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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 541 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 541 Start

Honor, who hadn’t spoken for a long time, looked at him coldly and saw that the Wu family father and son were moved by his sister Warnia.

At this moment, there was a faint excitement in his heart.

If Warnia could marry the Wu family, that would be great for him!

At that time, Warnia will marry the Wu family as a young woman, naturally it is possible to compete with her for the Song family’s property, and he will become the well-deserved heir of the Song family.

He was afraid that Warnia would get along with that Charlie.

He didn’t know Charlie’s true identity. He only knew that Charlie seemed to have some supernatural powers, and he really made his grandfather respect him.

If Warnia is really with Charlie, then there is no doubt that Charlie must join the Song family. At that time, he will be in trouble!

Warnia herself is his biggest rival for the family property. If she doesn’t marry far away, she will always be his rival!

Moreover, grandpa respects Charlie very much, and dreams that he can enter the Song family. If Warnia really makes grandpa do what she wants, then grandpa will definitely pay more attention to her and Charlie.

At that time, Warnia and Charlie will be in the Song family together, so how can they still be in their early days?

Therefore, the last thing he wanted to see was that Warnia was really with Charlie!

Now that the Wu family has the intention of marrying, all they have to do is to find a way to persuade grandpa and Warnia to accept the Wu family and send Warnia out early!

Warnia didn’t realize the intentions of the Wu family man. She and Honor had a polite conversation with the father and son. Seeing that it was not early, they left because of inconvenience.

Regnar and Roger kept sending them downstairs. Watching them get in the car and seeing the car go far away, Regnar sighed and said, “Warnia, this girl is a perfect girl!”

Roger on the side also nodded and said, “I didn’t expect her to become more beautiful after a few years.”

Regnar said seriously: “beauty is only the second thing, family background, education, and temperament are the most important.”

As he said, he said again: “However, Warnia has no choice in these aspects. If you can marry her, it is really the best choice for you.”

Roger smiled and said, “Dad, you can help me a lot with this matter. Warnia’s parents have passed away, so you have to start with her grandfather.”

Regnar smiled and said, “You can rest assured, Dad knows that, I believe that Mr. Song also hopes that Warnia can marry a good family, and our Wu family is the best choice.”

After that, Regnar said again: “I think, if I tell Mr. Song about this matter, Mr. Song will definitely agree to immediately, and then start working for Warnia. If it goes well, within a month , we should be able to make the marriage agreement!”

“Okay!” Roger said excitedly, “I better have the wedding this year!”

At this moment, Roger had only Warnia in his mind. As for his poor brother, he had completely forgotten him.

When he returned to the ward, Wu Qi began to lose heart again.

The nurses are already busy, bringing in the “Special meal” that has been sterilized with high temperature, feeding Wu Qi to enjoy it first, and then using gastric lavage to wash out as much of the food as possible. .

Regnar went in and took a look, then walked out with a black face.

Roger didn’t even enter, and sat on the sofa outside alone, looking at Warnia’s WeChat Moments.

Before coming to Aurous Hill, he had not paid much attention to Warnia, who had not seen him in a few years.