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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5435 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5435 Start

Being exposed by his apprentice on the spot, Mateo couldn’t help being a little embarrassed.

He sighed, and said helplessly: “Romana since I’ve already said this,”

“Let me tell you the truth as a teacher.”

“The medicine cauldron was lost because of my malice. I can’t blame Master Wade…”

Romana looked at the ashamed Mateo, and asked in surprise: “Master, what’s going on here?”

Mateo sighed, and talked about why he came to Aurous Hill in the first place,

And after arriving in Aurous Hill, told her all about his encounter with Tianqi.

After hearing this, Romana couldn’t help complaining: “Master, your method was really too much…”

“If you look into it, isn’t this a fraud?”

Mateo covered his face with one hand, and said melancholy: “Wasn’t the teacher a little eager for success at the time…”

“The teacher felt that Tianqi was a famous doctor, and he could not be short of money.”

“If I wanted to buy one of his tubes, he would definitely not sell it,”

“So I thought of luring him to make a bet…”

“Besides, I felt that if I took money to bet with him,”

“He would not talk to me, so I took out the medicine cauldron, thinking of it as bait…”

“I just didn’t expect… to end up like this in the end…”

Romana couldn’t help scolding: “Master! Since that medicine cauldron is the treasure of our Taizhen Dao’s you should not have taken it out!”

Mateo spread his hands, and said with a look of annoyance: “I originally thought that since I was setting him up for this kind of thing,”

“Then I would win without losing, and take out the medicine cauldron.”

“It was just to lure him into the trap, and I thought I would never lose the medicine cauldron,”

“But what I didn’t expect was that his granddaughter was very familiar with Master Wade,”

“And a phone call to Master Wade, this matter was beyond my expectations and control…”

Romana couldn’t help but said: “Master, you are really disappointing.”

Mateo was ashamed, but he still argued with a serious face:

“Romana, this matter is indeed a momentary confusion for the teacher,”

“And I made a big mistake… But to be honest, as the saying goes, how do you know it’s not a blessing? If it weren’t for this showy operation,”

“It would be impossible to get to know Master Wade so quickly!”

“Moreover, Master Wade is quite good to me, and he is willing to let me stay by his side to help him.”

Romana frowned and asked: “Master I respect you as the head of the Taizhen Dao,”

“Even if Master Wade has great powers, you don’t have to forget about the position of the head of the Taizhen Dao,”

“Just because you could stand up for him, right?”

Mateo waved his hand and said seriously: “What do you know? The ancients said that you can die at night if you hear the Tao.”

“In order to be able to hear the Tao, it doesn’t matter where you die.”

“Let me tell you something from the bottom of my heart, our Taizhen Dao has developed for so many years,”

“And there are not many masters who can really enter the dark realm, do you know why?”

Romana thought for a while, and said: “Maybe it’s us disciple’s aptitude is too poor,”

“So we do not have the qualifications to become a master of the dark realm…”

“That is nonsense!” Mateo snorted coldly, and said, “I used to feel the same way as you,”

“But I only knew reality after I was lucky enough to know Master Wade.”

“Our Taizhen Dao, the mental method of “Taizhen Hunyuan Dao” that has been passed down for more than a thousand years, seems to be complete,”

“But in fact, it is only one twenty-seventh of the entire “Taizhen Hunyuan Dao”!”

“In other words, we only mastered the kindergarten K1 grade textbook for the first course of martial arts!”

“What level do you expect to be able to practice with this kind of textbook?!”

“What?!” Romana was horrified, and blurted out with her eyes widened:

“Master, are you serious? Didn’t you mean that the vast majority of sects in this world don’t have a complete martial arts mind?”

“Our Taizhen Dao is one of the very few sects with a complete mind…”


He said with a sneer: “We are just frogs at the bottom of the well,”

“Looking at the sky from the well. What we think is complete is just the sky above our heads.”

“We think it is complete when we see it is round and has clear boundaries.”

“In fact, it is just vast. In the universe, it’s just one in a billion.”

Romana was stunned for a while, then asked: “Master, did Mr. Wade tell you this too?”

“Yes!” Mateo said seriously: “Although Mr. Wade didn’t say it very clearly, his meaning has been expressed very clearly.”

“He must have the complete “Taizhen Hunyuan Dao” there. Originally, Master Wade thought he could give me the second chapter.”

“But my motives were not pure before that, so when Master Wade rewarded me with an elixir and wanted me to work for him,”

“I actually refused to accept it. Thinking about running back to the United States and continuing to be the head of Taizhen Dao…”