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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5391 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5391 Start

Although you are far worse than you, but thanks to you, you have broken through to the Great Consummation of the Ming Realm…”

Charlie pretended to be surprised and asked: “Oh? Really? Why didn’t I see that you are the Great Ming Realm Consummation?”

Mateo smiled apologetically: “You are such a noble person who forgets things…”

“You personally gave a pill to your subordinates, you will not forget it, right?”

Charlie nodded: “I remember giving you the pill, but you When did you become the Great Consummation of the Ming Realm?”

Mateo didn’t know what Charlie meant and felt a little nervous, so he could only say: “Master Wade…you…are you angry…”

“Actually, if you don’t want to Let me go back to the United States next time, I am willing to stand by your side…”

Charlie said seriously: “No, no, you misunderstood, I am not angry with you, and I don’t need you to stay by my side,”

“I meant, you really only have the cultivation base of a five-star martial artist, and you still have three of your eight meridians that have not been opened up, don’t you know?”

“Ah? How could it be…” Mateo said subconsciously, and then subconsciously closed his eyes slightly and mobilized the true energy in his body,”

“Only to be horrified to find that three of the eight meridians that he had opened up had been blocked for no reason!

If the meridians are blocked, the strength will inevitably decline greatly.”

“If three of the eight meridians are sealed, the strength is almost equal to half of the loss!”

Mateo panicked and sweated all over his face. His first reaction, apart from being panicked, was that it was impossible!

These eight meridians of mine have been opened up one by one in the past few decades.

Practicing martial arts since ancient times, I have only heard that the meridians will become more and more open,”

“And more and more smooth, but I have never heard that the meridians that have been opened will be sealed again…”

Suddenly, he looked at Charlie, who was smiling on the side, he murmured in a terrified tone:

“…Master Wade…are the three meridians of this subordinate sealed by you…you just patted this subordinate… Shoulder, it should be at that time…”

Charlie smiled, and then said with a serious face: “I don’t have it, you have to show evidence before you talk nonsense, don’t swear!”

Mateo Seeing Charlie’s undisguised narrow expression knew that he must have done this.

But at this moment, he didn’t care about anger at all, he just thought to himself in great fear: “This… what level of a master is this Master Wade?”

“Why can he seal my three meridians in an instant? Stay? You know, it took me at least ten or twenty years to get through all these three meridians, and it took less than a second for Charlie to seal them all… This… This is too scary, right?”

Thinking of this, he begged with a mournful face: “Master Wade, it is not easy to practice step by step to this day, please hold your hand high, don’t make fun of this subordinate… This is the painstaking effort of this subordinate for nearly twenty years…”

Charlie said with a serious face: “Master Hong, how can you do this? I’ve already told you that I didn’t do it. You don’t believe me, do you?”

Mateo choked with red eyes and said, “Master Wade … Who else could have done it if it wasn’t you? This subordinate has been practicing martial arts for decades,”

“And has never heard that the existing cultivation base can be reversed, and the opened meridian can be closed…”

“You must be complaining that the subordinate did not just now I would like to hand over the master’s mind, that’s why you tease this subordinates like this…”

Charlie said very seriously: “Master Hong, you may have really misunderstood me, I didn’t let your cultivation base go backward.”

As he said that, Charlie deliberately pretended to suddenly think of something, slapped his forehead, and said, “I’m sorry Milo, maybe there is something wrong with my car.”

“My car has a special function, that is, whoever is sitting here As the co-driver of the car, this car will gradually close his meridians,”

“And his cultivation base will be lower and lower, so I advise you to get out of the car quickly, so as not to continue to decline.”

Mateo was really about to cry, then the expression was ten thousand times uglier than crying, and he begged:

“Master Wade, please don’t make fun of your subordinates. This subordinate is not a three-year-old child, how could he believe such nonsense…”

Charlie said with a smile: “You really don’t believe it?”

Mateo nodded desperately: “This subordinate really doesn’t believe it!”

Charlie smiled slightly, and some strangeness entered Mateo’s body through the air and sealed another piece of his meridian.

Afterward, Charlie said very seriously: “Look, I told you that you don’t believe me, but now it has become a four-star?”

After hearing this, Mateo circulated his meridians again, and his face paled instantly after being frightened this time!

He didn’t expect that with just a few words, another one of his meridians was sealed!

He was scared out of his wits all of a sudden, and hurriedly opened the car door and ran out of the car.

Mateo fell down on the cement floor by the side of the road, turned around and looked at Charlie’s BMW 530, and then thought about how he fell from Bright Realm to a four-star martial artist inexplicably.

Wiping his tears with the sleeve of his robe, he cried and said, “What the hell is this car! Why are you stealing someone’s cultivation!”

“I went back to thirty years ago this night, and my cultivation is not as high as my closed disciple. What face do I have to face the ancestors of Taizhen Dao…”

Charlie leaned forward and smiled, “I’m sorry, Milo, my car is not honest, I will teach it a lesson later, if it doesn’t work, I will send it away for scrapping,”

“You can check when you return to the United States, and I will arrange a plane for you.”

Mateo looked up at Charlie, saw that he was smiling, and suddenly came back to his senses, hurried back to the car, crying, and said:

“Master Wade, this subordinate knows that you must have done it, this is the work of dozens of subordinates. Years of cultivation is the hard work of this subordinate for decades,”

“You can’t just seal it up! I beg you, for the sake of the hard work for so many years, please forgive me this time! Do you want your subordinate now to come up with Taizhen Dao’s martial arts mentality, and this subordinate will give it to you verbatim!”

Charlie put away his joking smile, and said with a serious expression: “Mateo, you are really interesting, didn’t you just say that you promised the old ancestors that you will never spread it, otherwise you will be struck by lightning? Why are you willing to spread it now?”

Mateo said with a face of pain: “Master Wade… This is because this subordinate didn’t understand it for a while.”

“You have great supernatural powers You can seal the four meridians of your subordinates with a flick of your fingers,”

“And your strength is far superior to your subordinates, even far above the Taizhen Dao ancestors, how can you covet my Taizhen Dao’s tattered mentality…”

Saying that Mateo continued: “Besides, as you said, there must be a major flaw in my Taizhen Dao mentality, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to train a master of the dark realm for so many years.”

“If I use the Taizhen Dao mentality, so you can check the gaps and make up for the Taizhen Dao…it must be a once-in-a-lifetime good thing for us Taizhen Dao at that time!”