateo Hong, the thirty-ninth head of Taizhen Dao.”

“I am honored to be appreciated by Master Wade. I came here to give you a lecture on martial arts,”

“And in the next period of time, I will pass on what I have learned in my life to you without reservation,”

“And hope to make progress together with you!”

As soon as the words fell, the students on the opposite side immediately applauded enthusiastically.

After the applause stopped, Mateo continued, “In this lecture, I will impart to you all the contents of the first chapter of “Taizhen Script” without reservation,

“Because “Taizhen Script” is a very detailed course. Therefore, from now on, no matter whether your cultivation level is suitable for you,”

“No matter whether you are a master who has already entered the dark realm,”

“Or a newcomer who has not yet started, learn from the beginning steadily.”

Charlie had let it out a long time ago,

So those who came to the training knew that “Taizhen Script” was a rare martial arts mentality,

And even Joseph was ready to learn it from scratch.

Afterward, Mateo started from the first chapter of “Taizhen Script,”

And told everyone the purpose and principle of “Taizhen Script”.

Mateo’s teaching content on the first day was all theory,

Without any content related to practice, but this gave many martial arts masters,

Including Joseph, a new understanding of martial arts.

As for Nanako, Aoxue, Issac, and Orvel who are still beginners,

This method of teaching also gave them more time to prepare.

After the first day of class, whether it was a master of the dark like Joseph,

Or a newcomer like Nanako, they were all very satisfied with the content of Professor Mateo.

Charlie watched from the sidelines for a day, and he also recognized Mateo’s performance very much.

As long as he was given enough time,

He would definitely be able to help these people establish or re-establish a solid martial arts foundation.

After the class was over, Charlie specifically found Nanako and Aoxue, and asked them,

“How do you feel today?”

Nanako thought about it, and said with a smile, “It feels like the first English class when I was a child.”

“I started to learn the letters, and I was not used to the presentation of the twenty-six letters,”

“But Master Hong’s explanation is more interesting, his description is very down-to-earth,”

“And it can help newcomers like us understand martial arts.”

“Although I am still not able to clearly understand the mysteries of the various meridians, dantians, and Niwan Palaces mentioned by him,”

“But through his introduction, I already have some more specific impressions of these,”

“Like It was my English teacher when I was young,”

“Who told us that a is like an apple, b is like a balloon, and c is like the cat…”

Aoxue couldn’t help sighing, “Master Hong’s speech is really good,”

“It doesn’t sound so difficult to understand, but I dare not tell you how much I understand,”

“But fortunately Master Hong didn’t start teaching practical exercises immediately,”

“Otherwise, I don’t know what to do.”

Charlie read Mateo’s syllabus, so he said with a smile,

“Don’t worry, He is just talking about theoretical knowledge to you today,”

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand, in the next few days,”

“He will introduce the meridians of the human body to you one by one based on the diagram of the meridians of the human body.”

“He will not deliberately improve the pace of teaching, everything should be steady and slow,”

“So the specific practical operation will definitely wait for you to familiarize yourself with the theoretical knowledge for a few days,”

“Then maybe you will be able to directly feel the existence of meridians and dantians.”