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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5414 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5414 Start

Soon, the heavy machinery that was still digging up the wreckage and doing some drilling stopped almost instantly.

Immediately afterward, they began to withdraw from the subsidence area one after another.

According to the instructions of the superior, the excavation and drilling work will be completely over at this point.

Seeing this, Jon felt more at ease, so he immediately sent a signal to the other people to evacuate immediately.

After several people met outside the copper mine, Jon deliberately asked the others: “Have you found any clues?”

They all shook their heads with shocked expressions.

Among them, Romen Wu, Jon’s younger brother, said, “Commander, I just took a look inside the subsidence area, and the entire copper mine has been turned into ruins.”

“The difference between the center and the surrounding flat ground is more than ten meters. It is impossible to investigate. If you want to find out what’s going on inside, it’s impossible without heavy equipment.”

Another person said, “But they’ve already begun to take out the digging tools, so they probably don’t plan to continue the investigation.”

Jon said: “I heard from their commander just now that they have an order from above to fill up all of this place within 72 hours.”

Romen said helplessly: “In this situation if there is no heavy machinery, there will be no problem at all. What clues might be found, but now they don’t investigate,”

“And it’s impossible for us to gather equipment to continue the investigation, and when they fill this place up, it’s even more impossible for us to find any clues…”

“No way.” Jon pretended Sighing melancholy, he said, “They will immediately evacuate all the people in the subsidence area, and then we will not be able to sneak in under their noses to find clues,”

“And it won’t take long before they will start Backfilling, there is no need for us to stay here anymore, why not evacuate first, return to the Lord, and see what the Lord has ordered.”

“Okay!” Several people also knew that there was no good way at the moment, so they all agree to come down.

Afterward, several people returned to the place where they had parked before.

Jon said to several people: “You guys go further away, I’m going to report to Lord in the car.”

Several people nodded at the same time and walked a long way in the opposite direction.

Jon just got into the car, took out his mobile phone, and used special contact software to make a voice call to Lord.

When the phone was connected, the Lord asked him: “Is the situation clear?”

Jon said quickly: “Reporting to the Lord, you subordinates have already entered the location of the copper mine to investigate, but now the entire copper mine has collapsed from the bottom. , even the aboveground part of the mine has completely collapsed into ruins, and the entire site is full of collapsed construction waste, and there are no clues to be found…”

The Lord asked sharply: “How could this be?! Such a huge base, it’s gone?! What about the people inside?! Could it be that they are all killed?!”

Jon said in panic: “Back to the Lord, what is the situation of the people inside, the subordinates don’t know anything! Hopes are placed on the official Cyprus investigation,”

“But they have now ordered that the entire site be filled up, and they have declared to the public that the copper mine has reached the end of its useful life and has been artificially abandoned.

The Lord asked in a cold voice: “Why are the Cyprus officials so anxious to fill up the place?! To cover up the evidence in such a hurry, could it be that they discovered something hidden from the public?!

Jon agreed, he didn’t expect that the Lord grasped the key point of the problem in an instant.

However, there is no turning back when the bow is opened.

He didn’t dare to take the responsibility that the entire garrison of dead soldiers had already been occupied, and even Mr. Jarvis was strangled.

He just wanted to let the Lord know that the reason why this place was razed to the ground was that the mysterious enemy was too powerful.

Just like the defeats in New York and Northern Europe, it is not that one’s own side is too good, but that the enemy is too strong.

So, he could only bite the bullet and say: “My lord, the subordinates feel that the people stationed in the dead soldiers, as well as Master Jarvis, are probably dead, and it is very likely that the enemy took advantage of their unpreparedness to wash this place with blood… “

“Bloodwash…” The Lord murmured: “Jarvis is extremely powerful, who can wash him with blood?!”

Jon lamented: “My Lord, this subordinate doesn’t know who did it, please punish me!”

After a long time, the Lord said dejectedly: “Forget it, it seems that this world is not what I thought, I was too optimistic…”

After that, the Lord said again: “Okay, you withdraw from there, don’t mention this matter to anyone, offenders will be killed without mercy!”

Hearing this, Jon was completely relieved.

As the governor of the right army Governor’s Mansion, he is one of the most trusted officials of the Lord. He knows the underlying logic of the internal operation of the Warriors Den.

In Warriors Den, the five major governor’s mansions operate independently of each other.

No one knows the specific situation of the other four governor’s mansions, where they are, how many people they have under their command, how many dead soldiers are stationed, and How many dark realms and even transformation masters are there in each.

Moreover, there are strict information firewalls inside each governor’s Mansion.

Take the dead soldiers station in Cyprus as an example, its daily operation is entirely in the charge of Zyron, the commissioner of the dead soldier station,

And Zyron only obeys Jon, even though the copper smelter in Turkey is his superior, and Responsible for the distribution of all supplies and antidotes to the dead soldiers’ garrison, but they also have no right to command Zyron.

If the copper smelters in Turkey and the copper mines in Cyprus disappear at the same time, this line will naturally be unknown.

The Lord allowed himself to conceal this matter, the purpose was nothing more than to stabilize the morale of the army so that others would be completely ignorant of that mysterious enemy.

But looking at it from another direction, since the Lord said so, it should mean that he doesn’t plan to hold himself accountable anymore.

Jon was overwhelmed with excitement, and after finishing the call with the lord, he called everyone else back with his mobile phone.

After they came back, Jon’s younger brother, Romen, saw his brother sitting in the co-driver, so he sat in the driver’s cab, but he didn’t start the car in a hurry but asked him nervously,

“Brother, what did the Lord say?”

Jon frowned. He reprimanded in a low voice: “I have told you many times, you can only call me brother in private, and you should call me governor at other times!”

Romen hurriedly said: “Yes… governor… Isn’t this subordinate worried about you? …I am afraid that the Lord will punish you…”

Jon smiled slightly, and said: “It is far beyond my ability to have such a thing happen.”

After that, Jon waved his hand: “Let’s go back, it’s almost time.”

Romen nodded, handed him a bottle of water, and said, “Governor, calm down the shock, we will return now.”

Jon at this time, because of the feeling of survival after a catastrophe was extremely relaxed.

After relaxing, he really felt thirsty, so he took the water, unscrewed it, and took a few sips.

A few seconds later, his face suddenly changed drastically. He stared fixedly at his younger brother Romen who was sitting in the driver’s seat,

And blurted out with difficulty: “Romen, you…you…you poisoned the water?!”