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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 538 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 538 Start

Wu Qi was lying on the bed, with tears in his eyes and silently looking out the window. He smelled the strong smell when he breathed, and he already felt bored.

“Wu Qi.”

Seeing him so decadent, Regnar gave a distressed cry.

Wu Qi didn’t look back, still staring out the window, choked up and said: “Dad, you let me die. I have to do such a disgusting thing every hour, I really want to collapse…”

Regnar hurriedly stepped forward, shook his hand, and said, “Good son, you have to remember one sentence, it is never better to die than to live!”

Wu Qi burst into tears: “But, who can live worse than me? If I have to live like this in my life, then I really want to die now…”

Regnar felt distressed and said seriously: “Wu Qi, don’t worry, no matter what method is used, Dad will heal you, Dad promises you!”

Wu Qi turned his head, looked at his father, and asked subconsciously: “Dad, is what you said is true?”

As he spoke, a stench hit Regnar’s cheek.

Regnar’s eyes reddened by the smell, he also shed two lines of tears. He could only resist the urge to vomit, nodded and said, “It’s true, don’t worry!”

After speaking, Regnar said again: “I will arrange for someone to take you back tomorrow. Dad will find the culprit in Aurous Hill, and then find a cure for you. After you go home, you can take care of your health at home and wait for Dad’s Good news!”

Wu Qi felt a glimmer of hope and nodded excitedly.

Roger on the side could not help sighing and said, “Wu Qi, don’t worry, if you let Brother find out who did this, Brother will kill him and give you revenge!”

Wu Qi nodded moved and said, “Thank you brother!”

At this time, the nurse knocked on the door and came in and said, “Mr. Wu, there is a Mr. Song and a Miss Song who want to see you.”

“Mr. Song, Miss Song?” Regnar frowned slightly, and then suddenly realized: “It should be from the Song family, please let them in quickly.”

After speaking, he hurriedly added: “Please go to the outside living room, don’t bring them into the ward.”

The nurse nodded and turned to leave.

Roger asked in surprise: “Dad, is someone from the Song family here?”

“It should be.” Regnar said: “We have come to Aurous Hill this time. We haven’t visited the Song family yet. Maybe the Song family has received the news, so that’s why they came over.”

Roger nodded, and suddenly thought of Warnia, the eldest of the Song family.

The last time he saw Warnia was three or four years ago, when she was already very beautiful.

At that time, he already had the idea of ​​pursuing Warnia. After all, Warnia was not only beautiful, well-educated, and capable, but more importantly, the strength of the Song family was not weak, and it could be said that it was right in line with the Wu family.

However, he hadn’t finished his studies at the time, so he didn’t have time to pursue Warnia.

Later, when he returned to China, he was busy handling the business from his family, not to mention coming to Aurous Hill to pursue Warnia, so this matter was crushed by him.

Now, he heard that someone from the Song family had come, and his affection for Warnia suddenly rekindled!

He couldn’t help but look forward to it in his heart. One of the two people who he hoped to meet now was Warnia!