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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 545 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 545 Start

Seeing that grandpa said sincerely, Zhovia hesitated and finally took the medicine.

Once upon a time, she had dreamed in her heart whether she could have such a miraculous medicine, but when she thought that her grandfather was older and needed more than herself, she didn’t think about it anymore.

However, she never expected that Grandpa would actually give the medicine that Mr. Wade gave him to her!

Therefore, she was extremely excited after receiving this pill, and at the same time, the words her grandfather had ordered continued to echo in her mind.

Serve Mr. Wade for a lifetime?

She really want to, but she doesn’t know, Mr. Wade will dislike her?

Tianqi saw her careful thoughts, smiled slightly, and said: “Zhovia, Mr. Wade is a person who values ​​love and justice. As long as you treat him wholeheartedly and sincerely, he will treat you sincerely. Grandpa will never live forever. It’s nothing more than a hundred years old. You are still young. If you can always stand by Mr. Wade and serve him, Mr. Wade will definitely not treat you badly in the future.”

Zhovia nodded repeatedly and said, “Don’t worry, grandpa, Zhovia knows!”

Tianqi sighed sincerely: “At the time Honor invited me to treat Mr. Song, my old wounds were not healed. I wanted you to oo there alone, but because I had friendship with Mr. Song back then, in case you treat him. It’s not good for him, he may not be able to live for long, so he came here. I didn’t expect that in this trip to Aurous Hill would meet the biggest noble person…”


Tianqi stayed up all night with excitement.

Like him, there is also the Song family’s father Song.

It’s just that Mr. Song is not as lucky as Tianqi. After being rescued by Charlie and taking the magical medicine given by Charlie before, his body is indeed much better than when he was seriously ill, and his legs and feet are also much more flexible, but Because of the poor foundation, in fact, his physical fitness has not been greatly improved.

It happened that Aurous Hill had cooled down in the past two days, and Father Song felt that he was slightly cold and coughing all the time, so this night was almost as if he hadn’t slept.

Early the next morning, Mr. Song got up from the bed dizzy.

Coughing and staying up all night, whether it is physical or mental state, it is not very good at this time.

When the Old Master left the room, Warnia and Honor had both gone out early. The two of them are now busy with part of the family business, and they leave early and return late every day.

So Father Song called the housekeeper Boyu, and asked him to drive him to Tianqi’s Clinic. He planned to let Tianqi get two sets of medicine for him. If he could prescribe some prescriptions for warming the body, then It couldn’t be better.

As soon as the Clinic opened the door in the morning, a Rolls Royce slowly stopped at the door. The top-notch luxury car immediately attracted the attention of many passing pedestrians.

Then, the elderly Song, supported by Boyu, walked out of the Rolls Royce.

Beside the two of them, there were four bodyguards closely following, all of whom were masters that the Song family could find.

Father Song took two steps, stopped and coughed twice, then took a step and walked again.

Uncle Boyu carefully supported him while helping the Old Master follow his back and said respectfully: “Mr. Wade since you are unwell, we should let you rest at home. I will ask the genius doctor Tianqi to see you.”

“I can’t make it.” Old Song Song waved his hand and said, “Tianqi is arrogant, and he is also a well-known doctor in the country. How many big people want to ask him to please him, I have a minor illness, how can I let him come? .”

Boyu said, “Mr. Song you are about to celebrate your birthday. You are the birthday star. How can you do everything yourself.”