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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5448 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5448 Start

Charlie speculated that all the premises of the Warriors Den should have been sealed off,

And one of the four earls had died. One person has already started to investigate the Blackwater Company,

While the remaining two are most likely looking for that Maria and the ring that Maria gave him.

So, in this way, Charlie can also breathe a sigh of relief.

At least, the safety of the grandparents’ family in the future can be greatly guaranteed.

Later, Charlie asked Joseph: “Have all the soldiers selected to come to Aurous Hill for the training set off?”

Joseph said: “Return to Mr. Wade, this time Cataclysmic Front has selected nearly a hundred soldiers,”

“And they have already set off one after another.”

“They are on the way here because they don’t want to be focused on,”

“So they all fly to major cities in China and several surrounding countries in batches,”

“And then transfer to Aurous Hill. It is estimated that starting tonight,”

“They will arrive one after another “

“Okay.” Charlie nodded, and asked him: “Are they all absolutely reliable?”

Joseph immediately said: “Mr. Wade, don’t worry, they have all been carefully selected and selected through layers of selection and assessment.”

“They are warriors who are strong, talented, and loyal to Cataclysmic Front.”

Charlie asked again: “What kind of strength do these people have probably?”

Joseph said: “Among them, the most powerful are the two commanders of the Cataclysmic Front,”

“Walter and Harmen, had the honor to drink your celebration wine in Mexico last time,”

“And now both of them have entered the late stage of the six-star warriors,”

“And they are only one step away from the seven-star warriors.”

Speaking of this, Joseph paused slightly and then said:

“Besides the two of them, among the remaining members of Cataclysmic Front,”

“There are many five-star generals and more than a dozen four-star warriors,”

“And the weakest one is also a three-star warrior.”

Charlie nodded, hearing what Joseph said,

It seems that these warriors are basically all the wealth of Cataclysmic Front at the level of warriors.

The training this time must allow their strength to be greatly increased,

So that Cataclysmic Front’s strength in the field of martial arts will achieve a great leap forward.

At this very moment.

In the top courtyard of Zijin Villa.

The landscape painting in front of Maria was almost 80% complete.

And she was using a brush to draw a particularly luxuriant tree on the edge of the lake in front of the mountains.

After the big tree was drawn, she used a very fine brush to outline the outline of the human body under the tree.

At this moment, there was a knock on the gate outside the courtyard,

And Mr. Zhang said respectfully outside the courtyard:

“Miss, I have something important to report!”

Maria frowned, put down the brush gently, walked outside the door, and said lightly “Come in.”

The wooden courtyard door was pushed open by Mr. Zhang, he hurried into the courtyard,

Trotted all the way to Maria, and said respectfully:

“Miss, this old slave just received a message that one of the Earls of Warriors Den, Jarvis has been killed in Cyprus!”

“What?!” Maria asked in horror, “You said that Jarvis got killed?! Who can kill him?”

Mr. Zhang hurriedly said, “What is it? It is still unknown who did it,”

“But the old slave received a report saying that the evil lord had informed all the middle-level and above personnel of the news,”

“Jarvis was killed by a close-in anti-aircraft gun,”

“Apart from that the garrison of dead soldiers in Cyprus has been completely destroyed!”