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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5434 Free Novel

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Romana’s eyes were full of remorse, and she couldn’t help asking:

“Master, Mr. Wade’s strength should have surpassed the Dark Realm, right?”

Mateo nodded: “Mr. Wade’s strength may have exceeded the scope of martial arts.”

“I have heard my master say that many years ago,”

“The tenth head of Taizhen Dao left a record.”

“He said that in this world, there is a way of cultivation that is more powerful than martial arts.”

“What these people cultivate is no longer the true energy cultivated by martial arts.”

“But a more powerful aura.”

As he said that, Mateo said again:

“Although top martial arts masters can also transmit their true energy into other people’s bodies,”

“Heal their injuries, and even improve their cultivation,”

“They are far from Master Wade.”

“He helped you break through the realm of the three meridians,”

“Come to think of it, Master Wade should be the type of person who can master spiritual energy!”

Romana said dejectedly: “Master…why didn’t you tell me earlier…”

“Even if you could give me a hint in advance, I would have not offended Mr. Wade so abruptly…”

Mateo sighed helplessly, “As a teacher, I am also the head of a faction.”

“If it is absolutely necessary, how can I tell others that I want to stay in Aurous Hill?”

“Being a cow and a horse for others? What I want to be a teacher is to call you,”

“And pass on the position of master to you in front of Master Wade,”

“Which can be regarded as showing the attitude of being a teacher to Master Wade,”

“And then you will return to the United States to lead Taizhen Dao,”

“As a teacher, he sat on the saddle beside Master Wade…”

At this point, he looked at Romana, and said depressedly:

“As a teacher, I would never have thought that you would choke with Master Wade… “

Romana was also a little aggrieved, and said with tears in her eyes:

“Master…you let me take over as the head,”

“But you didn’t pass on the medicine cauldron to me. …”

As she spoke, Romana’s tears could not stop flowing, and she kept sobbing,

“I entered Taizhen Dao at the age of eight…”

“I have regarded Taizhen Dao as my home since I was a child.”

“I swore to myself before that I will do my best in the future to carry forward the Taizhen Dao…”

“Master told me about it a few years ago, he said that Taizhen Dao has a town treasure,”

“Which is a medicine cauldron that can get twice the result with half the effort when refining medicine.”

“Today you want to pass the position to me,”

“But you never mention the medicine cauldron, how can I just accept it in such a muddle…”

Mateo also understands his apprentice very well, starting from Romana’s father,

He has been very devout to Taizhen Dao so that take root and develop in the United States,

And has its own mountain gate, thanks to the generous support of Romana’s father.

When Romana came here, she regarded the revitalization of Taizhendao as his inescapable responsibility early on.

In the United States, almost all the other rich second generations have left their best years in prestigious schools.

Even if they are not at that level, their parents will do their best to send them to prestigious schools.

However, Romana is a special case. She entered the Taizhen Dao at the age of eight,

And spent most of her time on cultivation. Others rest during the winter and summer vacations to learn some extracurricular skills.

Romana only left the teacher during the winter and summer vacations.

Going back to her home to reunite with her parents,

And at the same time learning knowledge in the only time she had,

So even though she is thirty years old, her mentality is far less mature than her peers.

In Mateo’s view, her mental age is just eighteen years old.

However, while Mateo understood Romana, he also complained a little bit more about his master.

So, he couldn’t help muttering: “Master, he is an old man, he really said one thing and did another.”

“When he passed the medicine cauldron to me, he once told me righteously not to tell anyone about the efficacy of the medicine cauldron.”

“So as not to cause trouble for myself and Taizhen Dao,”

“But I didn’t expect that he told you about this early…”

Romana cried and said: “Then you also say one thing and do another?”

“He told you not to tell others, but you handed over the medicine cauldron to outsiders.”

“If he hadn’t been careful and told me in advance, I wouldn’t have known that there was such a treasure in Taizhendao…”

“In that case, I’m afraid you would have fooled me, Master!”